Daughter of All

I am not who he thinks I am

I am mysterious, I am coy

I know not where my eyes wonder

Nor do I apologize to that boy

My blood is warm

I am air, I am cloud, I am sun

My blood is red as Ethiopian clay

I am Black, also Latin, I have won

I am curve, I am straight

They are spoon, I am plate

They make a meals off my fate

But like Black Panther I lie in wait

I am beauty, I am ocean

I embrace sharp wit, I welcome swift motion

Who am I?

I am the mouthpiece for overlooked beauty, the daughter of pharohs I know I am

God's hands made my spirit an ocean and with the flesh of my body He built a small dam

Vanity I sometimes welcome, because she always encounters Shame

Shame has no place in my vocabulary, because she is verbally abused by Pain

I can be Pain because she knows no boundary, all of my friends run to her for help

Pain and Passion share a bed, in the back of my head because Rejection will not let them go anywhere else

Rejection looks after Fear because she is afraid to care for herself

Fear stays hidden away from Love because Love has the answers that I know not myself

Love looks for me every day, but I can not reveal myself

I stay shut up in the box of that Self-Defense gives me until I meet someone worthy of Love himself

Who am I?

I am backbone

I am strong legs

I am brown skin

I am the root of her hate

I am the boat rocking to and fro

I am the waves

I am the anchor weight

For I can not only be one, because I am made of a few

I am her

I am him

I am it

I am you



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