What Am I Really?

That's the real question, isn't it?
Well,here's my personal answer.

Most people see me as a teenage girl,
Someone who helps other,
Someone who cares for people and tries to make them smile.

They also see me as the weird girl,
The girl who says the wrong things at the wrong time,
The girl who is way too loud for only being 5 foot 2.


I'm that and so much more!
What they say doesn't define me.
Only I define me and I say;

I am a hopeless romantic,
I am a really bad actress,
I am a pretty bad writer,
I am a teen with a short fuse.

But I'm also;

An anime and cosplay lover,
A fangirl,
A book worm,
A DNA nerd,
And an open minded person.

I am someone who can bounce back from a hard time,
I am strong,
I am Justine,
I am me

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