I Am... Beyond the Norm

I Am… Beyond the Norm

There are the people that we know,

Not the same person entirely, no

But the concept is all the same,

They do this, they do that, acting as if someone else is to blame.

… you

They tell you it isn’t them… that they didn’t do it,

 The only description of why, you fit.

Many people in our lives looks for someone to blame,

Like a dried-up, tired-out old game.

I am beyond them, I take blame, when it’s due,

My sins stick on me, like my thumb and glue.

I do not run or fear like most,

I do not praise and cheer, nor try to boast.

… about a fake life, I do not live,

I feel a sharp knife from a friend, a shank, a shiv.

I am often betrayed because there is… as they say,

No one worse than an honest man… the world has a weird way.

I surpass all expectations,

I endure challenges, receiving usurpations,

For that I have wronged… in doing right?

Many ask, why I even put up a fight.

I have a simplistic reply,

I will not others define me, their perceptions I deny.

But not in the way you may foresee,

I show to them and prove all I could be.

I am above what people think and dream,

I am beyond the norm, I shine bright like a glistening beam.

I am a lover, a fighter, a dreamer at least,

I indulge on success, a meal, no, a feast.

I will be what I dream to be,

Because no one will ever stop me, not even me.

I love to show my intellect and all that I know,

In achievement of my failure, I shine, I grow.

Thank you all for your audience and love,

I must go and show who I am, rather push or shove.

I am above the norm,

I am me.


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