I Am... Fat


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37° 55' 56.3016" N, 90° 56' 37.8492" W

If someone asks you to 

describe my body type

tell them I'm fat. 

Don't sugar coat it and tell them 

Oh she's chunky

A little on the heavier side

A big girl


Tell them I'm fat

Let them know I could probably

beat them in a pizza eating contest, 

or I could crush their beauty standards

with my thighs. 


Tell them I'm fat.

Let them know that my thighs kiss

That my tummy rolls when I slouch

That I have cute little stretch marks 

Freckling my stomach


Tell them I'm fat

Let them know that

I could play a mean Ursula.

Let those Poor Unfortunate Souls

Know that I'd love to add them to my collection of cookie cutter queens

selling their souls to be skinny


Tell them I'm fat

Let them know that I'm

"All about that bass."

And that I have no desire

In the world

To be thin.


Tell them I'm fat. 

Because when I joke about my weight

People still think it's a cry for attention 


Tell them I'm fat

Let them know I wear a size 18 

And that I look damn good. 


Tell them I'm fat because

Girls still ask me, "don't you want to be pretty?"

Well why the hell can't I be fat AND beautiful. 

Why do you insist on calling me

One or the other. 

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