Who I've Become


United Kingdom
55° 53' 38.0652" N, 4° 19' 17.0292" W

They called me lazy, as if I could never lift myself up from the cracked concrete of depression,

But I am Stronger than they think. 

Not only did I lift myself, I lifted all of You as well.

They called me stupid, as if I would never make it in the cold and heartlessly cruel world.

But I am not stupid, I am Smart. And they fail to see i am heartless. And i've been raised to be cruel. But I am Stronger for it.

Not only did I break Your chain, that endless circle of repetitive bad decisions, I made a new one- Pure.

They told me I was ugly and fat, as if I couldn't lose weight or as if their personality wasn't what made them look beyond old and gray.

But I am Beautiful, just try to tell me I'm not. I am not tiny but I can carry my own unlike You. You that I had to protect. To hold. To call my own.

Not only do I not depend on or need anyone, I have always been my own hero. And Yours.

They told me I'd end up in bad places, as if they hadn't already forced me to live, breathe, and recite the evil of those dungeons of torture they placed me in.

But I have risen above, I changed my course in this world. 

Not only did I set myself free, I learned how to be truly me.

I am not afraid. I am not alone. I am not ANY of the stereotypes You wished, and raised me to be. 

I am strong. Stronger than you. I know what sacrifice is as I go, and as I went to lay my life down for that tiny bundle of pink joy they call my sister. 

I know who I am. Protector. SIster. Mother. Daughter. Father. Brother. Son. I have been them all. No one can stop me. For I've always been there to be what They need. No longer.

For I have grown much too strong. I am unbreakable. I have tightend my reslove. 

I will break the cycle, and You- You will be forced to watch

The story of depression, gangs, violence, rape, murder, hate, pain, and blood that You. You of all people, created me of. The movie You hid from all for so long.

Watch me turn this ash into diamond and stone and use it as a ladder, a rock, my barrier, my throne. 

Watch me. And beleive me when I say. 

I am Beautiful.

I am Powerful.

And You, You can no longer hide me.

Believe me.

I am Strong.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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