My mom is my reason of my success,she always told me to stay in school.She was the reason why i never quit,  even though my brain wanted to explode with anger and tears wanting to run down my face because of all the problems she has been having.

Every night was a hospital visit, every treatment was another day with out her.

She told me she loved me and one day i was going to make her proud.

Till this day i have have accomplished so much.

She is my reason of never quitting.

I'll learn how to cure and help people in need,and to give joy back into peoples lives.

Everyday i strive to become a better person, and to overcome new obsticles everyday.

She told me not to be mornful that she was gone,but to be joyous that i will no longer see her in pain. She was wise and very strong.

She is my reason of never quitting.

Even though the heartbreak is still there,my success gets bigger and well-known.

School has always been a part of my life all because my mother was there to get my out of bed every morning and pusing me to get an education!

Contiuing  school will open new doors for my future,and continue what my mom had planned for me. 

In spirit she'll be with me facing the obsticles that are in the way of my path.

I'll do you proud mom...You are the reason why i will never stop.



This poem is about: 
My family


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