There Is Not a Single Metaphor Or Simile In This Poem

I am not made up of DNA
I am made up of gold.
I am not made up of anything besides the strength I possess and precious metals
Therefore nothing can break me down
I am a fire that can never be extinguished
Long after my heart stops beating 
My soul will keep burning
When I speak they walk around with matches,
For my words are the sparks that may ignite their flame
They will ask what I am like
And you will be at a loss for words
Because I am not like the sea or a flower or the last girl that broke your heart
You will have nothing to compare me to
For there is no human being nor simile that can match what I have built.
If you touch me
They will ask about your scar
And when my name crosses your mind the heat will burn through your veins and they
will know.


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