Where I'm From

I am from bored out bamboo,

from tinikling and hand-made entities.

I am from the bahay kubo

A small shelter, but a hunbling source of protection for many.


I am from Manila and Olongapo 

A great archipelago, the home of my people

My ancestors, proud yet still so vulnerable 


I am from large families of large hearts

who are scattered out all across the earth

all on separate paths,

but bounded by love. 


I am from a native tongue that I have not yet mastered, 

from Lolo Pedro and Lola Felecicima.

I am from solidified faith and self-denial

failure and success.


I am from inspirational figures

knowledgable, wise

Finish the race you started!

Run with determination!

Never settle!

I am giving my all but my all is never enough.


I am from non-denominational christianity.

I am from creation and prophecy-

Abraham's seed. 


I am from ancient memories that I have yet to find. 

Always wondering, thinking...

thinking that too much thinking is not worth the thought

so why bother at all?


I am from barriers

built over time to preserve the haven placed over my heart

so that nothing can harm it.

I am from a once trouble, self-harming soul

that has matured to recognize blessings


I see a future that I will define-

an evolution far different than generations before it

I am from gratitude,

for the ground beneath me is solid & fertile-

a great foundation to build my roots. 

This poem is about: 
My family
My country
Guide that inspired this poem: 


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