I Am A Fighter

Sat, 10/17/2015 - 22:55 -- erw528
I was a child,
A wanderer,
A straggler.
I was wrong,
I was a child,
Lost at sea,
Caught up in daydreams drifting in the sky.
But I am alive,
Yes, living,
Not dying,
Not dead.
I am a fire,
A furnace,
A light lighting the darkness.
I am a survivor,
A fighter,
A believer.
I am a wonderer,
Not a wanderer,
Or a lost child.
I am not alone.
I will be a woman,
A warrior,
A champion.
I will lead by example,
I will lead by faith.
I will be a role model for the young and the young at heart,
I will be a mentor,
An example.
I will fight the fight worth fighting,
I will win the war worth winning,
I will do the deed worth doing,
I will stand for those who stand alone.
I will fight the battle,
And I will win.
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