I am......simply me,

the one that want and choose to be.

There's no one around that I see

that sticks out more than, well, me!

I am goofy, funny, weird and wild.

I am hyperactive at heart and my temper is mild.

I am also shy, modest, gentle, and kind

to everyone I meet, that's just my state of mind.

I am artistic, creative, imaginative at most.

I say this with confidence, not cockiness, because I don't like to boast.

I am not popular, at least not to me.

I don't try to act cool for others to see.

I am not a bully, nor will I ever be.

I care about others, not only me.


I am......simply me.

I stare at the stars and ponder to myself.

How many stars can there possibly be?

I go inside and pull a book off the shelf

and wonder why stars still shine when they're not even there,

even after they are far gone and there is nothing there.

I want to leave an imprint on this world that I love.

Something that will last forever, like the stars up above.

I'll pass it through my children, and they will pass it on.

Through years and years, a long time after I'm gone.

Something for the whole world to see!

Does that sound crazy? Maybe it's

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