As a little girl our innocients is the world , It is the treasure box that we tend to keep closed without even knowing the evil in the world .

As we grow we see the even in the people and live past the nightmare of the evil monster who once wrapped his arm around you.

That was 8 years ago and till today you are more cautious of many and want to help defend those against the evil in the world,

I was given the name of meaning ' DEFENDER OF MAN KIND ' ,

and i tend to keep that promise i made that age . 

As i grow now almost of age to vote that secret still hidden yet my passion to be the voice un spoken.

Growing up my goals have changed from death to light , i still am not given in to the mistake .

Mistakes have been my whole life , take one road and lead to a blank room closing in yet turn around and exit to a world of change.

MY DECISIONS , ONLY MINE  have kept me alive and fighting . 

Im not ready to give in , i am ready to fight.


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