The One And Only

Thu, 11/05/2015 - 19:12 -- twrobel

The One and Only


Every night, I lie awake in my bed,

I can’t sleep, a flurry of thoughts plaguing my mind,

Sometimes I smile as I recount the hours I spent,

Sometimes I weep in shame of my actions,

I am an individual that wishes to be honorable,

Yet I disappoint myself every once I awhile,

Nobody’s perfect is a cliché that seems to fit,

But that’s no excuse when I know I can do better,

So who am I?

I’m trustworthy but I’ve lied,

I’m kind but I’ve hurt others feelings,

I’m strong but have shown weakness time and time again,

I’m intelligent but have failed miserably,

So who am I?

I’ve changed lives and shared happiness,

I’ve exceled in my passions and inspired others,

I’ve found a way when all roads seemed to be dead ends,

I’ve worked through pain, temptation, grief, and came out on top,

But who am I?

I could label myself with words,

I could define myself with emotions,

I could give myself a title,

But that would all be a waste.

I’m not a word, a phrase, or a description.

I am a person, an individual, a collection of experiences.

Because being someone is more than fulfilling a description,

Being someone is making a new description,

Defining a new path, blazing an untouched trail,

Nobody can be me like I can be me,

I am Thomas, and that’s the only way to describe me.

There might be synonyms and antonyms,

But nothing that perfectly represents me.

My life is who I am,

I am the one and only,



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