Vending Machine

"No way" you said to my change,

I guess that I put it in the wrong way.

Ones, fives, tens, are what you will take in

but not my pennies, nickels, or diamonds.

"No way" you said to my change,

I guess I should try to flip it.

You'll let anything slide,

as long as it's the right image.

I am not what you want me to be-

strange, I'm finding solace in money!

I could be the finest stone ever known

with the shinniest in and exterior that ever shone

the rarest jewel from all of sierra leone!

But if it's not in the list of the things you want

then to you, I'm worth nothing

and not a second thought

will be fought with "maybes" or "insteads" 

No sir, no open minded thoughts in that head.

no crumpled, or wrinkled $100 bills

will make up for the child 

you brought to life only to kill. 

If I ever got the money inside?

I know what I'll do

Recognize that the labor done brought out the fruit.

realize we are of one force, not of two

But God forbid you let your child become who

you raised them not to be

if it were up to me

I'd set myself free

then relieve myself

of this dead end mentality.

"No way"  you said to my change.

I decided I didn't need what you offered.

I took everything from my pennies and jems

to somewhere else that we can prosper.

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