The humble tales of a kid from Indiana who wants to change his world

I am.

I don't really know, what the term is, I am.

A misinterpretation of a kid who writes slam.

What is that?

It's wack.


Heard he was a jock who had trouble fittin' in.

But the I am, that I am, is so much more,

than patches on a letterman, or a game, 

and the final score.

No, I'm just a kid,

with a passion, and hunger.

a yearning to learn and a fan of slumber.

And maybe once for me, this slam thing will come to make more sense.

More than a rhyme, some time, 

a simple citizen under Mike Pence.

A hoosier, what I am, middle class values. 

Wanting to change the world and re-establish what people lose.

I've seen it all, done it all, the view from my cornfield,

seeing power abused, and the words that people yield.

But now, I am, the one stands up for change,

I realize it's time for the world to flip, and re-arrange.

Today, today is a new chance, 

to make things last.

To make things a blast!

For hope,

For success.

Today is the day, that I am, 

wakes from rest. 

I Am.



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