Shadow Abloom by Vernon

I am forged by life itself, the energy that surrounds me.

It’s crafted me into the work of art I’ve came to be.

Life wasn’t always sunshine for me however.            

In fact, the darkness of oblivion almost dragged me down into the pits of hell.

Darkness, depression, transparent specter of negativity never rang heaven’s bell.


I was forsaken, drowning in the endless torment of sadness, the struggle I endured.

As a matter of fact, I wasn’t too sure.

If I had a grip of my sanity.

The thoughts, the emotions that ran through me.

This endless phantom would keep on chaining me.

From the freedom, oh freedom of life, it restricted me from life’s positivity.


Was this my end of life?

Had all hope abandon my existence?

I had prayed help for hope’s advice.

No answer was given or helped, had I lost all of hope’s advice?

The shining array of light was clouded by the darkness, in strife.


I was tired. I was weak. I was vulnerable.

I’ve finally learned that no one truly had my back.

In the darkest of places, I must be the small shining light, Buddha taught me that.

The fact that I must stay intact with my mind, my heart, my soul.

I decided to ignite my own hope and for goddamn sakes be bold!


I am strong, strength and dominance runs cold in my family’s line.

I was not going to let darkness defeat the light of greatness that is within, inside.

So I pushed and believed to fight, the everlasting darkness that had aligned.

That took my thoughts over and the joy in life, in my mind.

I became my own shining light of hope.


And faced my fears of shadows by shining bright.

I am a calvary knight.

Suited up and forged by armor’s heavenly light.

I will not let hell’s shadow consume my might.

Of living the life I had always imagined.


Of happiness and the blessing of life.

Alas, I have beaten the apparition of shadow’s ice.

I wear my suit of armor as a reminder of the struggle, juggernaut.

Pain and chain will no longer or not

Defeat who I truly am or take my light.




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