Who I am

I am impatience.

I am questioning my parents telling me to save my desserts for after dinner.

I am watching my older brother get to go out but being told its different for me.

I am fighting waiting and watching with questioning and countdowns.

As I grow up, my impatience becomes more aggravated by the unjust.

I am waiting for equality among men and women, blacks and whites.

I am waiting to match men: dollar for dollar not dollar for 78 cents.

I am people telling me not to do things but being told to be empowered.

I am telling myself I would wait for marriage while trying to defeat the double standard of the sexualization of men and women.

I am waiting to not need a man in my arm to feel safe walking home at night.

I am a woman and I am waiting to not feel like a contradiction. 

I am waiting to feel like a person.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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