I Am From...

Mon, 10/19/2015 - 23:49 -- Chiz96

I am From
I am from Sandy and Rugger, Kose and Jeanne, Eleanor and Melba
I am from where i stand now, from birth and never left
I am from bug filled summers and ice filled winters
from coyotes, bears, wolves, and flowing lakes and rivers
I am from sturdiness, hope, love, and happiness
I am from a strong love of old heritage and in that we can not see
I am from “we’ll help you achieve what you want to do,” “well you brother did this” and
“may the force be with you.”
 I am from heavy drinkers sticking to irish stereotypes, acceptors of anyone into our giant family, and everyone is just a five minute drive away
I am from do it yourselfers, tough statures, and keep it togetherers,
I am from seven brides for seven brothers, and The Hobbit

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My family
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