I Will Profess

Everyone says that college

is all about drinking.

That college 

is all about sex. 

They say college 

is the time to party, 

to "try new things."

We start on this new journey

with these ideas imbedded in our minds.

But how are we going to be the best

if our peers aren't pushing us

to be successful?

I've met a great number of students

who seem to be brainwashed

with the ideas of alcohol and sex. 

Sleeping through class is supposedly the norm, 

like we aren’t paying for this?

We spend thousands of dollars 

for what?

Laying in bed and watching Netflix?

Partying every Tuesday night?

Is it unusual that I feel left out 

for doing the right things?

I’m keeping my grades up instead of

trying to keep drinks down.

I’m opening my mind instead of 

my legs. 

I’m getting up early for classes instead of

lighting up matches 

for the cigarettes that aren’t even allowed 

on campus.  

But who listens to rules anyways?


I do.

College is my dream.

This is the opportunity of

a lifetime.

Why not take advantage of that?

This is my straight shot to 

connections, to

success, to 

shape my future into what

I want to.

While they are over in the corner

drinking away yesterday’s test scores,

I’m sticking mine on the fridge with my

magnet that states, “Be Strong.”

Even though it seems like 

everyone around me is holding back,

I’m staying strong and pushing ahead.

I will impress.

I will profess.

I am success.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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