I am

I am..  A realist.

Someone who sees everything for what it really is.

And my mother always told me, " be about your buisness."

"But Don't forget your place...don't forget what being a kid is."

And I know that the sun doesn't revolve around me and set where I want it to. 

And I'm opposed to everything  because I know nothing is ever given to you. 

I am a confidant, born and bred with confidence. 

I'm something that you end a sentence with, a pause or period. 

No scratch that, I'm a question mark. Something that's oblivious. 

I am a word or a phrase, something to fill a page. 

i'm just a  "phase". 

Just something to go through. 

A girl with everything in her hands but nothing to hold onto. 

I am the daughter of a mother who knows what hard work is. 

She stands in the isles  and proclaims me as "her kid". 

I am proud where I come from. 

From each and every corner. 

I am a believer as well, I'll cross every border. 

I am more than simplistic, I am rugged and un-smooth. 

I am well educated, and I know the importance of school. 

I am free, and I live in the home of the brave. 

 and In history I was taught  that my way has already been paved. 

I am more than a poem could ever describe.

But i've inscribed, and I've rested my case. 

But if you didn't catch that re-read just in case. 




This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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