Do you know just who I am?

I am quick to help an elderly man or woman with any task that I can.

I constantly am picking up trash that I find along the streets.

I recycle as often as possible because I value our planet.

I give out what I can to those in need when I am able to give.


Can you guess just who I am?


I am present to give advice and answer questions given to me by younger children.

I enlighten them with all the possibilities that they have in the world.

I help those children be innovative, kind, and become more sociable.

I bring smiles and laughter to those who need it or those whom are looking gloomy.


Did you guess just who I am?


I give to those who are homeless, whether food, clothes, shoes, or hygiene products.

I encourage those around me that things will get better even when I am down myself.

I shine light on certain things that people should be aware of.

I pray over problematic situations in the world and believe they will all drift away.


Have you still not yet realized just who I am? Well then let me tell you…


I am that shoulder you want to lean on.

That one person who you know will brighten your day.

That one person who will worry about others needs before their own.

I am the one person to keep you hoping and moving forward without judgement.


I am optimistic…


Optimistic that there is still hope for society today,

that people will be kind and lend a hand.

Optimistic that no one will lose hope in humanity,

that positive actions can be found in everyone.

Optimistic that this new generation will achieve many things,

and not fall short do to another person’s indiscretions.

Optimistic that someone’s melanin or pigment no matter what shade can be valued,

not bad-mouthed or taken advantage of because skin doesn’t define one’s being.


I embody optimism. I know because I am so hopeful and confident in the future. There will be successful outcomes. There world will change for the better. People will change and be more cautious, helpful, non discriminatory, and hopeful.


Finally you can guess just who I am… an optimist.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world



I take things like this to heart, and I felt I should just share it.

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