The Walking Paradox

I am contradicting in every single way,

Walt Whitman taught me to accept this about myself,

I have a new favorite color every single day,

I tend to see them all for the contributions they individually have to offer,

I’m constantly asking questions to the mind in my brain,

Sometimes I even question the answers themselves,

It’s like the things that bring clarity are what drive me insane,

But without the insanity there’s no clarity at all.


Genius and insanity are what I am narrowed down to and stuck between when attempting to decipher myself,

Maybe I am both,

Maybe the two go hand-in-hand,

And one completely ceases to exist without the other.


I love orange today, yesterday it was blue,

I’ll love green tomorrow,

Friday will carry with it a tint of purple,

My emotions and perceptions change with each fact learned and each perspective considered.


Although ever changing,

Although consistency is rare,

I am always true to self,

And I am always self-aware.


I hold arguably the most confusing human mind known to man,

It drives my woman mad under her skull,

But with the brightest of intentions I ask you to see the positive in me,

That although random and perplexing, life through my eyes is seldom dull.


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