One syllable
Two letters
I am me
I am the elevation of my sucess
The raputure of my words
And the thoughts that almost seem trembling and other times displeasing
I speak notes that are soothing to the ear
 And write how my heart is tose, turned, and stomped on
But I never  burned away
Instead only I forged my way out
I am a women
One with fine long hair and brown eyes
Seeking wisdom and praying for hope
If only people werent materialist and I wasnt hard covered plastic
I am a daughter
Spoiled with love and care
Shaping and carving a path for me to follow
I cant wait to be a mother
I have moments when I think outloud
Sometimes seemless in a daze
I  always gaze upon my window
and count how many time I've said "I cant"
I am the demon inside of me
Pasing and sighing as I go
The depression hits
And I lose my innocence
Faith is what I aquire
Nothing is desirable
Without Truth
And the understanding of my lost self
Im not a single definiton or decription
I am not a object
I have a soul
With a mind and a body
Infine choices
Infinite possbilties
And Infinite solutions
Thats Me
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