I am trapped

I am the man, you call your son.

I am the one you call your own.

However, I am caged at home.


You do not let me free.

In chains, I try to flee.

You do not understand the damage you are doing to me.

Out of this hell-hole, I try to run,

Because your skewed perception of growth

Is not the right one.


A double-life I live, behind your back, you do not know a thing.

Happiness is found, with each friend, with each cig.

No addiction is present, just an outlet to you.

My father, I wish you could understand

What damages you've done.


I grow happy and strong with you not around,

These chains tie me down, but not for long.

I'll find my way out, just you wait and see.

Maybe one day, we can be family.


I am trapped for now.

I am clawing my way out.

I am looking for growth.

And one day, I'll be free.


This poem is about: 
My family


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