The Elementary Question

Am I…

I am,


Where do you go to ask the elementary question,

Who Am I?


You go to the soul

The place of reckoning

Where experiences

And dreams

Comingle to form

The true person you are

Or who you are going to be


Where the dream of helping people

Leads me to smile at every person

Where the experience of depression

Leads me to sympathize every situation

Where the idea of making the world a better place

Leads me to environmental welfare

Where the experience of denial

Leads me to care


Who Am I?

A girl trying to live a dream

That hasn’t fully been thought out

A girl living a life

Trying not to be consumed by doubt

A girl being strong

In situations meant to break

A girl pushing on

In the race of life

Taking every step she has to take


Who Am I?

I am a mixed breed

A strange conversation

One who does well with confrontation

One who does things differently and new

One who doesn’t care whether it’s the left or right shoe

One who tries not to be conformed or demolished

But follows the correct rules that have been polished

To the true and utter nature that they be

The true and utter nature that can only set humanity free


Who Am I?

I am a girl

Trying to be me 

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