I Am


United States
33° 54' 14.958" N, 117° 55' 50.7288" W

Their words spilled like blood from an open wound

What first seemed to be a flesh wound

Became a permant scar

But I guess I've earned my tiger stripes

The conflicts and the rage brewed into 

A cocktail of death, Too lethal even for you

The ones who raised me soon began to

Look down at me

But lets admit it

You look down at me

I look up at you

I look down at you 

You look up at me

Conflicts and misunderstandings

Brewing the Ends and Beginings 

In all of this 

The voices

Voices in my ear and in my head

I am defined by the voices in my head

But the definition of the voices in my ear persist in my head

Twisted and Lost in the world

 I am guided

Life is an expierence to behold

But the expierence of living is not the same

My problems are a problem 

Where is the resolve?

I am......


This poem is about: 
My family


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