I am a blank page

I never looked back 

For that's what over thinkers do

My page was full

  Full of happy memories to adore I loved life

  And I thought life loved me back  But that was a mistake

 She threw problems in my face

 Pushing me to the edge

 I was ready to let go

To say goodbye to the world  

I was just born in the wrong time  

But a woman said that she didn't want to go  

And she pulled me up 

I looked in the mirror 

Seeing that the girl I saw wasn't me 

Someone took my figure and shape it to something else  

I was petrified  

I looked closer 

She still kept my place

She told me let's start a new race 

As if so I've been damaged to much all there is was a small part left of me 

She pointed at her chest where a small piece was left  

She spoke I've been looking for you   

You're my missing piece I am your blank page   

Let's start a new  

Staring at the mirror   

I look back at my life 

She knew what I've done  

She spoke one last time 

We don't look back for that's what over thinkers do I am a blank page 

Awaiting for my dreams 

Awaiting for my true love 

Awaiting to take life by storm 

For now I'm a blank page with still miss parts 

But I know now what I didn't then 

When life is getting hard you never give in You can start a new race   

Just learn how to make life better than the one before

It's 4 in the morning 

And I still adore life 

Even more 

Now I am a blank page 

Awaiting for more 

Awaiting to be adored

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