I'm Going to Listen to a Little Hawaiian Music

I’m going to listen to that Hawaiian music,

Because that is who I am,

The music is living in this island man.

Before the sun comes up and the chickens start to scratch,

The mountain wind comes blowing on my little grass shack.

The palm fronds rustle way up high,

And the coconuts are dropping on the sand nearby.

So, I listen to the music of the morning come to life,

And the geckos are chirping in the warm sun light.


Listen, listen very closely.

Can you hear that sound?

It’s the heart beat and the rhythm of who I am.

Listen to the sound of the waves roll and spin;

It’s time to wax up the board and paddle on in.

Paddle into the waves and they crash over my head,

But their sound is the music,

And it’s playing in my head.


Now the sun is setting on this Hawaiian day,

And music of a ukulele beckons from across the bay.

There is singing and laughter calling me to shore,

But I think I’d like to stay just a little bit more.

Just a little bit longer for maybe one more wave,

Then I’ll ride it to shore and call it a day.

The sea is calm and the sky is aglow,

But here comes the moon singing real low.

Just listen to the music, listen, it’s calling you home.








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