Flaming Passion

 I am torn but not incomplete,

I am scarred but not ugly,

I am hurt but not broken,

I am flaming passion.


I love without being loved,

I care without being cared for,

I look out for others without being looked out for,

I am flaming passion.


I live with baggage, not anchors,

I live with determination, not hesitation,

I live with people who say I can’t, but I do not listen,

I am flaming passion.

To say I am resilient for living through sexual abuse, mind games, heartlessness, cruelness, for my young life of 17 years may be fitting. But I feel that doesn’t quite explain me or who I am. Only a phrase: flaming passion. I can get through almost anything so long as I have the determination and passion to do so. To take care of those I love and care for, even when they may not love me is when the passion in my heart is set ablaze, thus it explains who I am.

This poem is about: 
My family


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