Childhood to Adulthood

Childhood to Adulthood

            Many of us experience hardships throughout life, car problems, break ups, or even failing the last math test. One of the hardest encounters you will face in life will be death. Death can really test you as a person. It is one of the worst pains a person can feel emotionally. Death also the potential to bring out things in us we never would have known were there such as: Rage, Anger, sorrow, anxiety, and even bitterness. For me, death was the hardest obstacle that I’ve ever faced.

            When my grandmother died, it changed me. I became bitter, cold, and depressed. I knew I would never see her again. As time progressed on, the love, tenderness, and kindness she instilled in me kept me going. Her love was what developed me into the knowledgeable young man I am today. Without her guidance I could be in a very negative situation this on this day, or even worst, dead.  In a bittersweet connotation, her death was the catalyst that helped me mature out of dangerous situations. It was her death that helped me grow into the respectful young man I am today. It was her death that caused me to do well in school. It was her death that made me behave in society. It was her death that pushed me to go to church every Sunday. It was all her. She was, and is the reason for my success today.

            For many people, a new car, 16th birthday, or a positive event is what helped them transition from childhood to adulthood. For me, it wasn’t. It was the death of my best friend, my grandmother. Once she passed I knew it was time. I knew it was time to step up, and become the man she had always wanted me to be.This is who i am...

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