This is Who I Am

I am from notebooks,

From pencils and glasses cleaner.

I am from the nicely organized papers and the pink flower petals.

I am from the big tree that hangs on my roof. The leafs falling to the ground when the winter comes around.


I am from strawberries and leggings I wear on my legs.

From Geri V. and Larry W.

I am from the know it alls, and the people who are stubborn.

From the Do you live in a barn and the Just get over it.

I am from Zion church, where you go to church on Sunday mornings and youth group on Wednesday night.


I am from the opening presents on Christmas eve, steak fajitas and the cottage cheese we ate for a snack.

From the time I got a dog bone stuck in my eye, to the time when my brother got hit by a car.


The shelves in my bedroom with the photo albums of family and friends, and a box of all my school work from elementary school to present.

I am from those moments

from then, now, and later.

Remembering all of the great memories 

This poem is about: 
My family


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