My Life

The story of how my life goes,

a little tale about many friends and foes.

I see fake people who have friendly grins,

and then I discover they commit a lot of sins.

I've gotten used to girls never returning my texts,

and I always see them trying to get back with their ex.

They never give me a chance or a passing glance.

I want to be as famous as Tom Brady,

and be the scholar version of Slim Shady.

When I see something I don't like, I form obscene comments

that are kept secret and deep within my conscience.

Some people reject being told nice things, 

which completely took away my confidence to give out compliments.

Giving them out is something that I've started doing recently and I

can still barely say them decently.

A common theme in my life is rejection,

which is why I keep almost all my thoughts in repression.

As I type this and think about tomorrow,

I'm busy trying to drown out some sorrow.

I always thought being nice was the right thing to do,

but people take it for granted and say "screw you".

Sometimes I get home from high school,

I gather a few friends and go play pool. 

Today though, I think I'll sit on my porch swing,

and think about what tomorrow could bring.

I really hope my crush calls and makes my phone ring.

Writing this didn't even feel like an exam,

I guess that's because I am Scholarship Slam. 


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