Gold Innards

Gold Innards

You see… Who I am is not,

What the outside says about me.

You see… My appearance is constantly at war,

With what I want and succeed to be.

You see… I have had many challenges and struggles,

My outside details, happiness and being free.

You see… Who I am is what you fail to know,

I struggle and fight, yet I’m swallowed with glee.

You see… I always grow and prosper,

Maturing like a rainforest dwelling tree.

You see… I am and forever will,

Be the one-and-only me.

You see… I am a worker, one whom never quits,

I have the fealty of a worker honeybee.

You see… I endure much trial and triumph,

But like nothing else, failure teaches me.

You see… I am asked to fight for or give back to this country,

But it would be my honor, risking life for whom gave it, such a small fee.

You see… I am a lover and believer of God,

While others question “Who is he?”

You see… He is my creator, my Father and lord,

And my heart, he has the key.

You see… To him,

I would kneel down on one knee.

You see… I have my beliefs and personality,

You have yours, I cannot be you, and you cannot be me.

You see… Looks are inaccurate,

Now you know my Gold Innards, that is me.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world
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