I Am Poem


I am a rolling ocean wave

I wonder when I will sit still

I hear non-stop noise

I see people try not to drown in my depths

I want to escape the open spaces


I am a pen

I feel used so very often

I pretend I can’t make mistakes

I feel unloved when all I offer dries up

I touch the blank sheet, carving my way


I am a ball of emotion

I worry about every little thing

I love with blind force

I taste snot streaming into my mouth

I cry much too often


I am a miniscule speck

I dream to be something more

I try to escape my own mind

I am merely one among the innumerable

I understand this is how most feel


I am a half empty glass

I hope to fill up beyond standards

I say that I’m fine like this

I want it to be true

I am.



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