Your Life by Chyna Williams

Your life can be tricky

Your life can be sad

Your life can be happy

Your life can be glad

Your life is what you make it

It’s not always fair

Your life can take you through ups and downs and then back "round" again.

Your life can be boring

Your life can be exciting

Your life can be demanding

Your life can be surprising

 Your life can be adventurous

 Your life is what you make it               

Your life can be torturous

Your life can be bodacious

 Your life can be great

Your life is your own

Your life is so special

Your life should read well

Your life is like a road sign

And which way will you go

Your Life is what you make it

Your life is how you live it

To give of your self is a big part of life                        

Your life is not mine

Your life should be true

Your life can be a dream

It’s all up to you.

It’s all yours to live

It’s all yours to give

To give of one self is a part of life

To hold back and not give

Is the end of your life

Life can be hard, it’s a thing of the heart

Choose wisely, live wisely and take life as it comes.











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