I am... we... are life

It seems I am an identical twin

first born.

It seems I am a "we"

when I am always "I"

It seems I couldn't have predicted 

a time where we both were depressed.



I, I mean, hated everything

and he did too.


I, I mean, definitely changed 


I became more positive, 

always forcefully.

I became more caring,

very forcefully.

I became more involved,

halfly forcefully.

I became more religious,

rarely forcefully.


Positive, religious, active, caring, loving, trying, smart - 

what I love to say I am.

Even if I fail at not being like my role models 

I will learn from those...


mistakes -

worrying, mean, loud, hurtful, obnoxious, self-conscience, feeling of superiority  -

what I hate to say I sometimes am.

Not awful mistakes though,

I need them...

I learn from those mistakes

and anything unexpected,

can be destroyed and turned into something else.


Something more positive

Like a time where we,

I mean... we...

both suffered... 

It turned into the realization,

of who we wanted to be,

and how we could be that...

that happy version 

of us...


I am an identical twin - thank God for that. 

We were both depressed - thank God -

we had the chance,

to change our lives,

and I...

I mean, WE!

We became better people







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My family
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