I am me

I am a bundle of contradictions

A personality undefined

Adjectives are unfitting

Or rather

Adjectives are very fitting.

I am everything.

A personality test with no results

How do you fail a personality test?

I am a chameleon

I am changing.

Every trait is applicable

but no trait applies

Because I am not one without its opposite.

I am serious

I am carefree.

I am lazy, but I work hard.

I am strong

I am weak.

I am realistic, but I dream.

I am outgoing

I am shy.

I am honest, but I lie.

I am helpful

I am helpless.

All these traits

have their place

I rotate through them

day by day.

I adapt to each change of pace.

Words don't define me.

I can't even define me.


except with one word,

I am me.


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One time my personality test came back with no results...

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