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  In silence I hear music   melancholy melodies washing gracefully through ancient corridors,   waves of rhythm drifting across gently rolling green.  
Look at the world that we live in- is society proud of our deeds? Children are carrying weapons, not contemplating hate bleeds.
  I listen as he plays The pan flute in front Of a beautiful waterfall. I close my eyes and I am transported Above the scene And fly with the eagle...   Susan Maree Jeavons
the same notes repeat a rippling treble, quick and aloof She paints her feelings too quick for me to clear her head act or not, I won't care  
  Music You Were Music You are  As a Kid You Were And still now you are What would I have been without your wings so strong
I spent last night googling birds that sing in the morning, to give myself something to wake up for. Tricking myself into believing I’d even be awake by then. Because the truth is I am not ok
The deafening roar of silence   when silence leaves me deaf I shall cover up with music Music is my escape Its the place i feel safe
Dissolving in your blues, alloying affection, nice luster of cream Tongues part paths, eyes see seas through 
Absolute breathe in the dawn of effervescence Sweet fluidity of ecstasy perfectly perfumed  In the lap of silence 
Silent storm chaser  Sweet hail of rain, wildfire, and  Cumulonimbus.   A mystic lover 
Tonight love speaks its magic  Surreal hands, poetic voice The cost of romance and opacity of intimacy. Fair legacies beyond impressions and fragrances 
Singing waters sweetly save the world  With each glee of ready drops to sing along  Out there, there is a beauty of a world 
5 months, trading kisses in my car Your hands tracing hearts around my arms Our lives, we knew would never be the same But why’d you have to go and change Hey 4 weeks, that’s all it took for me to fall
1 Rain beating against a window. 2 Clips of old sitcoms on loop. 3 Both muddled with a blurry sound filter. 4 Digital drum tracks with additional bells and whistles.
There were times I was a sailor A healer or a tailor There were times I was the lunatic next door   There were times I stuck hand out I was not afraid to stand out
Do you ever sit down And imagine performing A beautiful masterpiece In front of thousands of people? I do. Pretty regularly in fact.
  This might be hard to understand Hard to comprehend Hard to accept that I’m not broken That the torture did nothing to sway me   I am not your love poem I am not your forgotten book
Am I alone? The only wanderer. Drift wood in a sea of rain drops Flowing with the breeze Against the waves as they flow   Is this it? Watching the sun set A mosaic on the horizon
The wind slips through the leaves of the trees. The leaves ruffle and flutter as if they can take off at any moment. The flow of the wind feels as though it were silk, making my hair dance in delight.
Of Course We’re IGNORED... !!! Those Whose Art Is RAW... !!! When It Comes To Views That DEFINE The TRUTH... About How It Is When You’re One Who THINKS... And Has DARK SKIN And Does NOT RESTRICT...
Waiting Waiting... Always WAITING.... !!! After A While Becomes FRUSTRATING... !!!!! Like Waiting For A Train That’s Gonna Make You LATE... !!! Because It’s Been............. DELAYED...
It Was G.U.R.U. Who Said In One of His Poems... That It's Mostly The VOICE If It Is... TOP CHOICE... That Makes Rap Listeners LOSE Their Poise... And REJECT Whispers To Make... BIG NOISE... !!!!!
In high vaulted walls, the steam does curl  and in another world, I lie submerged   The delicate brush  of velvet warmth
Okay So I’m An... Old Timer... Whose A POWERHOUSE Rhymer And TOP NOTCH Rhyme Designer... So I’m NOT Like These Grimers’... !!! Or One With One Liners Like Great Battle Rhymers... !!! Or One Who Now Mumbles...
MAN I Do It Just Like It's... " AUTOMATIC "... WITHOUT That Static That Can Make Things TRAGIC... !!! In Fact It's Quite FANTASTIC The Way I Lyrically DAMAGE... !!! Jerks Whose Verse Clearly Lacks THAT MAGIC... !!!!!
When I’m high when I’m low When I don’t know if I should go On days I try and fail When life’s forlorn,my heart is torn I will never say so long
Okay Now Kids Yup... Here It Is... !!! That Spoken Word Ish' Mister Big Virge Brings... !!! Rhythmic, Cryptic... Fit When It Flows... To Equip Music And Notes I Quote... With Vibes That INVITE...
I Think Nowadays It's Fair To Say... You NEED To REALLY... ... " Know Your Place "... !!!!!
  People grow Angels too Not just those Helping me and you Heart and love Flows in all dirctions Angels Angels Beings of Heart Come share community Right now's a good start
So When Are We TOO OLD To Be Seen As.... " Dope ".... ?!? Or What's Called HOT Like Some SUPER FINE Crotch.... !!!!! Well I'm At THAT AGE Where My Body NOW ACHES... !!! But STILL Have A BRAIN That Functions... OKAY... !!!
Th0se thìn'z that has t0 d0 with tha devil th0se thin'z that has t0 d0 with bullshii'z Damnit fuckin' ryte fuck the mudafuckin' bitchez fuck fake tricky snitch bitches.
falling in love is like an angel has descended from above to grant your every wish, you placed on top of your christmas and birthday list you waste all your money and time on them cause to you their your dime
I Now KNOW What It Is To Be A FRUSTRATED ARTIST... !!!! I May Not Be The FASTEST With Lyrics That I Kick... Or Deemed To Be The HARDEST Because of Scripts I FLIP... !!!
Bob Said These Words So... " OVER - Stand "... !!! ... "You can't tell the woman, from the man ?" ... And NOW These Words Are RARELY Heard... Because The TRUTH Is Now IN VIEW...
It reminds you of one’s trap cranking out music. Lyrics stories of our urban community underlined with sex and drugs. Those who flock there are ones who cloak to darkness everlasting party. A place were tortured souls go seeking some form of relie
Now Construction Is A Word When Applied To... " Verse "... That NEEDS PROPULSION For Your Words To Be Heard... !!! To Construct Or BUILD DEMANDS REAL SKILL... !!! If You're Trying To ENLIGHT Through The Words You Write...
I Like A Good Poet And LOVE A GOOD Rap... !!! But How Many People Can Say They Do That... ?!? Many Write Stuff That Huffs With NO PUFF... ?!? Others Write Stuff That... HITS Like A CUFF... !!!
Gospel Music is fantatic music because it praises God.When it comes to Gospel Music, it's something to applaud.Anything is good if it praises the Lord.When it comes to God, he should be adored.
If Time Waits For NO MAN ... ?!?
" So What Makes You Tick "... ??? For Some It's Simply... Being FIT... And Living Life To RAISE Their Kids... But Some Live Life To Hurt Their Kin... ?!? And Follow Paths That Lead To SINS... !!!!
You are what words can't describe Your beauty makes flowers Your voice makes music You a rock in my world, yet so soft like raindrop You a river that flow in essence and softness
Ya Know ... We CAN'T ALL BE ... ... Artistically Free ... !!! It’s A FALLACY To Truly Believe ... That Artistry... Truly Deals In FREE Speech ...
your laugh is music to my ears.   i cling to your every word like my favorite lyrics.   you strum my heartstrings like you've known how to play your whole life.   somehow i already know the tune.
So EXACTLY WHAT Is The... " INDUSTRY "... ? A Place For Sheep To BLEAT... !!!!! Or Somewhere For The Weak... To CLAIM That They Sound Sweet...
Music is the only medicine that exists when there's no cure for  the noise in which my mind is drowning. Maybe I don't cry but it hurts, Maybe I don't show it but I care, And although I don't say much I feel a lot.
Now The Words... ... " Big Virge "... Are Those That Merge... With... QUALITY Verse... !!! From A Mind That Works... Like Chickens Get JERKED... !!! Or Heads Who... " Merk' "...
MAN What Is It With ARTISTS... ?!? When It Comes To The Markets... Where They... Wanna Be SEEN... !!! SEEING Money... And Their ARTISTRY... REACH The Peeps' Who They're TRYING To Reach...
So Are You A... FOLLOWER of Trends... ? Or Are You A... " Trendsetter "... ? ... " COME FORWARD MY SELECTOR "... !!!!!!!!
I have listened to your song on repeat Over and over again in the dark Different styles and different artists But still your song I have listened to every note, every lyric And I realize only now 
Not of voice nor an utterance. Not a coming into language, - but without words, primeval, - communication nontheless. Pure melody- sound conduit of emotions
Filled with joy until I’m hit with depression, It smacks me back and forth like I am its obsession. He comes into my room spending late nights,
Back when the palms of his hands  weren’t scarred by calluses  and his feet were as nimble  as the sticks of a percussionist, he danced with her in a space 
I don't want your love songs I don't want your melody tastes Everything was a lie and now there's no music Only silence and emptiness I confessed to you one morning Long after the sun had gone down
Never close your eyes again   No days go by without a victory, No stars shine, no moon rise, no love, Finding beauty in a language not history,
Dylan, with that unmistakable " been there, done that" voice- it bears no honeyed sweetness just grit, honest sung oh, so true... and this ballad folksy it's like a corrido
Sometimes I can still hear the sounds of yesteryears- my family's voices, their conversations reverberate. And I recall my father's and uncle's ardent discussions of the revolution
Had I the voice- ( the opportunity of course) and belonged to another era... to have become a torch singer, melancholy, pathos my song- a diva of pain draped in pearls, satin
Soft lyrics, a simple beat -- vibrations within the air -- lo-fi music to soothe me; bouyant sounds to inspire. Musical inspiration allows me to write stories. Who knew that sounds and voices
falling against the coarse rug, I feel the ripples of fear pang against my core darting around inside of me are the remnants of thoughts they aren’t random, yet they don’t match up
  I walk in the room You are dressed so fine  A beautiful face  A saint in a shrine       Do I dance with you 
Outside, at the end of the driveway, A small cluster of trees Shades me as bursts of euphoria Erupt, in time with the chorus. Gentle breeze, painted sky, Enlightenment of purpose is met
RARE isn’t just another adjective, So let me tell you now. He writes his pain into beautiful melodies And the way every word falls out of his mouth
Colors take me away Sweep me up in a flourish of pigment A swarm of hues and shades Come to rest within my head The colors take me away   Consumed in a rush Under the glow of flickering neon
A bubbling, welling surge of words A trickling creek of sounds  A soft drip of movement A new hope,    The first floating note of an unknown song
Inspiration It's everywhere It is differently identifiable to everyone To me It's through music Music gives me the opportunity to display how I feel without saying a word All I have to do is be 
Inspiration It's everywhere It is differently identifiable to everyone To me It's through music Music gives me the opportunity to display how I feel without saying a word All I have to do is be 
A cacophony is a multitude of sounds, Sounds that echo through your head, pound in your heart, and block the world out, A cacophony,
It’s when I see someone else- with a guitar in their hand It’s when I see the bassist- in a two-person band It’s when a single drops- ‘cause the album got canned
  Ever since I heard it  I loved it start to finish It truely is for me      
The sinews of my soul have been messily dissected By the unsteady, wavering hand of depression Each tender nerve frays as it’s carelessly bisected
I was sitting on a rock. I was sitting all alone. I could hear the crashing waves beating on the shore,  It reminded me of home And why I came here, what I had done,
A hospital waiting room, clean and bright A melody of cheers in the middle of the night Sweet honey soothes my soul   A birthday cake, sugary and lit A chorus of celebration over it
Into the cave I went, Clueless and rather small. Voices, laughing, crying, I didn’t know where I belonged at all.   I never saw myself being involved
No where  road trip with you, Mind. You’ve been one to blame for the crinkled maple leaves lining the inside
The music's a Muse it conjures contemplation it's bittersweet as a grapefruit, with a tinge of sugarcane. The percussions back rhythms are made for dancing lulling all to their
To be called upon by a force of art Requires strength challenging to possess. To create and contribute to this force and its atmosphere
Nodding off or bopping either or is enlightening  to a situation  I am made aware.   Distracted by a melody These smooth beats move,  but cause me to  stop and listen.  
A dull life without it A colourful life with it It has the ability to sway ones mood With nothing but a simple melody It has been known to inspire many arts 
My love, it's simple to hear Or see and eat as long as it's sweet Maybe you can't dream of what I'm thinking So I'll tell you - it's the music that moves your feet.  
There are times in this life when we feel lost, And times in life when we are feeling down. But we should listen for the melodies That carry us into a place of joy.  
My favorite color is the fiery center of a stove once it ignites, bringing a sense of familiarity of my grandma's cooking. The sound of the heat touching the bottom of the pan, slowly boiling the ingredients together.
BOOM BOOM BOOM My inside drum has its own sound It can be ear splitting or barely heard Or every noise in between But it’s special and unique and only mine
Chills, tears, smiles, cockness, hapinness, sasification, determination  What is something that is unhuman but has power to give you all these feels? Music All the feels you ever wanted to give someone
Chills, tears, smiles, cockness, hapinness, sasification, determination  What is something that is unhuman but has power to give you all these feels? Music All the feels you ever wanted to give someone
Music inspires me. The beat, thouch of the strings,  soothing chords balancing, harmony, I feel free. Filling my lungs with- Song, connecting to my soul. Practicing towards my goal.
I love to watch you wind, as you sway the trees and blow across the fields in a gentle breeze, but I wonder where you go.   You disappear sometimes in a mischievous sort of way
As my head lays motionless on top of a soaked pillow While my empty music fills the void of the room at midnight Blank eyes illumanted by wrung out lyrics I know you'll never be there  right in my hour of need
There is a place  Where I go  To escape But it is not called home When I get off the bus I walk just a little too slow And I think the reason why is simply because  I  Don't wanna go home 
How do you achieve such grace Movements so stern yet at ease Your face tells it all   It seems like the song was written  Just so you can dnace to it Whenever it plays  
They all follow you Like puppies Quite frankly I cannot see this Infatuation But so many Judge on looks We both know How you turned out You were famous Crazing the crowds
They all follow you Like puppies Quite frankly I cannot see this Infatuation But so many Judge on looks We both know How you turned out You were famous Crazing the crowds
I've heard it used to be funeral music Born in New Orleans Now it's a groove We have our deep-voiced singers And low saxophones It doesn't really make you blue But it sounds like the color
Oh yeah, it's our music Good ole U.S. beats The flying of the piano keys The woo woo woo of the trumpet Then we got the sax--that birdie bugle And our bass, deep pluckings. We hear it in our elevators
Cause things got so much harder on the west coast. When i moved here i realised i needed you most. One week i had a lover, the next, a ghost.
The legs started going, Kept awake with water, Breathing, Arrogantly telling myself I’d stay straight. Drank gin and wine, Went out, Tried to buy more, Unshaven,
Strumming my guitar. Plucking my bass. Pressing keys on the piano. My mind is tellin' me that I had to be a ace. Feelin' the rhythm, through the music notes. Shoving my music down people's throats.
Yeah Let me tell you something crazy Things been shitty for me lately You think just for me Nah there a lot of us who hazy You cant even for a second be lazy Yeah that’s right, always busy guy
When things are going wrong, Put those problems into a song. When we are alone,  Singing makes us feel at home.   If you are too sick, Just listen to music. If you have a frown, 
Parabolic functions: line graphs and charts. Theories become more than pictures and art. Concepts leave the two dimensional lane, Lines transcend their mathematical plain.   
Orpheus, guitar extraordinaire, the King of Rock, and Apollo’s heir. His music loved around the world,  though, he only cared for the love of one girl. Darling Eurydice, the love of his life
The mountains are black shadowy peaks Their valleys lined with snow soft and deep. No birds or trees inhabit this place To most it’s an empty desolate waste.   Despite the country’s shortfalls
I’ll never forget that last dance That I danced with her. It only took a smile, a glance And we were shoulder to shoulder. We sank so deep into a trance It seemed we’d never stir.  
  Money is impossible as a musician, people say
Any minute now,  I will be called to give back my instrument that has served me for four years, I’ve been counting down the days until I’d return,
Long hair gets in the way as the guitarist starts to strum, eyes closed, nails long, nails painted, mic close she’s mine, i’m hers, honey, darling, baby, love me and i’ll love you
You play music. An entire decade of your life so far has been dedicated to the production of sound. For me that same decade was spent on the back of a horse.
Your majors dance to right the wrong, Your minors sweep in somber song. Each note progresses flawlessly To tell a story in any key. A tune that captivates one’s mind
Standing on your walkway gives me chills, Glowing beautifully with your astounding street flare. And the performances through the cheery nights
My life is one great symphony, So listen to its melody. The drumbeat is my heartbreak, The violins are my sorrow, The low brass proclaims my rage,
I am from forgotten songs, From distorted guitars and double bass. I am from late night TV (Loud, blaring children shouldn’t be watching).
For whom it may concern   Bowerbirds, As the name would suggest, Grow jeweled gardens of
Cant you hear it?there is musicfrom behind the walls.whimsical windits callingbegginglisten listen listen
I want to be the muse for each part of who you are & who you will becomeI want your thoughts of me to play gently through your mind as my fingers do on each key that I brush over I need for my laugh to be the charming staccato you hear in your
Sit & wait          silence plays ( in that space inside my head ) fantasies, good and bad play out upon the stage.   Here it comes, from the wings don't look back or it's all over
The hard metal risers held the students, Creaking under the large weight. Onto the next song in the performance, The conductor hastily turns on the mic. He, in his strapping tuxedo, faces the audience,
It is a part of me A part of me I love yet hate It is a part of me A part of me I fear yet elevate A part of me That gives me happiness yet pain A part Through which I lose sleep yet wisdom gain
The stage. The lights. The silence. They waited as I stepped up and parted my lips. My heart racing, my hands trembling.   The stage, though familiar felt unnatural
the echo of strings from the busy street it rings as rosiny dust fills the air a melody, calm, slow, almost still a lone pigeon stops to stare    
Each kid proudly sang and the whole courtyard was filled with high pitched voices and laughter. Little bodies of deep tan skin, about twenty of them. Michael, the leader of the classroom.
Silence. For years, only silence. And fear… no song.   Never testing the limits, Never pushing the envelope, Never hearing the song.
Deep breaths, They say It gets easier Each step My heart pounds My palms sweat My body shakes with a mix of
Music, to me, has always been fascinating.
I am enveloped in an empathetic sea From this jungle of uncertainty. At the mercy of this melodic rite, My raft of loneliness longs. Find me, in the rhythm-- the beat, Repeating its dominion over my
I was thirteen my family packed into a van "Wham bam thank you pam" to the land where I began Fuck my school, fuck my friends, fuck my plan knocked off my feet and now I really can't stand damn
 I hear the music play: A loud chorus, a strong voice. Funnily enough, I am the chorus;But I am the strong voice too?
I was twelve years too late. Or perhaps you were twelve years too soon. Yet, your melodies, Your soul, Your sheer passion and enchant,
His long slender hands, Pressed on the keys, As he played that beautiful brass saxophone, The melodious music dancing into my heart.
I’m tired of all your fooling, your bitching, and all the gossiping You can’t get on the road without stopping causing the trafficking You sit around, lazy and can’t figure out what your slacking in
this Sewn Alchemy...   seven gods in liquid hiding, this in sureness on in spending this sure hour,
Intro: I want to thank my Twin B for believing in my talent when I didn’t, love you… Young J is a rapper he says I write my own lyrics to these songs, please press reply
I still listen to all the songs you told me about. It's like the only piece of you I have left. They bring back bittersweet sadness. In myself, I've found some of you.
It’s something so dark, Enchanting and hard to remark From the beginning to the end, Not even the brightest of humans will comprehend.   It’s something so dark, Sung with the dullest spark
And when I dream of you. The pages turn. Highlighting a million and one things. All captivated by the sound we touched with our eyes. Each played in beautiful melody. I'd chase behind you.
Calloused hands Strings of Gold In three bands (or so I’m told)   Jet Black Studs Turquoise Hair
The God of Small Things in one hand The waist of my world wrapped around, the other We sit in mezzo-silence, My murmuring the words of Roy’s clever, crushing prose,
The light, vivid and bright Blinding, Marking us as one Performers Tonight
What I’m Not September 13, 2018 ~ Thursday There’s music in the hills Sounds of song on their backs, fronts, and sides That which I’ve never heard
I just wanna ball, mother fuck the lace Any fuckin where, any fuckin place Any time of day, any type of space You could name the rules, I just wanna play   You could name the city, you could say the state
Walking slowly, earbuds turned all the way up Running quickly from the mentors in my head, chasing me. The bad Decisions, the good Decisions. Anxiety yelling I'm never good enough-
This is a “Thank You” to the woman who leads, Who carries us all through our times of need.  
Plug it in to drown in out Indulge the sound and dance about Stress is without a trace Momentarily, hope takes its place Feeling connected and no longer alone
Sorry it's been almost a decade since I first played you before giving you this.  I'm learning to draw. I can't yet make my drawings lifelike, and it's a shame I can't bring them to life, but I can still make art worth making.  I'm learning to pla
Notes flying ‘cross the page, Singing hope and singing rage Of how they plead to be free of the cage And dance across the page.
I entered the band room when I was in fifth grade, The man inside looked to me with a smile.  I sat down in my chair with my flute that I played, He told me he could tell I had practiced a while.  
It is late on a Sunday, my hair in a rut. Anyone else might have left but you, you would not.    Through thunder through rain,  you teach me to live meanwhile, healing my pain. 
My life, my soul, my heart, my whole is claimed. As long as day precedes the night it's here. It plagues me, saves me from a worser fate. As long as night precedes the day it's near.  
Start with an organic beat, Embellish it, make it new. Create, borrow, infuse, Add to the silence, Develop a beautiful blend.  
Your percussion becomes a domed playground, And I'm swept by the cacophony of your sound. The cry of the violins moves me to tears, And you soothe my fears through all the years.
You are  music to many. You teach  You inspire You love You are  a song on repeat.  
A platform for Thespis and song,  I would like to thank the stage.  A barrier from audience and wrong,  I would like to thank the curtain.  A guide off the stage and on,  I would like to thank the lights. 
beautiful notes drifting through the halls drifting through the walls drifting through my mind drifting so that I can find   as I drift towards the end of my road
You came into my life at the point in time When I needed a teacher,  Someone to instruct me on fingering and bowing Little did I know how much more you would bring.    You saw the talent no one else did, 
Sanity. We can't always be it.Sanity. What everyone presses you to be.Sanity. The normal of life...But... sometimes you lose your grip on Sanity... how do you get back?
Am I really the same person as I was a couple years ago? This new person I see in the mirror tells me different I wouldn’t say that I blossomed physically into change
you are newfound confidence, in a mind so lost and confused  your influence is bottomless, in expression you are used. without you i wilt, like a flower in the heat 
A rock star That's what they call you The thick , oozing fame gushing from your pores You care for it  (Not at all)  Your true priority is blatant Save the children Save the art
Silence. Pure and refined silence. I struggle to find meaning in the sounds. To make music is to paint a picture with no canvas. A lone hand embraces my soul; Gripping me, carrying me, holding me.
Broken girl why were you placed into a world so unsure and defeat You shiver in the cold but smile when it leaves a satisfying beat Broken girl spent her life overlooking what was deep inside of her
One last entry before the night comes to an end, One more thought before the sheep comes- Slowly one by one, A puffy little cloud strutting aimlessly Above an unsurfaced ground. One last note to play-
Oh mentor of mine, You are my valentine, Oh wait. I'm lying. Thats ok you lie too, You had me I had you, I needed sleep , You lulled me. You needed ears, And I tuned in.
The air filled with sounds of chatter and late night melodies, as the dj synthesized Patrons shared stories swayed to the beat Drinks of all sizes and varieties
she is young. thirteen, at the least. she feels alone. she feels as if she has no guidance.  no direction.  no gentle touch to show her that it will be okay. but she does have something, she knows.
she is young. thirteen, at the least. she feels alone. she feels as if she has no guidance.  no direction.  no gentle touch to show her that it will be okay. but she does have something, she knows.
My savior, my soul, the seeping safety in which I have solemnly become so secure in the arms of my loved one who portrays themself to me in song.
Nostalgic melodies cause me to rise, from the safe white, billowing sheets, and the shared warmth of surrounding arms.   Aimlessly, I sway unsteady, on the forgetful memory foam, legs wobbling, arms bending,
You are always here when I'm mad, Or sad, Or happy, Or anything really.   I turn to you when I need to get away from life, you are always here for me.
Oh Davy, dear Davy, play your music for me Play for two people just wanting to be free Your song lifts my spirits and helps me take flight And inspires my creativity deep in the night Thank you, dear, thank you
More than being a language with diverse vocabulary associated to sounds, music is an instinct that flows from the human soul onto the chosen instrument. It could be seen almost as a dance.
“If you can speak you can sing,And if you can walk you can dance,”She used to say.We all would laugh behindOur handsAnd raise our eyebrows, neverBelieving, because we wereToo clumsy,Too busy,
Opened the doors,  and sounds surounded me. My soul ached for more of this chaotic tranquility. Oh, and the love of song, it was effervescently amusing. I effortlessly adored the unstable stability.
Every car ride Music on the radio Filled my ears, And every day Music of my own Filled my free time. I wrote, Song of happiness, songs of sorrow. I wrote for myself,
Music was the first sound heard in the wake of the world's creation When the sound of the first breathes were taken, that was music Music was the sound of water brushing against fresh sandy shores  
Mr. Sean, you are the coolest person I know. When I met you, your hair had a streak of electric blue and it was the most badass thing I’d ever seen,
Without my glasses on, the world softens at about 10 feet.  Usually it feels Constricting, Confining, Claustophobic, But today, it is my happy tent of reality.
Only one to shed fear, Only one to grasp hope, A ripple for a smile, A minute to cope, Seconds to forget, Hours to remember, To bury the deepest of depression, To reveal ones true expression,
What is poetry without its rhyme ? It is like a heart without the motivation to beat. To dance with no music disrupts the flow of thought. Of rhythm.
The Night Hip Hop died I remember the BOOM and the BOX That dropped my Heart Caused It to Stop The Beat! Scared to Repeat   That moment
my house is quiet to others but my thoughts are always loud just me without noise of sisters or brothers still the people in my headphones make me proud to be alone but not lonely
Thank you for this life A life where shadows sing Where losses are seen as gains Where I can have a vision for everything   Thank you for this life A life where notes can speak
Eyes fixated, furrowed and focused on the camera Hair hidden behind a hoody the color of rust Flat tear drop shaped silver earrings dangling But her lips were what captured me They danced a quick rhythm at first
Music could be loud like fireworks Music could be silent like a purring cat Music could be all the way from thunder To a heart that beats fast. It could make you feel happy and excited
I’ve heard the times are bound to bring forth changeThat our endings defeat mending to achieve great gainsAnd the newest always wins every raceEven when there’s nothing worthy left to chase
a melody strung upon a page, many don't understand.   what they see strange symbols  latin words
Sometimes I'll be in a really great mood. I'll have a jump in my step as I listen to the rhythm of different tunes. As I dance through the songs my heart will often skip a beat. Could this song really be about me?
Treetops freckled the surrounding mountains from the months of March through October. The summer brought an art gallery of plants. This part of Oregon is beautiful year-round.
Since I can remember, probably the age 8 old folks taught me to sit and pray. They gathered around, coming at me from left and right preaching words out loud like, understand you need to
Music is my life Music is my safe haven And if I never have anything else, I have music I have my voice to sing a song, fingers to tap a beat, limbs to do a dance   Music is not subjected to one genre,
Life. Life is Music. Music is created from our memories. A music score is comprised of our memories strung together through notes. Notes that are placed carefully to create our life's melody.  
As I make my journey goals ahead, pushing through, I take the time to reflect, I take the time to make some sense of all that I have become.   What has brought me here
Ink splattered across my browHold the pen don't let it fallAll their stares part the crowd.Don't let them jump the wall
My course is set for an uncharted sea with waves unkept and no one watching me, is a line I wrote when I saw no path but didn't care because I thought I could just flow through the breeze.
You're a good song title You're nothing near full A misconception of the mind There's something missing in your kind
She is a song, On an out-of-tune piano, And though I know, That she is worng, All she needs, Is a bit of tuning, And a bit of refining, And then she can sound, Exactly how,
Poems are music that you read instead of sing. They could be about anything, like the way the ivy clings. Or the midnight sun in April, the cheering of a crowd,
The sky was blue, the plants covered in dew, and the spring made it all feel so new. Everything in your head could melt away with a morning in the mountains surrounded by a foggy grey.
Limericks, sonnets, and great epic tales Flash steadily before my looming view My fervor while reading, which never fails Brings delight and joy from stories anew. Voyaged to whereabouts both near and far
Her heart was made of music, But she kept it quiet. She muffled away every sound of it Despite how for silence she was unfit. Every day she sat beside him, A quiet soul her own age.
The strings vibrate violently over the frets, Making the people collect. The drum stick cracks over the skin, Letting the beat begin.
The mockingbird has No cry of its own Can sing every part But finds no harmony Has no seat in the choir No tree in the woods A single gray Among black flocks of crows Dawn until dusk
A crow sits on a swingset The winter sun goes down Lonely cries of crows Become the only sound A keyboard clicks Crows keeping time Meaningless words That strain to rhyme A metronome
My heart beats like African DrumsBeats in several rhythms of LoveLove of my enemiesLove of my friendsLove of my daughtersLove of my sonsLove of my kinEach a different beat of the same melody
Coraopolis shows off older buildings and brown concrete as the car moves down 5th Street. The bridge soon appears and the Ohio River rushes on below. Neville Island- population 1000- is a quiet place.
Can you hear me? Can you hear my cries for help? Can you listen and tell me what you hear? Can you please help me? I’m crying for help, but no one is listening- They believe that since I’m smiling-  
That song It’s playing again Evoking memories Memories best left untouched But still, I listen to it I let it play
Tattered and torn clothes Weighted gait and pale face. The man makes his way to the piano, as if to play. Months of silence. All the time in hiding. He slowly lifts his fingers
Scarlet red  and dandelion yellow,  the two colors of my right brain.  In my temple of youth, swirling and inspiring,  are the remnants of pain.  
you see, music is the key to world peace. instead of all these youngsters dying on the streets  just sit down and listen to some dope shit become one with the beat and youll prolly start to spit
I close my eyes, fingers runing along thin threads, careful not to break the fragile silence. The golden red body pressed against my own, as I take in the beauty of its glossy finish. My hand trails its neck,
I sing. Not because it makes me pretty. I sing. Not because I want to. I sing. Because it gives me Worth. I sing. And it is music to my ears.  
Life in silence is indeed no lifeLife in silence is constant strifeLife in silence, suffering is rife
You are music. You are in all things. You started as fun. Not serious. Then you got me alone and you filled my ears and now you’re in my headspace. I can’t get you out. I memorized you. Your movements, your pace, your words.
Does Heaven have a stage? Does God have a microphone? Will I sing for Jesus when Heaven takes me back home? Does Heaven have a stage? A drum set and some guitars?
As I sit, feeling of hopelessness The sound I hear, whispers sweet music The sound comforts me As I sit the silence surrounds me But in my ear the music is in me The music repeats over and over again
His hands are sweaty, and he hasn't ate, He is nervous as he enters the school gate. But he knows it is to late to turn back.
All who attempt to Behold the wondrous works Of the ancient wielders of pathos Are to wait until eternal rest comes upon them
Music is everywhere and everything Music is my life To you they are random sounds
There comes a point in time When your favorite song Grows old After listening to it everyday, 2 3 10 20 times, It seems to lose its value.
   Beware, beware, be skeptical, of their smiles, their smiles of plated gold, Deceit so natural, But a wolf in sheep's clothing is more than a warning.
Dear Apollo,    You are the God of so many things. You may have already noticed this,  but I have too.   I noticed you are the God of sunlight,
Dear Mommy,   I don’t know if you remember but, I remember a simpler time when it was just me and you... alone in the car with only our thoughts and radio. To be specific, the quiet storm.
I found your love in my early age. It was a pass time, a hobby, just something for fun. Now as I grow you have become my life, my passion, my joy. I am scared to persue you as it might now work. I am frightened to lose my love for you.
The world is perfect for a moment. I can step outside my body and watch it all, Like a film in slow motion i can easily take it all in.
Dear Simon and Garfunkel,   You are something I never understood. A riddle not to be answered, a question left to dangle.   You seemed so happy. Smiling in those album covers, but
Each night I dream in many sounds   From deep within and some profound.   All together they must dance  
sometimes when i'm alone you rattle through my head you are loud yet gentle i make it a point not to listen to you, as if by doing so i am winning a prize if forgetting the last lines of the first verse is the prize
The forest air  floats heavy in the trees  the ground illuminated  by it, a gothic chandelier  moonlight dances on the cauldron  with contorted contents to puppeteer    and so it cooks 
The ghost of notes dances just out of reach I grasp fruitlessly with poor memory, trying and failing All that is left is a whisper of a tune Too quiet to hear, but too loud to fully ignore
Being with you is like going to the symphony or wait, being part of a symphony sometimes I can't tell the difference   Sometimes I feel as though I'm watching and listening from the audience
one sense triggers another, and so they create   silky songs from a young tailor that sound smooth and strong and caress like a savior-
silky songs from a young tailor that sound smooth and strong and caress like a savior-   its glimmer smells medicinal as the musician’s instrument reflects truths unconditional
As you start to rise, success can come at a fatal price,the risk outweights the chance of a changing life,As each day passes its once step forward or stay behind.... I remind myself of the things i seen, with the cautious thoughts of that could ha
Music is the key to the soul Our twisted hearts bound by these shackles Take this key and remove your chains  
  Dear Hip Hop and Rap and other types of music that were traps for what I thought was a good beat but ended up being everything but that.  
To my ambition, To my dreams.   At first, you popped into my mind Like a grape from a vine, Whilst I watched Youtube videos of
Dear Life, It's a burning mess, and I'm one of the flames; Terminally depressed because it's all the same. Another Saturday night and it's one a.m., You're back on my mind, I just need to win.
People say when you miss someone To go look outside at the stars and moon To then take comfort in knowing that even in the distance between you They could be looking up too The view is shared with others
feel the music feel the music feel the music i bet it doesn’t rip apart your heart crawl up your throat ruin your breath and choke your words
when you’ve got it, when you’ve got it in your hands, an uncontrollable energy that brings you to your knees
Dear Piano,   I have spent hours at your bench each day,   Practicing as the metronome ticks away.   You provide a space, be it ever so small,  
Stand on the Sands Grayson Szumilas   Dear Humanity,        Momentum. I don’t know why the world is set up the way it is, 
Music How it can make you sway and dance all night long. It can be an entire album or just one song. My eyes and feet are all controlled by the beat.
Dear Donald Glover,
Dear Heart,
Music tells a story Just because you stop listening doesn’t mean it ends Others hear the words the ones you deny Though to you it may only be noise
Dear Esther, I haven’t been the kindest lover. After a decade of affection, I have grown impatient. My fingers get rough,
a l i v e                    the anticipation sitting on the stage bow in hand but trying to escape
Soothe the mind, captivate with sound.I've got a life time to grind. Don't forget he's mine, To future extent my tempo is his heartbeat. Fortune found compose distruction of deceased, extermination of illumination.
You try to take me down, I'll look you in the eyes. Look you up and down, then have you tell me lies. Tell it to your friend we're all gonna die, so take it to the skies.
The music box plays no more Without knowing there's more in store For she escapes through the color of sound No longer wishing to be around A violin plays so faint The colors fall
I like to think I was born in the wrong era, I think sometimes it quite unfair, or, Stupid how nobody knows who Paul Simon is, Who’s Weezer? Cake? Beastie Boys?  
Take a breath, no actaully take two Everytime you smile, my breath got short You was a strong ass drug on me, that snort  I haven't seen a lot but you was the true One for me, two makes me and you in one car
Too loud, too loud Eyes drowned, head bowed Clap hands over ears Fingers leave bruises But must hold in the music To suspend myself from reality Hear rhythm rapping the only words that make sense
I find joy walking in the rain with you. The wind brings a biting chill And the water droplets sink into my clothes. The sky is a flat, endless gray.
Dark grey swirling storm clouds, In a vast chasm. The cold pierces my skin, Like a carefully trained arrow.
You are the soundtrack of my life. And even though I am unable To rewind, I play in my head, Over and over, The quirky voicemails you leave me.
You were a library book with the pages glued shut Sixteen years of abandoned backstory. With what pivots and plot twists do to anti-climax. You were a language I’d forgotten A play without the final act
You exist in memories that slip out my mind. Help me find a place for you to be present. Given time in these rhymes every line will descirbe bluer skies, suns that rise, happiness in lovely eyes.
You’ve always been there. From the day I met you my breath was taken away. You became my drug: My heart races when I am with you.
Let me write on your heart Let me breathe on your lips Let me tell you I love you While the sun slowly dips     Let me take your hand Paint the sky with my soul
There are both black and white notes, And there is always another chord, But I don't want to lose what we wrote. I'm pushing the pedal down, Praying to hold our sound. Though, I know it will fade away.
music always seemed to speak to me when people could not understand me, music always would whatever mood i was in, a song could help me better than any person
M, A, D, I, S, Y, N Bringing the heavens to the earth, hiding the fears from my mind Love the goodmornings, hate the goodnights, because I despise saying goodbye
Sweaty palms, winded breaths, I jolt awake, And unexpectedly you were there, without a moment to forsake. My eyelids were heavy as you sung smooth and lowly,
Can I tell you a secret? Come closer so I may whisper it It goes something like this;   I want to swim in your eyes I want to tell you, you have colonized my mind don't want it to end Then realize, in those eyes, what you See is pretend And you believed you were friends Till she leaves you again You beg and plead, and say she's all You need
I've stared at  your fingertips on the strings of your favorite gutair,  I've observed your lips move in the void of the night, making a melody I wish I could harmonize to,  
Going through the scales That I remember so well The callouses on my fingertips There since childhood You always remember your first violin The squeaky strings And stretched horse hair
I'm Into beats  That start up is sweet  So I'm ready to leap Not to compete  That's for survival  That's not a lie though  You know you gotta show How flows can leave your foes froze
(Intro)why we gotta take it there Babe, you know I ain't tryna go there.what happened to us.
a waltz through the house toes sliding along the kitchen floor giggles drift into the living room   harmony in a routine a smile, a sniffle, a silence comfort in merely existing  
Nobody is nothing; So long as they exist in the mind of another. It matters not what you think of me; For what you think of me is more than what I think of myself. My purpose is only to exist;
Thanks for letting yourself back into my life.    The beats of the music you sent me  swing in my mind like a pendulum  they envelop my mind, 
This is my dream Performing on stage with thousands and thousands of people  All around the globe, hope that's what I would do What's wrong with singing, rapping, can we all be equal?
My shoe is the engineer of motion. It controls the speed at which the music flows from my hands. Interdimensional focus draws the
The guitarist wrinkles his face as he concentrates with dignity.   He flips the page on the stand, and adjusts his fingers accordingly.   The acoustic guitar resonates
Because I love you,  I see things through a new filter. Colors are brighter, the air seems sweeter, and every touch feels like satin against my skin.   Because I love you, Love feels tangible.
They wonder why, why we can't sleep at night, tell us such pretty lies, why we can't sleep at night, the anti depressants are too tight, acid and synthetics wearing off, haze of something crimson,
What brings me to a state of tranquility and relief Are the sweet, youthful harmoniesDelivered from a melodic instrument made of polished carved woodWhat a beau
Today you listened to that song that I showed you 2 years ago on the couch as you fell asleep in my arms slowly breathing as still as night Goodnight Moon you were the moon forever after that
this is a dope joint & I'll get to the point in certain circles we always regret the decisions we make making choices with no voices we got heads today that really want to stay in the game but who am I to blame
It starts with a girl and a wicked pair of shoes That she swiped from her father’s closet. It starts with slicked back hair and a video of Presley Twisting away for the girls who saw it.
I wanted to work with the idea of void that John Stezaker had when he created a collage of ready made post card and filled these images inside faces.
The music won’t stop dancing inside my head.Arrays of jade.Violet.Azure.Onyx and cream.Colors and tastes.Fresh mint.Vanilla icecream.Sharp citrus.Soft cheddar.It lifts and tilts.
Once upon a time, or once upon a rhyme, there was a girl in a shining tower. Locked up all alone, a truly terrible home, controlled by a witch's power. When out of the blue there came a prince,
There once was a beautiful queen She had skin like honey, eyes like emerald, and hair as big as cotton candy. She was so beautiful  and kings traveled far and wide to make her their bride.
On long car ridesShe chooses the music playedCarefully setting the moodUsing songs to portray emotionShe turns melodies i
Moving to a funky beat, Speedin up pace, Pick up your feet, Get red in the face. Let your hair swish round, Reach for the sky, Bring your feet to the ground, With a loud joy cry.
Honestly, I'm running in Circles like Bulls in The Bronx. Doing nothing, but thinking Texas is Forever. To think this is a Bulletproof Love is naive. I may have been a King For A Day,
in the dark of the night... beep beep... hush hush Within our world in a rush when push comes to shove we need a hug things in life get pushed under the rug these are desolate times yet we
Cool Moe B Back in the day we used to pray Others say it ought not be that way Snake pit, lion's den you need someone to be your friend Your a soldier in the army of God
Verse: Mist, in my eyes Ice, heart melts, freeze Dive, into ocean spacious as skies Lie, sea turned bed if dived too deep Still profound, unexplored Wonder, how change will give more
So much of me that the world cannot see, I have to try to see it as beauty For if every condensed thread of my being were to unwind to the world Might I as well not exist? Questions to these answers may not unfurl...
Verse 1: Feet on the ground, More so when nobody to be found Though sometimes I like to stick around Need to be alone, figure out what’s really right and what’s wrong Got my head in the clouds,
Verse 1: Feet on the ground, More so when nobody to be found Though sometimes I like to stick around Need to be alone, figure out what’s really right and what’s wrong Got my head in the clouds,
Cowboys love their trucks and girls with long blond hair In Daisy Dukes and boots At the local county fair.   Cowboys love their trucks
My body is no longer tied down to this rugged earth           by limbs too weighed down by darkness. I'm floating.          unfeeling,          nothing but air.           The usual chaos has stopped its storm
Love is like a song. It begins with a melody and ends with a bang.
The sweet chords of a song ring out Their sounds are entwined in an intricate dance The girl's body relaxes with an exhale Her eyes open wide, completely entranced  
born in tchaikovsky's sixthsymphony the finale beginsquietly tapers into melodymeandering sweetly cafardswelling weaving between
As the music starts the world disappears You slip into a new world for just two minutes A world where no one judges Where no one cares How you look
When the music stops, and the applause begins The feeling in your heart is like no other A feeling of relief yet sadness Sad that it’s all over
Every time you begin to sing, I always start to cry. My heart will leap, jump, take wing! Out of my chest it will fly.   My heart longs to soar with your every note in your every harmony.
My sister was a storm, she was big and brutal, she was terrifying in many ways. When I was a kid, she never kissed me, never hugged me nor did she loved me.My sister was a balled fist drawn back waiting for you to scurry away in fear.
The sails have risen with the sky painted crimson, and the water reflecting its reign.   I hear singing, I hear it ringing,
I'm sad I'm mad My music is gone For so long Headphones are dead With my soul along with it
Sometimes I just wanna sing So loud it makes my ears ring But it's not enough It'll never be enough I've got no better way to say   I love you, I need you, I want you, I miss you
I'mma start off a quote. "Life is like a box of chocolates." My chocolates are my vibes. My flavors could be Lit, Chillin, Calm & Collected, or Just Sap. People be finessin my career. My whole life as a person.
The flow of our bodies begins to harmonize A chorus of grunts and moans crescendos   Urged forth by her begging eyes Our symphony climaxes behind fogged windows  
A rocket waits to fly From its launchpad In the living room. Helmet on, radio in hand, Two explorers approach.   One room over
every day, wake up early. every day, eat a tiny breakfast. everyday, leave for work. Sometimes late. Sometimes early. Never happy about it.  Get home mope.
Year old (memories) of the person I used to be, can only be found in a playlist on Spotify created by yours truly.
January was cold. Weather has never bothered me, Nor have I worried about freezing, But I could tell, there was ice somewhere, Capable of freezing me to the bone in seconds.
Poco a poco you stole my heart As Kelis once sang, Before you, my whole life was acapella I found myself tone deaf, Singing hymns in hopes that I would soon find
The Hit We were in the same city when you died.I didn't know until hours after arriving homewhen I saw the pictures,saw you,I didn't understand. Wade, I thought it was your birthday.
You taught me that my body was for lease, that I was there for rent every time your "friend" kicked you out of your place, you signed our contract with rhymes cause you knew I've always had a thing for emcees, wanted to find love like Zeke and Myl
I thrive in all corners of the world. You know me from the mall, from the office, from the smooth rhythm of the sleeping baby’s breath.  
I am a new progression of chords on a major scale. My irovy is the same with a new collection of notes. Instead of them clashing as they have done before, they harmonize into a scale of grace.
Music is my lifeblood It’s everything I am My soul is made of music notes My heartbeat is a drum My ears are full of melodies
The shakes, the nerves, the trembles of absolute fear I feel in the tiny hands attached to me.  They control me. They make one motion that consumes my focus entirely.  I am drowning in a sea of my anxiety.
You're dangerous, so dangerous And you don't even know Just to keep you in the back of a mind Can make one lose sanity, perceive life's vanity, Conflicted with ghosts of la nuit, she wolves' bites and blood of envy
Music culture is widespread and personal. Music can be understood, felt, and developed all over the world. Music notes on a sheet of paper can be played and interpretted by all of those who know the language
My show is over There is no more to give These past twelve months Are the most I have ever lived Bonded forever
Thoughts spawn without direction, Fleeting yet lasting, ever-impactful. Feelings observe without connection, Patient yet hurried, clever and tactful.   Ordering and organzing, making sense of the maelstrom.
Twenty-Sixteen. Year of chance, year of love, year of heartbreak. Love was lost as partners left, Loneliness engulfed kids as divorce struck them Leaving them longing-
  There's a rhythm in my heart. The beat is the bass, and the tempo is the pace. In the background there's a melody. It plays with grace. Charitable to the soul, is it.
the story of my life what kind of world do i want? i just have to let go I've just got this feeling but i have died everyday waiting for it
January bloomed in full moon,And I fell in love after a drunk dropHit my lips, hit my hips.I cried and criedAnd sang jazz each night,Until he put his left hand in my right.
  I can make a true song about me myself The Seafarer      This tale is true and mine,
I can't make you laugh all the time I can't make you dance all night All I can do is sing for you
I've got to get something off my chest Music has always meant something But what comes next An obnoxious beat Or a song about sex?   What will become of Generation X
I transferred collegesThat was fun Except I stick out like a sore thumb  I came from an all girls school With LGBT friends
Like a lake of fire, I burn all my Kush and money. Good kid, got soul, Satan wanna take it from me. Can't pull the trigger to cop gold God thinks it's bummy. So a poor ass Joe pours out his soul cause he's so hungry.
I hear piano down a hallway Guitar downstairs Singing in the streets Maracas on a stage Cello from a nearly soundproof room My whole life is filled with music But then the air deadens, falls silent--
That boy was only 17 Lyrics coming out from his eyes Those hands Those eyes His guitar, my ukulele
Nature sings: Time is her beat Flora and fauna are her notes The trees sway to the rhythm of the wind Birds add their harmonies to Mother Earth's tune Earth's silence is a caesura- not a complete end
Yesterday it hit me.  It was a normal rehearsal with music I'd heard a million times. But it hit me.  Looking out at the rows and rows of empty seats during rehearsal, I realized that this is what I am meant to do.
Our lives are like a song. God is the composer and we are the musicians.   We never meet His full expectations.
 I sucked it in through my breath and it sunk through my skin   It expanded through my lungs and seeped into my blood stream  
Music, words spoken  Fashion design, theatre  Drawings and paintings  
An unplanned gathering,  Turned into a landmark event.  Ocean waves become steady heartbeats. 
The art of music quite defines The social spectrum that’s divine. Our broken world has suffered pain That Eco friendlies can’t contain. Desire needs for others help But Humans wont prevail at all
I was stuck in this 3AM daydreamwhere the music was faded through water,and I couldn't hear my screams. I was caught in a cage with all borders closed. Tolerance was terrifying, but I already knew.
The music is playing,  The beat is swaying.  I've been lost in the music of yesterday, Ensared with the music of today. The best feeling of the day,  Is when my headphones start to play.
I lost myself today, I just turned and ran away. The sunny day turned to rain. With the music playing in my head, I looked for myself within the depths. I found myself in yesterday,
That melody strums in my ear, Singing courses and refrains that I want to hear, I bust a move, The beat is my groove. Music brings me pure delight, Igniiting my soul more than a sleight,
Heart thrums wildly, To the beat of the music.   Fingers thump loudly, Dancing to the drums.   Feet tap noiselessly, To the rhythm in the air.   Bodies sway side to side,
Why is finding happy upbeat songs so hard to do? They are always on the radio (the same ones over and over) But as soon as you try to find one alone they are like
Pop, the leader of the age, Confined in today's mainstream cage, Who's designed to give what the masses want While every station encourages her flaunt.   Rock, the rebel, born of rage,
lowly hanging my head walking slow and somber easier may be dead for seemingly no cure except music as it rings sweet harmonies of life and it sings away all my strife.  
There is a world Where I was from Full of black, and white, and grey. But then I saw A silver line Come through on misty day. It's hard like steal,  But small and light
I wake up wishing I had't, for seeing this world in a negative light has become habit. The only thing that helps me survive is a band, for music is what keeps me alive.
I’ve never felt more in tune with a group till now Where my skin color My upbringing My languages Do not matter
Hum in my ear, dear  Then I'll be  Blind, deaf, and dumb.
Music ebbs and flows To go with any mood Always calming Always there for me   On days where I am feeling low I pop in some headphones Turn up the volume And tune out the world  
Healing the Heart By: Burgundee Pannell   When I feel low Full of great sorrow and woe I am in need of music to flow Through my fretful body From my itty-bitty toes
Typically when I'm stressed, I try to focus on things that cannot be changed. Even though my entire family and even some friends tell me I'm blessed, I cannot help but to feel like I'm tied to a chain.
I want to smile. I want to be happy all the time. I want to have fun with my friends. That does not always happen. Life gets in the way.
Listen to music! Get in the groove! If you're feeling down, turn on some music on, and just watch yourself move!
The feeling of serenity, The feeling of gaiety, fulfillment, and healing. Where words fail,music speaks Like an in- yet animate friend, It offers empathy to the masses.
I woke up a little bit afraid about crossing the darkness of that park, But when the fine arts building with lights appeared behind the trees, I could breathe easier.   We all have different reasons to be,
That slight inkling of his smile Shown through the lips, a small laugh He's looking at me with those eyes The audible bang of distant drums My layers shower over the sparkles
Do you ever feel you're spread too thin? You see blue veins superficial to your skin. As you cleanch your fists and lock your jaw, You can't help but feel defeated.   So take a breath and ease your mind,
Drained. Here I go. Such a fragile lane. I'm completely emotional.   Not a single question has been answered.
When I'm feeling kind of blue Instead of letting these feelings down me I listen to Kind of Blue And when I close my eyes I feel the space around me
Some lost In need of guidance Seeking an anchor for their will It is found in institution Fostering a passion It sticks it stays Years and years go under the belt Shaping adolescent paths
I wake up with a song in my head Can't wait to get out of bed With a guitar by my side I strum a few chords   Music is my energy A force that drives me everyday Hop on the bus to get to school
There are more than a few things Which I am pleased about, that wash away my stormy days, and cleanse me of my doubt.   Sometimes they are big things and sometimes they are small
Windows down Engine's going Music drowns the sounds of the roadside roaring Leaving town Songs are flowing Music drowns the sounds of those left snoring Melodic cloud Alive and soaring
The blend of word and sound 
She was completely engulfed with his presence. Never in the world had she seen a man so beautiful; what amazed her more is the fact that he had no earthly idea.
Why, hello Day! I've been expecting you. I endured a long process waiting for you. I wrote a song last night and I'd like to show someone, I thought you'd take forever and spoil the fun.
I am held captive, Captive by my own brain Jealousy wraps my wrists and ankles with razor sharp barb wire while insecurities pound me into the floor On days when I can take it no longer,
The tapping of her foot With soothed eyelidsSwaying back and forthFollowed by the sound
When assigning colors to things, I think that:   Logic is black against white and white against black.  
Music The power The emotion Feeling The adreniline The sorrows Voices The melodies The harmonies Balance The highs The lows
Write, pause. Erase, ponder, rewrite. I listen to that song in my head. Imagining the loud bass bumpin' in my car, with the windows rolled down. I blast those notes. Those black notes on a page.
When life has got me down, and I'm feeling blue. I know no matter what that I can count on you. You bring me joy you bring me life and wash away the pain.  I know that without you
Lyrics, Words Work Behold the meaning Behind the string of words that only seem incomprehensible. But understand the poetry in the music. Feel what I feel.    
When you speak to me, breathe sweet words into my ear drums through
When I'm feeling low, Music helps the feelings flow. When nothing else can save me, Music is my savory It serves as an escape As I feel like there was an earthquake. When emotions are running high,
The first notes, they tickle my eardrum, As the cares of my world slip away. The music swells and it deepens to naught My fingers keep time, try to play, The keys on a piano, the flute wails in treble,
The chills in my arms and the weight is gone, I feel like I'm nothing from the start of the song. My heartbeat races and my breathing gets faster, It's addicting like a drug that I can't stop taking.
Worlds away thats where I've gone Worlds away thats where I belong Stress comes in and the happiness goes out Happiness comes back when I put in headphones and really jam out
Waking up in a sunlight haze Waking up in the suns embrace It’s something I’ve come to know 21 years and yet I still feel low There’s something special though about my morning mood
Words cannot express  The joy I feel when I open my mouth to sing words with sultry sounds The serenade of emotion filling each verse Everytime I fill the room with a melody My heart is fulfilled
When thoughts are dark and the heart is churning, An escape and freedom is to be welcomed. The hurting needs to knock out the bad so New emotions can grow.   New thoughts with greener fields and
I try to think of where I am, Here, Now, Beyond what I could have expected, Near what I could have hoped, The greatest creation consistently soothing my mind Endlessly, I turn to it for amenity,
What makes me feel good is music Any genre and I’ll groove to it. Triple temperature weathers Stacked homework like treasures Dragging works hours Someone flushes while I shower
waking up late and getting ready for school I rushed on, wearing my nice shoes, walking carefully I somehow manage to step on a muddy spot on the ground triggering a cold stare of realization at the floor it was as
I felt something I haven’t felt, in a long time. The feeling so, powerful, so indescribable. Does music just seem, unremarkable?
The greatest one She wrote came from a thousand voices across the globe  A million words, with a couple of verbs I flirt with the beat, She speaks back, we make it happen. She wrote 
My main motivation is nothing amazing,Nor is it the oddest of things.I am tested and tempted and sometimes resented,But I still wake up and sing.I've been singing, you see, for years upon years,
Music Sheets, A vessel to carry my words further than the wind can breeze. Four hundred and twelve degrees...
When the ground  feels as if it is shaking, Or the world seems to leave scars at my wrists, I turn to You. You.  Whose soundwaves  create an ocean of Serenity.
Sitting in the grass as the fall breeze flows around me The sun going down behind the pasture where our horses graze Learning a song on my guitar that I just heard on the radio This is my happy place
drop of blissful notes resonates, through eardrums, in soul; silence; serene
A melody played on the wind Tangles itself amongst the smoke Air crisp with cedar pine Still cold while the sun has broke   A gentle lull of a new day Rousing all from slumbers full  
Am I perfect? No. But I try. Trying isn't good enough. She never aims high enough... She shoots, She falls They laugh... Humans. Not perfect. Supposed to be. But not.
During the times I’m feeling blue I look around for things to do To keep myself occupied And dwell on the brighter side Of the aspects in life To get through my strife I listen to music and sing a song
Seeing people laugh  Making people smile  These are just some things  That make it all worthwhile    What's the point of life?  The point of life is this:  Giving real effort towards 
No rhythm, no beat no tingle in these feet... I hear music, and in my seat I move Appearance? Dying With a smile on my face. Give me a song I know the words And my dancing feet
  What makes me feel good is singing It gives me a kind of feeling I can't explain the way it makes me feel The feeling is just unreal My melody makes me shine  My voice is hard to deny
After a long day filled with sorrow My body aches while I wish to sleep until tomorrow And I search for anything to lift me from this low   Thunder and lightning threaten to strike
On midday, after school, a boy picked up a beautiful guitar the color of sunset; He tuned it and proceeded it play it, to play the music of his life, the sounds of his soul, he relieved all his stress.  
Sad, Happy, or mad lucky, sappy, or glad music is a must to have.   its a battle cry to help you through. its a friends shoulder when you are blue. its a partner, always by my side.  
I’m alone, In the dark, In the silence, In the void Just me, old memories Bad memories of moments of Humiliation, weakness, cowardice, meekness Moments of regret to regret Moments to forget but I can’t
When the day turns blue I turn on the music Garth Brooks echos off the walls,  "Some of God's greatest gifts are unanswered prayers" With every note that lifts from the speakers
i love and hate how your music seeps into tunnels of my mind and down into caves of chest and lungs, resonating
The words on the sheet are the lyrics to the beat. Singing is the thing that becomes everything. Although I can’t perform in public, Doesn’t mean I don’t love it. Just my voice by myself Is all that I need.
I've been told, Several times actually, to stop fidgeting, moving, talking, singing, "Sit still now!" adults would scream, school was a battle, between myself,
Pick me up When I feel down The rain pours Thunder in the background Lightening flashes Brightening a lamp lit home Candles going, crackling like a fire The smell of pine surrounding me with warmth
Monday’s are depicted as tiresome, Where the weekend of fun ends. The rest of the week then seems like a drag, lazily carrying yourself through the dull times  
When the world is in its softest sleep, we are awake.   We are roaring down the highway past city lights and nostalgic meadows. We roll down the windows, and a heavy petrichor fills the bitter cold air.
When listening to music I know, that I am safe from all harm. It keeps me company wherever I go, protects me when caught unarmed. If life is a play,
For a moment you W/As my Girl and Any Time, Any Place a Piece of My Love is yours in perpetuity bluntly put You Got Me; little did I know you would Teachme those Pieces of Me would Climax
When the sun hits my skin, it makes me smile with a glow. No one will ever know how my skill feel unless they see my glow. It gets attention and paparizzi on a daily because it glows so bring attention stays on it.
   I admit I'm not tough...   I can't handle much... Or at least not at once.    Yeah...  Sometimes I cry and I can't sleep at night. I'm stressed out,                                It broke me.
a quiet afternoon, a mug of coffee encased in both hands. i stare into the circle of beige, at the steam coming out of the brim, and i watch my anxieties evaporate. a blue turntable,
Often we find within us that we can't explain what our troubles are Such a bizarre confusion, It makes the complaining of others our envy;
It doesn't take much to give me a smile, Just sit me down with music for a while. Hand me my trumpet with music up to par,  Or toss me a pick along with my guitar.  
The warm blast of the horns, The high trills of the flute, Get me out of bed fater than a kick with a boot
I was looking for a reason           to be alive, Then when my hope was lost,          I found five. They welcomed me in, Kept me safe and secure,       But others invaded, And I became unsure.
What's wrong? Nothing  Everything How are you? Good, thank you. I'm numb, you? What ya doin? Writing
The slight lilt of the piano played out Then the rumble of drums The thrum of the guitar And the tap of my fingers Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. A breath in... Air cascading down my throat
Singing is what makes the problems go away, Nothing can make me feel better then hearing the melody in my brain, and as each word is spoken I feel it in my body,
 it’s paper mache and rhymelaughing with people with no sense of timeart is the lives of you and methe people that color history  
A snatch of song, behind a door: a melody I've heard before.   Forgotten but familiar notes: Of lost dreams and abandoned hopes.   An eloquent dismay.  
I put the headphones on my ears I fall into the beat I relax and close my eyes I let music take me on a retreat
Applause from the crowd, Our voices ringing so loud. Music is my joy.
Musical minds Border a fine line between delinquent and divine. Find the time  To flow with the despised, Realized, Undefined, Nature of a different kind.  Connect with the disconnected.
Whenever I feel depressed, you may have guessed, I listen to music.   The beat lifts my spirit whenever my ears are near it, and the lyrics I connect with, though that could be a myth.  
I am not deafI do know some signIf my hearing ever failedI'd learn to get by I love musicI love to rhymeI cannot keep a beatBut I know I can keep time. 
The rain hits the window screen. Pages rustle with soft grace. Dark ink messages Whisper sounds of peace.   The lightbulb gently glowing. Music fills the cold heart. Body heats up slowly.
Gather ye round, kids, would you like to knowAbout how I took up the art of writing poems?Let me summarize my 18 years in all of their glory,As you sit around t
5 years ago, when I first told people that I was a singer-songwriter, the first phrase they could think of to say was: Oh, so you write poetry.  
What does poetry mean to me? Why you even asking? Every day I'm rapping Brain bruised, I refuse to take asprin Lyrics are the cure Beats bump big, so it's hard to hear I gotta make my topic clear
In the same way the moon lights up the sky when the sun is busy or how the grass sways when the wind breaks, ugliness, not beauty, creates poetry.
I won’t be fake, I won’t do wrong. I won’t try to fit in, because I know I don’t belong.   I listen to the music, I listen to the song.
Sonic waves Flowing from perked-up ears to curious feet Wonderfully Blending sounds producing discord or harmony Potentially Surrounding the body affectionately Eventfully
the best friend i never asked for  listening to my problems all day, and knowing exactly what to say. no matter how i'm feeling  you will alwys be there for me  no questions asked
A rap is a poem with a beatto be my very best I must competetwo things I learned youngthese proverbs were sungNow words are important to me
The first time I caught a glimpse of your hair I couldn't stop watching I couldn't stop staring I followed The wavy golden hair The scent of innocence The look of innocence I saw this only within you hair
Listening, just listening, then suddenly,  a word caught my ear then another and another the way the words roll together is like music the words waltz together, spin around,
Close your eyes, Breathe in deep, Shut out the world, Listen to the beat. Earbuds in and volume up, I lean back and listen. Slow down my heart beat, Expand my constricted lungs,
I mean you tell me where I'd be if it wasn't for the poetry God gave me the gift of this expression to ward off depressionI mean if only you knew the things I've been throughI use  the words from my pen to ward off being vengeful I mean it could a
Music is the poetry to my heart. The melody and the beat are what resonate within me. When I write my own poetry
The sphynx taught me, from its prideful legs, I came into daylight on four legs I walk through the evening on two legs I will fall into the night on three legs
I wish to teach music  spread the joy that makes music music the children will play
Dear Frank,  These days I dreamto be your soulful tragedienne -Your affinity across the sea;That awaits your return so patiently.  For a man who lives one love at a time,
Walk with me, Lord! Walk with me!Walk with me, Lord! Walk with me!While I’m on my pilgrim journey,I need You, Jesus, to walk with me. Say it loud Im black and I’m proud 
I've been left wordless, As my mind is tangled witth the problem. The letters float around, But no words come out. So my ipod I plug in, And my heart will live on,
It's not fair that I like the songs you showed me,It's not fair that I can't watch reruns of a simple TV show because I remember how much you like it,It's not fair that i have to look at my
A single note Shatters the room Piercing, reverberating Through the soul Within a single heartbeat Hundreds of voices join in sync
Not hiding from, but embellishing reality was a game I played since three.  In my head and on the paper I hated the judgement from Teacher since five.  Books built walls to protect 
Rock means nothing anymore, every artist a corperate whore. The gig is fucking twenty quid, policed by bullies in high viz. Organisers think its grand, snatching money from your hand.
This was a visual poem that I had worked on about a year ago as a class project. The poem is about the overall feeling of being alone that may come with moving onto new things or new places.
I know that there’s a clearing’s reprieve for weary travelers: ones with honey thoughts, those like geodes, us like patient coal.   I’ve never ever seen that lake but I hear
The notion that one becomes a poet through others to me is strange I grew from artists composer those with words unnoticed sometimes you forget the roots of poetry being music 
Drown myself in music, blasting it loud 
The keys of the old blues Play troubled, terrific truths. Speaking the heart’s mind Of breaths hard, faces lined In half time, full hop, and sadly sweet sounds The blues are where living is seen, is found. 
Do me like my name is music Treat me like I am your music or muses to poetry yet to be created Though physically isolated and mentally shaken Still tethered and anchored  Patiently awaiting the weight lift
Sweet bird, write music. Listen to your heart. Listen to the mellow beats of music. Listen to every note as the pianist plays. Listen to the rhythm of guitar strings
We both make music with the same tool, we both love music and have a passion for it, but when a new passion kindled between us, it was like being able to see when all I could  do was hear.  
Poetry to me is extraordinarily essential on a daily basis. Hip-Hop and Rap music made me like this,  The way artists and poets glorify the feeling of a verse or verses and change the mood with a chorus, 
The fast paced beats  Personified,   Echoes heard loud Widened Eyes.   The beeps and boops
                    poetry comes in all shapes and sizes, literally, and my favorite                    shape happens to be musically, coincidentally. you see, song
The cello sings me to sleep The saddest, most beautiful voice I've ever heard Notes carefully composed into a tragedy that floats through the room with ease It lulls me into oblivion
Relief only comes during the late hours of sunset, When the cool wind finally arrives Just to curl around your legs, Sighing with content, just feeling this moment of peace
Another sound joins for one second of beauty; Golden chords playing.
Black Veil Brides, The band that saved me from myself. I had lost my passion for music and life, As I was devistated by the world's devices. It was their music that reminded me... It's okay to be different,
Turn up the radio, as high as it goes. Drown out the echoing screams, That tell you nothing, But mean the world to me. The inaudible screaming in my head, Where the little monsters play.
Hey you! Yes you! The one with the rhinestone eyes. Take me on your magic rocket-ship and fly me off to Mars. I know that's where you're from.
From the first beat she fell in love the lyrics filled a part of her empty heart and lit up her world like the 4th of July She never felt this feeling before
Little music box please keep turning your all I have  and all I need. Please darling  I know you have been dropped  and left empy  but i promise to wind you up forever
i used to be every girl in every song you heard i used to pollute your mind and populate your world but it's not okay anymore and you don't want me there the way you did before
She always allowed music to follow her around. She tapped out rhythms and be-bopped and scat. She crooned
I don't know anything about the things in this Steve Miller Band song I think maybe, despite that, my love for it is totally justified Ya know, I think that you don't have to understand something to love it
I met herShe's my 3rd eyeI see through my eyesAn energy that resonates and resides in my psyche and on my left sideA vibrational frequency thats in transparent formSomething like IsisShe's transformed and is now part of you and EYEHer colors are s
Verse 1:Breathe into meThe light is fading fastI cannot speakThe weight is tearing me downThe pain of this worldIs crushing me into the ground
A feeling of strength comes from the way I move my hips to luscious sounds, Dropping to my knees to get close to the surface that supports me. Creating waves with a body so gentle and excited.
Music is powerful.   With it, nothing cannot be achieved.  Even when trapped on a  deserted island, an iPod full of music can become a vehicle for the mind's eye.
 I love resolutions  But not just any kind  It’s not that I’m picky  But there’s one in particular  That induces beautiful heart palpitations  And the grooviest finger spasms    Don’t misunderstand  I’m not a masochist  Rather, I’d like to think o
    All I need…   All I need is music Music is everything to me It keeps me calm I'm distressed Its there to listen to me
I’m not alone. All I have are your words, your vibrations, From this world     
I’m not alone. All I have are your words, your vibrations, From this world     
You don’t take me home. I’m laying next to you feeling the warmth you try to exhume so profusely And I swear,  
It is not blood that runs through my veins, but a melody. My lungs take in not air, but the sound of a symphony tuning. My laugh is the trilling of a flute.
To breathe, to think, to exaggerate, To keep from thinking, to keep it real, It's neseccary, fundamental, rudimentary. Without it, I'd die-I'd go insane. I'd lose my focus, my strength, my rational.
What I Can't Live Without
the bumping of the bass the crowed room the dimming of the lights the chanting the silhouette of the performer the rush of adrenaline that hits you there is no other feeling in the world
Crippled crying, face like paper,  pen that hinders and defies a vision made by slender taper, appalling to my watery eyes.   Chords that always come out rotten, voice and string both shaking, shrill;
I feel music in my heart. I feel it run from my fingers, through my veins, to my heart. I can feel it. Every note, every rhythm, every pitch, every melody, I can hear it. I hear music in the wind.
There’s something about the feel Of the strings beneath my fingers That allows me to forget the world, Even for just a minute. There, Tucked behind the smooth, Glistening spruce body,
Black or White, Half or Whole, Flee or Fight, Its from the soul, Experiences created, Have never faded, Some is dated, Some is hated, But all loved by all, It is there so use it,
I can’t live without air. I need to be able to breathe. I can’t live without water. I need to stay hydrated. I can’t live without food. I need the nutrients to stay fit. I can’t live without my heart.
I drift through an endless space, reacquainting myself again  With the parallel black lines Stacked on top of each other with infallible precision In a backdrop of a cream filling, rich as buttercream topping on a cake
Polished wooden boards A bow string of fine horse hair Across the metal string   Release the rich sound Sing, cry, roar, whisper, scream sound Breathe, speak, and tell us  
Eighty and eight keysThat's all I needTo open my soul to humanityTo keep me freedIf I lost it allIf I couldn't seeAt least I'd have but eighty and eight keys
Take Me Away To somewhere new and familiar A place without judgment or fear A place to express the self   Take Me Away Where I can dance to the beat Let the notes flow through
It came before us all And will continue after we have left.   It lives in birdsong In ocean waves on sand And in the heartbeats of every one of us.  
What would this life be without you? Without your sweet melodies And your soft symphonies?   What would I turn to When I can’t focus Or when I am feeling discouraged?  
It came before us all And will continue after we have left.   It lives in birdsong In ocean waves on sand And in the heartbeats of every one of us.  
I've lost faith in others, I've lost faith in myself. I had forgotten what it is like to love, And gave into anger and fear. I started to shut everyone out, For fear of getting hurt again.
To be stuck on a virtually deserted island is painful enough... No technology. No family. No friends. Food?!!?! Ok. So maybe I can do without the technology. It'll be better for my brain...
Midnight I hold my head in my hands and I let my thoughts chew away at my spirit Click click click My fingers fly on the keyboard The work is never done I’m unimportant 11 10
One day without headphones in my ears, One day without a song sung out of my own mouth, One day without piano, guitar, or flute, One day without a beat pumping through my veins.   Music is not background
Resonance that seeps into my soft red skin, like fallen ice on thin white sheets- fingers that saunter on my spine like blind handprints on braille. My flooded red eyes they blink and suddenly
All I need Is a sweet summer breeze A melody singing in my head A beat flowing through my body Lyrics both clean and naughty Neverending even in bed   A rhythm flows through me
The musician who sits alone, Counting, counting, every Beat, 1, 2, 3 - 4, 5, 6 - A raise of an arm, A light turns on, 1, 2, 3 - 4, 5, Breathe - And Life begins -
Mental restoration, When the music enters my soul. Positivity regenerates, And influences control. Isolation can be tragic, That's where music plays it's role, When the sounds blast from the plastic,
A band may not mean much to some, but others thrive on everyone.  Bands communicate your thoughts onto paper, and sing them so you remember it later. And this band that means so much,
It was in early August when you first passed me by- A whisper of a voice floating on the winds. The harmonic notes danced through the  empty space and captured my soul,
Have you ever looked into the stars? You see infinity, but you feel the mystery, You soon discover a chapter that was never meant to be seen, The chapter that holds the mystery and spoils the ending,
Play that trumpet all night long Move those hips side to side Let them black bodies swing with glee It's Jazz Sway your body to and fro Let your body move itself Throw back your head and let out a yelp.
A world without music is a world with no voice, A life without expression or truth. Without its ethereal pitches and rhythms, Bright colors fade to dull palette hues.
Music. It can impact people make them feel. It has the ability to project emotion. Though not as much as the vessel through which it is carried.   The tones it creates makes new and interesting textures.
all around me all i hear organized sound in my ear analogous to his love hope within me peace thereof  
A restless silence fills my bones It breathes and bites and tears at my skin I am but a wounded animal surrounded by wolves Vulnerable as an empty shell, breaking at the slightest touch.
Ed has a soul made of wisps of love and kisses. His hair is a fiery orange making +’s and x’s as they cross. Sheeran is his last name because a she always runs in his songs.
From my mothers' mouth to my unborn ears, it has always been with me. I have a song in my heart, and it is always with me. When the music stops playing, it is always with me.
I believe in life's musical staff I believe that life is one beautiful composed piece The stages of life are the lines and spaces of the musical staff As the music plays on
Music Is a Gift A walk of life Stimulates the Mind Reduces Stress Expresses emotion
A piece of wood so finely tuned, Vibrating strings tightly wound, Strands of horsehair stretched so tight, Oh, how I find so much delight!   Making music from the heart,
You ask me this question    and I fire back, Why? If you knew me    you'd know this So don't ask me to lie. I'm not like other kids    who want friends or family. I'm not like other kids
All I need is music, to help me get through the day  music helps me conquer fears, and hides all my pain away.  Music is my outlet , when things start to go wrong music helps me get through, many quiet storms
when i was a little girli dancedand they said stand in lineand eventually i stood  
Eardrums beware   The need for Beep-bop beats Pounding rhythms In the air, The drums Voicing zeal In rapid Bah-tap-daps As guitars Sing sweet, Sour,
Tone notes slide off the page as the unending sweet sound of the keys sing a melody that my heart reaches out to   Dynamics
Everyone here has a voice in music, Some certain people don’t know how to use it, Use mutiny to own up to pride, Use your voice and say that you tried,
I hide behind the notes, And look towards them for guidance. When times are rough and broken, They are there to mend. Because the notes that come from my guitar, Speak louder than the words from my mouth.
White washed walls orange groves basement halls hidden coves all these places hand in hand we played our hearts out departed land   And in this dream world I am not lost
Le Freak by Chic makes me move my feet. I dance to the trance of the bass-filled beat. Feeling and finding the groove and rhythm of the instruments.
Only if it holds some sort of importance? It Pours into me. Weather rich or poor doesn’t matter when you’re a castaway  The rich content provides food for thought.
I guess the question is one thing I can't live without, however there are many. You see, life is based on essentials and bare necessity.  Oxygen, food and water, but these are mundane.
The beat will come to mind, and words will leave my lips. The lyrics written when I was down, to remind of a dark place I wish not to experience again. One day I'll create a song and I'll sing, dance, swing my hips.
When it comes to what I need, it starts with wood & some strings. To create a sound, unique frets, techniques for each note, creates a sound that just allows, the siren of rock and roll.  
If music vanished from the earth, I would scream at the top of my lungs.  I would use the same scream I use when I stub my toe.  Les Miserables, all the misery in the world. I'd feel the same pain my toe felt 
On an island far away So, some music I will play Six strings and my hands Melody in the sands   Mood displayed in every note Mental songs that I have wrote Come alive with every strum
Pick up the guitar man and play your tune   You've wandered the earth
So many days. Too many to count. I've sat here alone, quiet, no sounds... Silence and sadness were my only two friends. Stealing and eating my life from within.   So many days.
This is where i make my music, this is what i use to find what i need, If my little bro or me cant find an answer, my macbook is my tool to find it with speed,
Its that genre that will bring you to tears  Its that one tune that will make your emotions do a full 1 80 on you today  Its that melody that will change your thoughts on your daily issue
The Noise   As his fingers Skipped from key to key On the witching hour The noise Inspired genius  
Silence. Not a crash, not a breeze, Not even the sound of a seagull or the shaking of a coconut tree, Just a barrier of silence for miles and miles surrounding me. Peace. I can finally hear myself think.
It is my greatest love, My deepest passion, The keeper of my sanity, And the pillar of my strength.   Without it, I am an abyss.   It resonates within my head, And within my heart.
Hard as steel, A vicious love caress my ears, A sound like a roaring dragon on mountain high, Split the sky, And if it were to be taken away, With sword and spear I would ride,
Band Timeless, lovely Curing, freeing, inspiring The center of my universe Family  
With delicate fingers An ancient song is woven from the soils of melancholy and ambition Notes articulated each to their own Black ink expressed with charisma on the white parchment
What does it matter? This metaphorical island, this situation beyond comprehension The tension in realizing that there is one item you need. Rustling through the reed across the sandy coast
I’m not me without these songs In the midst of harmonies and melodies is where my heart belongs From the high-energy of pop to the chillness of reggae
A pile of wood and ivory. Her tired frame sits uncomfortably  until I join her. The music leaves my mind in a rush of fire, through my veins and out of my fingertips it explodes when I take my seat.
I’m told I sound crazy A damsel in distress. Pining for my love, Bliss and happiness.   My dreams, I won’t give up, Though others might jeer. For music is the thing I hold most dear.
In time’s pleasant age of anticipation I find myself wearying without aspiration To sorrows seeping with grave desperation, Wondering how to escape this mounting frustration.  
Skip after skip pressing forward and rewind, No not an old dvd, these buttons hold my favorite pastime Spotify premium, my one and only true love, holds the key to endless amounts of music
My soul to keep. Attached not to my heart, But to my ears. My soul rings down. Down to my heart.
If there is one thing I would need when I am all alone It would have to be my saxophone To my mind comes no other choice My saxophone is my other voice I speak through it what I can not cay with words
The beat of a drum, the beat of a heart, both rhythms keep me from falling apart. Fingers calloused over from the stings of my guitar, the rhythm oh the rhythm, keeps me from falling apart.
It saves me. It's noise -  Systematic noise -  Noise so primal that it enters my body And grabs on to me. It latches on and feeds me The connection between it and I 
1. Music is the one thing I can not live without 2. I feel like it takes me to a different place 3. I enjoy music as much as I enjoy sauerkraut 4. When I listen to music, different expressions strike my face
A vibration from another dimension: strong, lucid, vibrant and intrusive, the ring of electronic beat, underneath your feet. Club of wonder, the simulated answer!
Music dances around their flesh. Lips part to laugh and smile. Warmth spreads throughout their bodies. Malicious fear is taken away.
They tell me there are three things I need to survive: food, water, shelter.   I think, though, that truly what I cannot live without is something I’ve always had
On this island it's just me and you.  You have everthing I need all in one.  Without you it's like I'm missing what is important to me.  On this island it's just you and me.
Lush and leafy trees erect Sway to the music of a fading day Crickets one and all come out And tune their violins to play.   Colors fade from a purpling sky And the stars reveal their splendor bright.
I think in life, there's many things that I could choose to bring My TV, cell phone, a laptop for gaming But I think one thing I couldn't live without Is my music, no doubt
If I were stranded on an island, I would bring my guitar Music is a universal language, and that's what makes it beautiful It cannot be seen with the eyes, but felt with the heart It makes me ache, it makes me leap
Adrenaline while still, All the things I feel; Travels to my soul, In despair, Motivates my goal, Rising of my hair, My heart they stole; Ohh earbuds, Your streaming in my blood.
Click   Adjust my bow tie.Put on a façade of fanciness.I love the Met.Or is it Carnegie?Kimmel Center?Honestly can't tellSounds the same to me. Click  
ba bum  ba bum ba bum heart and soul  the piano sold the devil bought mine too if i were to lose it all too much rhapsody in blue kryptonite silent night
When I'm feeling all alone, I go turn on my iPod Paramore really gets me through the day Tyler Joseph screams in my ear that everything’s gonna be okay Led Zeppelin becomes my squad
The ever steady click Of silver keys As I press them down in difficult rhythm. Warm air blows through a plastic mouth piece But no sound comes out Not yet, not yet, two more measures. Two more rests.
I've walked through these halls countless times before now, yet why can't I feel safe?I've been here a thousand times before, yet why do I still feel like running away?
Wreckage of my life Remains through time Ever crumbling Touching my mind. Caught in my head Hell in the words unsaid Eternaly burning for Dead and broken dreams.  
StrandedBehind the miles of oceanSand piled up like hoursAnd dark just dark:     Empty.Just water, andSand, andDark, and    Me.And I needHow I needI need     Air
My heart continues to beat along One earbud in, one out Or maybe headphones on blasting till i lose all hearing. I have to because the silence is torturous Deafening. When I'm stranded All hope is lost
Artistic and creative, she's always singing. Releasing her songs In her heart, to her mind, then to her lips, A girl lost in the music, Never will she be tamed. Away she goes now, to dance in the rain.
Never houseless but always homeless, Music managed to provide a sanctuary Even if it is temporary. Always hungry but full off of food for thought, music was always nourishing. Cheeks sallow, belly hollow,
Here I am alone With only one thing. With it I can dream up anything. It brings me inspiration, It brings me joy, It keeps me sane, On this island. It is my iPod,
What once started purely as a form of entertainment has now consumed me. I have become it and it, I. I simply cannot get enough of that sweet euphoria that flows throughout my body.
A young girl trips and stumbles, Making her way through Life's rumble. Scratched, Scarred, and Bleeding, Not knowing what she's needing. There's an empty void, a screaming gap.
Despite the songs always inside my head, The reality of silence that’s there    Continues  to make me feel perturbéd
I would take with me, only the thing that sets me free, If you became tansparent when the sound filled your ears, you would understand what I mean when I say that's all I want to hear.
Surrounded by oceans of frothy blue, all alone upon heartless, golden sand, I sit.  There is not a soul to speak to out here, but it is not an empty land.   Through the mountains, the trees, and every thing,
Music is always on your mind In every cell in your body You need it to survive Whithout it we are nothing It is used for every occasion With its beat our souls bind It moves through us all
Life without music is a life I don't want to live.
For Some Music is their muse But for me Ah,   Music is my soul The rhythm my heartbeat The lyrics my breath Bursting forth from my lungs   Each line an emotion
I'm eighteen years old That means for eighteen years, the only thing I have constantly been with is myself But, there is something more I need I need something more than just being alive
Not one day passes Where my ears don’t hear rich sound It is in my veins   My life would be dull If it wasn’t from this gift From the God himself   Through music I’ve learned
The bass kicking in, The beautiful sound of the melody, I could feel the singers emotions, I could feel the pain synthesise in motion.   I feel the tears going down her soft skin,
The earth without art is just eh, and the words I am spewing is music to the ears of all who hear, poetry is my art, and it is the art of the broken, the art of the hurt, 
My sky changed, While I looked on. Many say it’s the End I do not believe them. For The world ends when  All Sound ceases to exist. For the greatest Creation Is Music.   
On an island In outer space Across the world I couldn’t stay There Here Anywhere
In one chord I feel my heart rising. My breast heaves with elation. In the next chord I feel my heart dropping. My sobs tighten in my chest.
Playing loud I lose myself. Playing proud I find myself. I wrap myself up in my sound As I make this inanimate object sing.   I'll make it sing to the world I call home.
She plays a love song to the waves as they gently kiss the sand; She plays a waltz to the palm trees as they dance in unison; She plays a lullaby to the setting sun
Listen Open your ears and listen Really listen Can you hear it? The ocean An airplane Wind in the trees A fly A bee Open year ears and listen I can hear it
I wish I was a tree. Jesus! I wish I was the sound the sea makes when no one is watching I wish I was the pigeon you saw in sitting on a telephone line when you were seven and thought it was a hawk. Oh my god!
I sit down and get ready. I play one note, then a second, then a third, and then I'm playing the entire song. My fingers glide across the keys of my black and white life.
It winds through our air and into our ears and straight into our brains. The waves of disturbance vibrating its way across a field or stadium or stage. But, we wouldn't dare call it a disturbance.
Some people have one thing they cant live without they need that thing For me their was always that thing music was  just my thing Always when i go home i either sing or play my guitar its amusing  
This is it, the salty air in my face and the sandy ground below. The soft sound of whistling radiates around the silent cove. Other may think, ‘Why here, why now?’ Some say I’m crazy,
  Your mouth is like a burning desert kisses burn inside me filling with sensual music I want You to play it in my heart without words I will never let You go  
I sit there in silence, Alone in the dark, Listening to the soft hum  Of the words that float around In a familiar and gentle sound. Staring at the empty room before me, Wondering where I went wrong.
A concert: a safe haven for the fluorescent adolescents who need music like blood that flows through lyrical shaped veins fueling a pumping heart, fingertips, a voice box. Smooth and soothing.
The rhythm.  The vibration.  The sweet sense of passion.  The ability to interpret emotion.  All the minor falls and the major lifts have a direct connection. For with it comes peace, encouragement,
It sweeps my scarred soul, healing the gaping wounds that bleed and ooze. It never lets me down.Rather, it uplifts my spirit to the heavens above. 
Silence falls before me, Leaving me all alone. Words forever trapped, They will never be known. I can't speak, for I don't know how, By I can feel it all around. The sound of the drum shakes the room,
Sometimes your burdens will throw you around But when you’re too high, I’ll be your ground. When you’re swirling and spiraling with the wind I’ll be waiting with stitches, your soul to mend.  
I am tired. Tired of holding my tongue at the thoughts my mind shouts. What do I want to do? Who do I want to be? How will I make money? I do not know. And I am tired.
I cling to those things That make me feel Alive. Those things that let me know I'm not so alone here. Those songs, Those quotes, Those drawings, Those books that keep my
I can't live without MUSIC, Because its everywhere, On almost everything, I mean where would we be without, The wonderful variety of sound, The joy of enjoying a genre, That evolved from its own history,
I want a guitar now, don't know how to play the thing;I tried once before but gave up when I broke a string. I want to make some music, make some kind of noise shed,Something that can reflect what's going on in my head. Something that knows what's
Gradually gray transitioned to soft pink and lilac, The clouds finally dispersing after everlasting months of bleakness. The fingers of the sun stretched out sleepily, clumsily
Match the beat With your heart Let in the rhythm And never part Just let yourself Be swallowed whole Make the music Part of your soul  
He is jealous for me,Loves like a hurricane, I am a tree,Bending beneath the weight of His wind and mercy.When all of a sudden,
My dear Velvetine was the richest Queen No, not rich in gold but rich in life She spent her last days before her unexpected slumber dancing in the Roaring Twenties Swinging to the beat of the saxophone
If I had to live in bed, and if I could no longer be fed, but hooked up to an iv instead, and stripped away from all my family and friends, knowing, not if, but when, my life was soon to end,
Although I've never been a fan of foreign touch, seas of person pull me under with a swaying current. Escape your head,crawl out of your mind,temporal lobe knows what's best right now.  Outside Los Angeles is itching to start her nightly routine o
Music is a passion, not a job. Remember that Whether you're being paid, or singing for the love of it Don't get caught up in the moment Remember your voice is a gift, don't boast
Some may say "Oh, she just really like music." Others "She's not that talkative." But really, I need the musical notes. When I forget those noise-bloking wires, my mind takes over.
Stranded on an island all alone, No company or friends to call my own Just sitting in the quiet Trying just to fight it But madness comes and goes In silence. I need some noise, a song, a sound.
Staccato-ed and fleeting in full, the lulling beat somehow lazy hazily sauntering away honeyed notes broken on the pavement like sparkling glass glittering and useless, passing throaty smoke like cigarettes
Flows throughout your bones, Stimulating your senses,  Music is passion.
The ups and downs of an ongoing melody play The continuous waves of an accompaning harmony join This is a part of life that leads to one's optimistic sway The sustained chords of smooth strings vibrate the ears of all
The stars that fill my skull, Galaxies within my soul, Andromeda, are you hiding between my eyes?  Venus, are you the cradle of my demise?    Sounds of the universe echo throughout my being, 
In a mind where there's no rest  In a body to the test  You only need to close your eyes It's not you you have to despise   All there is is music You can never choose it  In a mind so misused 
Many people ask the age-old question of “If you were on an island, what is the one thing you would take?” Today, I will not answer the question above
I am the accidentals in your overture, the flats on your bad days and the sharps on your goods. You are the black and white keys in my c                                                                 h
Can you hear that? It's music in the air People are dancing without a care You can dance solo or in a pair 
I can conquer anything -  Any struggle, any strife, All I need to do it is my fingers and my life.   Performing is my passion. Drawing is my dream. I do this each and every day,
Whether Its Instruments, Acapella, or Acoustic, A Very Important Piece I Can't Live Without Is Music.
                               Music is the power       Music is like a dream that flows       It flows around your mind everday fluently
Sometimes it’s hard for me to function Jhene Aiko keeps me from crumbling She told me you gotta keep going All I need is music Every day of the hour Music not only makes me feel alive
This body, a burdencrooked spine, flat arches,pain for bones too youngto bear such wear.But then, music.
Nothin but space,  is all I feel when there isn't music in my ears.  It's an escape, a home with no real presence.  The world could be talkin bout all I wanna hear, 
My friends the 80's were the best.  the juxtaposition of chesiness and drama where fantastic.  The vibrato of music will come upon thee my friends.  I love the 80's and I love CAN'T BUY ME LOVE.   
Many will say that music is not needed. Well my friends, music is like oxygen.  Without music the vibrato of life would cease to exist.  The wonders of life and love would stop
Music is the love of my life          I listen to music all the time                   During dinner,                   When I'm driving, and                   When I study. Music is my best friend
If I left the world alone, and sat among the stars, Would patience be a virtue? Or would anger be my scar?   In a world without a muse The stars will spark the light. As music fills the air,
All I needed throughout the nights along the long and winding roads where mind meets soul is the sweet symphony in my heart pulsing through my veins the timpani drums enclosed beneath muscle and tissue
Without music I would be left along with my dark thoughts clouding all judgment whispering bitter words of negativity all night long   With music it's the words I can't find
Noise that sets my heart ablaze Sounds that make my eardrums scream Words that make me want to move Strings that make my fingers ache   A beat that I can dance to A song that I can sing
His voice my sound of comfort, The drums my beating heart, The beat my pace when walking, This I could not live without.   To hear I’ll be alright,
All I am is my music All my music is who I am I don't write it to get famous I write it because I can When I was to afraid to say it It is everything that I've felt It reminds me of the good and bad
I may not have all that I could And life has taken more than it should But music stays right by my side here
Some say words are useless they are inaccurate idealizations that never capture the true nuance of meaning   Some say words are useless
I want to live in a song Where every rhythmic beat is a stairway to my soul And every low key reverses time and I rise again Living inside the enchanted heart Where music smells as of the breeze of an ocean's shore
The rain poured, and I stayed inside. Plenty of clouds, not a drop of light. Can't go outside, so I turn on a song Started feeling lonely before too long. Come on over, we can dance together.
you're always on time so glad you were there to fill the gaps in my mind where the voices scream and my memories meet to remind me of him I promise I tried to save you
My soul hurts and I can't find the right song to play on my broken heart strings.
So many things That many people don't know The enlightenment they seek Is nothing more than whispers in the dark A song that plays and speaks
I hear it, my body takes over.My foot uncontrollably leads the way.The beat tapping on my attention like Morse code.
Sweet songs,    sifting. Hold on,    hope’s in you. Dear child,    keep your lips widely speaking. Honey,    please smile.
It is in the sound of my alarm that wakes me up every morning. It is in my mother’s voice Greeting me as I come upstairs. It is on the radio
Music speaks to me when you don't Headphones soup bowls bigger than my heart's holes  Hip hop a blessing an escape from the problem I'm not addressing shouting aggression yet soothing my depression
Your heart races Your hands start to shake Scared of the faces, The impression you'll make.   You close your eyes  The voices start to stop That's when you realize
the needle comes down and a crackle comes to life shellac disc inscribed with spiral grooves
It Hums Thrums Deep in my bones Frantically searching For answers unknown It skips My heart Reacts to the beat
When I feel the bass guitar thrumming long strokes inside my chest, swimming backwards along my spine, it reminds me I am alive.   When I allow the tinny audio
Don't trust a creative typeDon't trust a musicianHe'll create melodies like the ones you heard as a childYou'll dance to every chord so blissfullyThe tempo starting slow then soon racing like your heart
They encircle around, hearing Watching as the music stops playing... Some laugh, some may point, But whose fault is it for the loss of knowing? Ignorants they are for not seeing
I am a juggler World class and running out of hands Losing balance as the clock applauds Violently behind me.    Time, like sleep is an unattainable luxury Something saved for the far more fortunate
Beating power Pulsing strength Trying to move up its rank Charging anger Chasing fear Coming ever closer near Running Fighting Moving fast Drums beat forever past
You see, people think they know love, by the books and movies you know of. But love isnt about boys, nor gifts, Nor the way the glass slipper fits.   Love is hearing the sound of music.
Inspired by the skies and the sunshine, You're perfect in my eyes.  I'm obsessed with Your words the beautiful melody of Your voice, I hear you all day.. clouding my thoughts Memory of you?
I was brought on this earth to do amazing things, so I believe. I watch people everday work that nine to five with such ease. 
  My name is the syncopated beat Of a dotted eighth note, sixteenth note Rocking like a boat on windy waters   My laugh is the swoop of glissando Sometimes a delicate slide
I thank you all, even my enemies.What a crazy thing to say.I thank you all, even my enemies.You've made me who I am today.  
  I am unseen, hardly unheard Through bitter and through sweet Melodies portrayed, rehearsed  And Harmonies that give seat              To the grandiose contradiction. My sound staggers and sways
I am not a cheerleader. I am not on a team. I don't have any honors, Let's not be mean. I have my passions, And you may not understand, Certain hobbies fasten, Themselves to my hands.
I am...        in a shell,                ever-evolving. A piece of my shell cracks open each day.
I am magnetic. I am not just Rachel. Putting my faith in a power greater than anyone. Having courage and being kind. Giving rather than receiving. I am magnetic. Writing songs about my life experiences.
Notes on a page. I have become  The inks and papers.   I am the notes the teachers explain, Copied down in frantic scribbles Nearly illegible, Vaguely understood,
SIXTH SYMPHONY   Beethoven is a liar. He would have you believe that he wants you; but behind your back, he is glad to see you go.   Happiness
I sit here listening to the new album my favorite band released today. 5 Seconds of Summer makes my life so much better. Normally I'd be binge eating or watching TV, but hey.
Initially, this wasn’t exactly the reality of the story I imagined I would be strolling through. Madness intertwined in my balance,
  Hushed within myself the instrumental softly incurred.
I am
The gentle strum of fingers on a guitar, Transporting the eager listener to lands of afar, The pianist’s gentle caress of the keys, Expressing melodies akin to the waves of seas,
I pray the rosary. It was recommended so a simpy by some man in robes claiming he represents the Holy. But he didn't have an actual answer for me. Instead he insists to have faith, keep praying.
Depression is the song of my mind That sounds just like a cry-- Quietly the song begins And quieter the lie.
I plug in my earbuds, press play, and close my eyes My head leans back as I am enveloped in the song and I breathe.  I feel like fire Not only do I hear the music, but the music hears me
Unexplainable feeling
I am a listener, Awakening to the sounds of the day, Swaying to the whispering rhythms that no one else can hear, And feeling cool, like in awesome, with goosebumps on my arms.  
i always wake up feeling the best at other people’s houses and other people’s beds. is it the person or is it the meds? feed me sertraline and caffeine, inject me with all those pills  and potions. give me a reason to keep living by my struggling...
As I walk through the door I see something i never knew before The people here know no bounds Snd they do whatever it takes to make a sound The pianist plays like it's his life
On a night in the summer, I can remember Large thumping boxes swapping waves of thrilling pulses to overtake the silence. Joyous and primal, I move through the drapes of large tents
   I Am... Distinct
I wanna know the music you listen to when you're sad It says a lot about you about how you handle situations when you feel lost when you feel lonely or when you feel angry
  The music speaks volume crying out to live it all. It begs and pleads with me. Insisting I open my quiet heart.   With every rhythm, every beat my heart expands, it opens.
The vibration of strings from thickest to smallest. My callused fingertips trailing up and down the sturdy neck
It vibrates Through the room The strings on my viola Sing with it It vibrates through my heart I feel it deep inside. I place my bow on the string My fingers are ready
Through thy looking glass Hephaestus doth glares Truth may shatter and replace with my lies Roman and Greek profiles turn with cold airs Thou fervent crimson in my own mind's eyes
Me  :noun   a. family member: 1. a loving sister who talks too much, 2. a devoted daughter who is full of questions;  
You say you love music I see your eyes light up The way you bounce to the beat And your smile God how you smile   But what you don't know Is that I love music too
I was put on this earth to be somebody  not to please anything
Red String "Dona Nobis Pacem" connecting us "Silent Night" love of something "Endo no Hana" intangible "One way or Another" in a choir "Betelehemu" we are all
Enter Stage Left,Refuse to Exit
It is not in my mouth As I expel warm life into the cold brass And feel it move through the neck to the bell It is not in my fingers As they move over the keys In rapid succession
Rimshot, Flam, Paradiddle, Rest.
The air is sharp with winter anticipationComets with tails blazing: stage lightsHit upon the crowd, wondrousHis hair is Spanish moss thatHangs heavy from the oaks,festooned in beads and baubles
Nothing else on this earth has more power than music.
Flashing lights Colorful hair Varying heights
Ba-dum, ba-dum, ba-dum, ba-dum I bang away on my blue and chrome bass drum,  Crash! Crash! Crash! Crash! Whilst I fill in the gaps  With shimmering alloys of brass  
A song, a song Won't you sing along? When the melody feels right nothing can feel wrong   Music What a curious thing When you hear the right tune in your ears it will ring
My love, playing you is such a sudden rush to me I get a pain in my chest every time I breath. And the iceyness of you on my lips is my virtue if only you could feel the same way
The tune in our ears Some that are our fears On the radio and live We enjoy to jive  It keeps us in tact The conglomeration To listen and do some meditation We are surrounded by it often
The kids are screaming and playing to the sounds of cars passing by. An airconditioner hums with an impeciple breath and the teachers shout the names of the children.   Again.
Encapsulate the music  
As I put my clarinet together Blowing air through my horn to fill my instrument I start to feel the vibrations on my finger tips Putting my heart and soul into each note
Do not love a man who drinks as if he is invincible (but complains about the hangover);
Whatever mood you're in, She's in. When you're doleful, She's doleful. When you're blissful, She's blissful. When you're feeling evil, She's evil.
Time passing               Seconds               Minutes                                            Hours                                                          Days and Weeks and Years
Peace of Mind is Sunday morning neo-soul. Brown skin; Limbs and lips Puckering to sing.  The smell of a mother's love Caressing everybody. As a breeze flows through the open window
Each step taken is another place moved. Each word spoken is another breath breathed. Each speech given is another passion found. Each song played is another love created.  
It's a thrill to place warm fingers on cold keys Feel ridges and cracks and character Just close your eyes and breathe in  Pour out your soul into the music like pouring water into a glass  
The first sip of coffee in the morning when you wake up The butterflies in your stomach before your first date Listening to your favorite song on full blast As you dance around the room when no one is watching  
On and on, the music flows,Through the fields of the Village Green.   On and on the music goes,The Irish sing and dance it home.   On and on the music flows,Down the valley to the village below.
Sometimes we fall,Sometimes we slip up,But no mater what happens music is here for US.
No matter what we do,Sound is made.No matter what century we're in,
The marching band marches,The orchestra bows,The jazz band swings,
Left and right,The Music flows.Forward and backward,
I see instruments singing, the noise of the universe,
Drums beat into the night,Drums beat on the field,Drums beat the funeral on.
Calling to ours hearts,Listening to our tears, 
Born of wood and metal,A child of winter and music.Sung from the beauty of a willow,Sung from the passion of Mother Earth herself  
Pretty and sweet, they singInto the night
Thunderous fortes they play.Round chords they play.
The time has come for a suite,Humbling and sweet.Eternity awaits for those of us,Standing on destiny’s edge.  
Listen, Listen, 
The beast that needs no sleep is fear,
While I drive, exercise, sleep, do homework "Shut up and dance with me" Or do just about anything, there's one constant: Music.  "Take me into your loving arms, kiss me under the light of a thousand stars"
Music. The one thing we can't get away from. From Punk Rock to Metal, From Pop to Classical, From Show Tunes to Techno, Music is everywhere.   They tell us stories,
From the void it starts an incessant need to fill our hearts our spirits feed   Breaths slow and still an eye turned to see a hope to fill a life to free   A song is there
Strings are her muscles,  And the amplifier is her heart.  I feel the music travels, 
Could I fill the swollen suit of a man so large: Quien vivió en las torres de la mente de su pueblo,
I need to find a place;Where the music will flow,
Smoking Cigs while listening to post-punk. What a way to die. Sipping poisonous punch, staring at neon stars, observing couples symblozing the synths Did I accept or reject the lie Honeslty I am not sure
Music fills the soul Sounding just right It can make you feel whole.   As the magic behind the sound begins to take toll I feel myself becoming light It can make you feel whole  
I'm glad that when the sun goes down,
The melody racks through your body, strumming strings within you that you didn't even know existed,  bringing a light smile to your lips as you reflect on the past. A song can bring you back to a broken past, 
Step on the field Adrenaline rushes The announcer begins The crowd quickly hushes The music begins Perhaps a simple note Left foot first Listen back to percussion Stay in line
Awaken to the sound of a mother’s song echoing sweetly beneath canopies of youth where fears cured by wealth become symbols of love consuming bliss like winds signaling spring
Drown out the thoughts with sound, even when they ask me to turn it down.
soft notes of soulful awakening float through the apartment, slow steady, to accompany the morning brew major, augmented, into a crescendo in a london flat   a steady beat thrum rhytmatically
This device in you hands, good for so many things.                                                                              But right now all you need is it's music, and the distraction it brings.
Music. What is it, but something cheerful, something meaningful, something real?   It is the thing that gives me breath, speaks when just plain words can't,
There is a moment right before one flies, where they know they will soar. When your heart beats too fast, and you can hardly breathe, You realize you'll stay up all night trying to remember the details.  
A fly Circles My bedroom
The crowd hushes, a magic silence, They sit, and wait, patient and quiet. The conductor settles, he stands very still, He raises his baton, the orchestra waits.
A B C D E F G, I nod my head, A flat B flat, I stare at the ceiling, C flat D flat, I lie wide awake in my bed.   Though sound may fill my mind, I pay no attention,
Without lights, wihout glamour I'm that kid obsessed with M.C. Hammer I stick to myself and emerse myself In rhythms and beats Beats so rhythmic they make your heart dance, your soul sway
I cannot hear the piano play. I can only watch as the notes fade away. I play in an ocean where sounds are deaf. So muted is it I cannot hear a natural clef. I struggle but the ocean soon drags me to its depth.
The black bird hiddenA crow, dark as nightAmong the willow branchesCascading to the groundA song so mournfulFlat and broken, a puzzleIncomplete.
Silver slippers danglingPale stringed harp balanced on her kneesSilver notes become silver beamsOf a golden grinned grace.The glowing skirt as she sways in place
I've sung a song of nothing So very long ago. Lyrics twirled round my head Pre the winter's frosted snow. They floated past my eyes, Through my ears, and down my throat,  Entangling my vocal chords
A creeping wind knows no bounds
I've never let my race effect my progress
Sitting all by myself, it seems to be only me, striving to attempt, what I can't truly be. Heartache and pain, I don't know what for, it just seems, that you shut the door.
M akes me feel good U nderstated S ometimes simple I ntense C alming
I think there are times
Music is the drive that moves me from the thorns of a rose up to the ovary. Where a sweet smell dwells. I lay in the middle and listen Healing from the prick of the past thorns I bleed to the beat and memories flow
Notes flow through the air Sound gets me up from my chair The resonance rises my hair All life constitutes is a fair To win some and lose some
If the world were to end tomorrow I’d spend my last hours with the universal language.   If I lost my hearing tomorrow I’d spend today Listening to Forever and Always by Parachute,
A kid who just wants to be heard Someone who wants success Others look at him and say oh my he's blessed They don't know the pain, the problems Of always wanting to be the best His parents are proud of him
People talk about me and it used to bother me they said I was annoying they said I was loud and weird
Tonight the day’s end meets the night’s talk show The Wild Ones become The Young, Wild, and Free Then we met A and C slash D and C The Train’s Midnight City Gives You Hell
Music the world filled with, 
You can tell me what to wear, Casual converse, lipstick, hoody, I don't care-- I will be me. You can tell me how to walk, Straiten my back, Like it's a rod, I'll still be me.
As her fingers dance across the piano keys I can hear her life story Her loneliness from a lost love It switches to anger then abruptly changes To a jubilant tune
I travel by train and I look out My window, my legs are too close to the grey-man beside me Headphones in, power chords, progressions I am progressing, and my knees Need a shave; they catch on the silk of his suit.
Open, scene one, mid April.
Buckets of rain poured down from the sky, as though the angels wept, mourning what was to come.   I found myself lurking outside at school,shrouded in a black hoodie
My life is like music:
What I show you is, Not who I want to be, But what you want to see. I aim to please, Society. They say to me, "Be a tall, thin, Long haired, white teeth, Light-skinned beauty,
What I show you is, Not who I want to be, But what you want to see. I aim to please, Society. They say to me, "Be a tall, thin, Long haired, white teeth, Light-skinned beauty,
Don't just listen to the "MUSIC"Pay attention to the message.Its the ignorant that has kept the intelligent arrested.
I am a musician I’m no scientist I’m no mathematician I’m no historian I’m no athlete I’m no translator Nor will I be any of those things I am a musician So I will be a musician.
i would torch the city if it meant that you would see the light a million little fears breaking down into ash and as the tears in your eyes reflected the inferno shining bright as you began to break inside
i have a friend who flew with the times and plummeted to the ground as his pocketful of rhymes sunk and spat and became one with the earth-- the ground upon which we dream still engraved with his words
I remember the first day
Music had so much emotion and soul
Alone. Isn't that how it starts?I sit alone, waiting for a call A call that could possibly save my life. I am alone. My depression eats me alive But I still try. Try. I try to be happy
DarkHorse::NightMare   This is the space between my eyes This is the slowly rising tide Hear the voices in my head Listen, don't listen
Squares in a series; Each song helps paint my story. They call me: FLAWLESS.  
I was never one for sports though an active child.
Flawless Music   I retain all these faults that could make me flawless, I can write rhymes, tell the time, though I really shouldn’t floss less.
I squeal in the silence of my bedroom When I am excited Because I am just me   I sing out loud While my headphones are on Because I am just me   I listen to myself talk
you are by Damon Dixon   you are powerful beyond belief
Doldrum is the life Expressive are the voices Climactic rising Resounding pouring soulful Escape in music Slur the minds rampant movement Chastize the sounding Engorge the silence, but slow
Tis the music that has set my soul free, Like an Eagle, leaving the nest at last. Cans't thou hear? The roaring sound of sea? Cans't though hear? The rushing of winds, steadfast? Music is all around us, everywhere,
The ballerina, 
  The ticking time tricks all The music holds true our steady beat As we all produce our sounds How many beats per minute from all
It is a mental game until you learn how to Let your mind rely on your bodies capabilities Instead of letting your body rely on your minds perception
On that jacket It doesn’t say your name You wear the same thing as everyone else Because you are one unit Your uniform
The silent chant among the field Counting the measures until you move Slowly you raise your instrument Your feet move at the tempo
I look at myself in the mirror.
One word: Music. It's always been about that.  It's just what I do. I sing. Since I was a child I was humming tunes  And singing songs with a shell of raw talent - A potential for so much more.
I am a product of time.   I am a product of my mind, A painful, biting prison.
Play me like a piano Let your fingers glide over my keys Strike a chord Resounding and clear Make music that everyone can hear   Write a melody And play of me a song
Tropical colors move closer 
Slow motion it's what it looks like to live in a life full of music music in my vains, music in my ears, music in the rain, and in the warm summer wind. Only do I feel like my life is a movie, not only a movie no, 
I grasp the silver thing in my palm so tight Heavier than I expected, not light My toes in the sand, I carefully place it my mouth Not wanting to break my pearly whites I lock my jaw and clench my teeth
I live in a world where passion lies deep and no one is willing to dig. Pass me my shovel piling sweat and tears, I will dig for not only your souls, but mine. I love you, and passion will be restored.
Chapped lips and cold skin, soft eyes, playful grin. Though I have loved before, Know, I will search no more.
It's that trap muzak misspelled rap muzak or crap muzak either way it's that muzak I miss the days when Raven Symone was black muzak hope Musiq Soulchild comes back but not back muzak
The music cures; my soul is crying,
As I pick up my violin, And rosin the bow, I feel ready to let the music free, One small note, Then a scale, One by one, The notes fly, And when the last note turns to mute,
I thought if the music was loud enough It would drown out the feeling The only thing that left was my hearing
Speak when words can't This insanity Listen softly to the words Singing Singing They all are singing And we listen Listen to the lyrics Of the words Unsaid
Swish, the white and blue-lined silky fabric tingles my nylons Big, bright lights glare into my eyes, but my smile stays put until the corners of my mouth ache.
I Am MusixBut not only so.For You See,I am also human,And must also bewhat must surely be comin'!I am laughter.So bright and omniscientWith Lenses focused
You are the beat that keep
I watch the leaves across the field fall as if in slow motion My arms and hands raise in a flourish The fading light of day glintsoff their instrumets
It is in my darkest moments that I become religious. Not so that I can pray to the lord for better times, but so that I can blame anybody but myself. To blame some creator for problems I know I’m responsible for.
I am ideal. I wake up every morning,
The most interesting thing one can learn Is how time may stretch and weave As you read, view, or listen.   The first time I knew this was true Was found in a year that never happened.
Somewhere far below, A sadness deep inside, A voice inside my head, Telling me to let go   Standing in the rain, Buried in the ground, I watch myself cry   These black gloves,
Music is my life Music makes me feel good Music takes away my pain Music helps me redirect my emotions Music helps me through the hard times Music is there when i have no one Music is my life
  She pushed in the knob and turned up the volume.  Her heart recognized the first sound and latched on before her ears caught up.  In that moment, in that space of pure recognition
I sneked inside an old house one day while the neighboorhood children and I decided to play hide and seek the children squealed with joy its fun to play wth girls or boys Dust has settled everywhere
I think you and me could make it But I'm not sure if our hearts can take it So i'm in the studio writing my feelings down Trying not to drown In my emotions
Cupid's never been mistaken  Until now Our love is forsaken Think we should take our final bows These curtains won't be drawn again
You stay up late with your coffee filled veins,As I scribble down your name.And baby, I dream with my eyes open,I can't ever be the same.
Nostalgia hit me like a wave of nausea And it ain't goin' away So I thought I'd call just to remind ya Of the good old days Don't you miss 'em, oh I really miss 'em I really miss you, too  
I sit here; you sit there I try to avoid your sidelong stare Your hands are twitching by your side I ignore the nerves you try to hide   This is why I don't go out on dates
Searching for the right thing to say To somehow make your pain go away There’s not much that I can do So I’ll just be here for you   You don’t deserve this  
Flashback to the simple times Your skinny jeans black, your t-shirt white ‘Cause now you're covered up in layers and lies It seems you've forgotten we had one hell of a ride
Most days I don't even wanna see your face. You think everything in life is always a race. If it was then I would win, even though I'm not tryin'. How does it feel to always come in second place?  
I used to keep music close to my body, Near to my heart, near to my soul. But music did not want to sit upon my shoulder, No, she wanted lean against my person and be my equal in size. She wanted me
You see me and you love me  But you haven’t a clue what I am 
The world: silent dark and dull No rhythm rhyme or beat Something was needed to fill the null A beat, both pure and sweet.    Some to pen and paper turned To make their world alive 
Has Anyone Told You... Today? If Not, Let Me Be The First! Has Anyone Told You... That They Love You Let Me Be The First! Has Anyone Told You.... That You Are Beautiful
Notes pour from meAs my fingers glide along the stringsA smile grows upon my faceAs my guitar begins to singBlocking out the noise of the worldI am one with the musicCreating a harmonious signal
Boom, Boom, Boom; The music consumes.  I breathe it in; I melt at its beat. We are one.   Thump, Thump, Thump; My feet pound the ground.  My father and I;
With its permanent power of emotional resonance, I have not a negative thing to say of music. To proclaim that music is not the ultimate cure for any broken soul is but an act of nonsense.
I jumped in a pile of leaves
Weak, Worthless, Insignificant, Useless, Unwanted, Dejected. That is what I felt inside, looking at me from the outside. Some say I’m weak because I don’t do what everybody does,
I have classified myself as an independent person Until I found this. It is called many things, but I call it choir. The lessons I have learned are abundant
there's nothing like car rides at nightblasting music loudwindows down, your sight filled with city lightsthere's nothing like laughing till you can't breath
I am uplifted by Music.   If I can put in my earphones, I do it.   If I can replay a song that energizes me, I play it.   Music is my outlet, Music is my Forte. 
Peace and quite  is no longer silent Music fills the empty space Lyrics float around with such grace Words meaning so profound  This is a problem I can get around My heart beats in time
Music A simple beat A harmonious treat I don't make it I can't play it Well actually I can sing
Only one thing can pick me up off my feet. Not even a thousand balloons Can reach the peak of this sick beat. All the moons Added togeher, Not even a bird from the tip of its feather,
This thing that makes me smile 
What's my favorite thing? What makes my day? Sitting down, my spine uncurling,
I love the groove of the bass, and the crashing of the drums. It all brings a smile to my face, and it makes my mouth hum. The melodies reach out, the rhythms twirl around me,
Music makes me happy. Until I die I'll be listening to music. Some songs relates to me so well I can find myself if I've been Cornered or have no hope
Standing on a tall podium, I overlook a field covered in grays and blacks. My hands rise with the steady beat of my heart. There, a fanfare calls my name. My hand raises its volume to a perfect release. Eveything disperses.
A single note vibrates into being and extends a hand to the shape huddled on the ground,
I know you may not like it but it has begun.
The Bass dirty & grimy, the Horns are fit for a king The Strings could lull a baby to sleep, the Drums could wake the whole block The Cadences & Syncopations free me
MUSIC...   Loud, Powerful, Moving, Sad, Happy, Inspiring, Passionate, Loving, Tranquil,   MUSIC...   Moves me, Lifts me, Lets me breath,
I am from music at volumes so highFrom the feelings of all that make you sigh I am from hours of bright, hot lightsAnd the packing of instruments at the end of the night
I get a chance to breathe, No one else around me, I have finally found my harmony. The notes that play under my fingers And dance through my mind, Send chills down my spine,  A rush through my head, 
Now that summer is all done I must say goodbye to fun Right? Wrong. It’s all just begun   My senior year will be a blast I’ll try not to let it go too fast I’ll spend time with the best of friends
  'Tis the only escape I have 'Tis the one thing I will never give up 'Tis the reason why I smile through the tears
We got the radio turned up,  real loud. And when you look at me,  I can tell you want to rock to the beat,  In the car with the windows down. All I wanna do is sit,  and listen to the sound.
What makes me happy?What uplifts me?What in the world has the power to do such a thing?
Music is the thing that makes me light. Seriously, nothing takes me higher. I feel it in my mind, dancing through the night, it fills me with an inescapable fire.   When I'm feeling down it comes along
An art An abstract painting Words lightly brushed on a canvas
Music is a escape to me, A way to travel to a different planet while still physically being on Earth A way to release all hidden emotions And a way to forget all of my problems temporarily
I fill my ears with you I fill my ears with joy I long to to be on the stage next to you But when I hear myself sing, you become my enemy Fear of rejection from my own voice
Music cleanes the soul of dirt from every day life It heals humanity of the sorrow, yearning and anger
My heart soars when I listen, The rhythm runs through my blood, With every beat it fuels my soul.   I look to those voices to sooth me, To take away the worry.
Today the song came on the radio And I sang along But I can’t forget when you sang with me And I can’t forget how things ended I want you to know I don’t hate you, I’m not mad
It takes baby steps, I started out crawling at the ground Wanting to be different, so I walked into dozens of Audition rooms to distinguish My playing from others.
A youth with a lot of topics to express. The words come natural and the note pad is what I stress. The keyboard is my happiness, because without my thoughts I'll be a mess.
I am in a prison Enclosed by the stress To be someone, to succeed This cage is getting smaller I need some release   Just as soon as I am about to suffocate
Warm humbling nights after rain,quiet mornings when the day is brand new - 
This is what I need The upbeat keeps me focused Music is my love.
Summer slips away and we students rush in to the facilities that torment us so. We'll spend hours a day in chairs of stone, forced to learn things we don't wish to know.
"I want to break free!" The queen cried. 
The amps stand tall as towers on either end of the stage and we scream as they kill the lights
It's clear life's circumstances get hairy, Once in a while we're not quite so merry. But when that seems to happen, I get my toes tappin',
The tightening of the bow The pluck of the strings; Let the tuning segment begin. The audience anticipates its entertainment. This is the main event The eyes of all are watching.
Music is free like broken chains.
This beautiful music - The key to my "Someday" That is what I told myself, And it was true This beautiful music got me here This beautiful music got me through A childhood of pain 
Music is Life. It's a Kaleidoscope. A Collaboration  Of every Hope,
Slowly the fingers role, knowing their place silent but so loud they pluck individually, then simoltaniously they slip from each string the sound is so beautiful so simple
Whether it's soft or LOUD
Notes glowing on a page A singers voice erupts the stage The beat makes hips sway Lyrics consume the soul Lives are saved by just one song Becoming number one Melodies stick in memories
Bright lights flashing, extended lashes batting, one last breath and I rush on stage this is no longer me. captured my the music, lost in the movements, this is no longer me.
Up-up-down-up, Is the way my bow swings. Down-down-up-down, Is the ways my bow sings. Across my cello she sails, Surfing a whimsical, musical sea. The confident captain of her ship,
My life can be stressful My school work can be hard My pain puts me into a hole so deep and dark,
Gypsies, hippies, mermaids,
Five-Seven to One , but the song has just begun.   Releasing stress a tough day, it moves us on nonetheless.   Add a major cadence to make a statement  
A Resonance Rest    A mystical rise that craves to fall A burst of tones – loud, unmistakable
The Feel of Music Something buzzes in my ear,
Stretched taut from the peg You resonate And as I shatter into emotional bliss You break evenly into fourths - And perfectly into fifths. Gone is the still air and Down goes the canvas of silence.
I never thought myself to be someone with the dents and grooves of a chronic smiler The skin was always smooth never broken by happiness until you filled me up with the hills and valleys
I smile forever. The soft music starts to play. Then our hands connect.
I like the sound that emmits from my headphones, the colors that cover the pages of my sketchbook. The sun that shines so warmly when I sit out on my porch, Literally heaven for even just a few minutes.
It`s light forrecent waves, beautiful notes and divine lyric. The carelessnes of it`s fine tune melody. gets you through the day; make life`s trails bareable, makes moments memorable,
The Sun on my face My heart's filled with grace
Fingers poised and ready, Time to keep them steady. Don't worry about your dress, Now take a steady breath.   One, two, three fingers start, Two more join in, creating an art. Music is flowing,
With every half note And measure of rest Comes a short piece Played at its best   Whether its a solo Or ensemble of a kind Playing as one sound Is not always easy to find  
Music is beautiful, comforting and loving. The accoustics paint a one of a kind picture, the harmonies feel like they're holding you in a large hammock,
Headphones always covering my ears Blocking out the sound No one can see my feelings I am a stone No one knows what was taken from me No one knows my reactions I do everything calmly
Music, the sound of vibrant feelings, Makes me shout from rooftops and sky alike, Fills me with rejoicing and promises that spike The interest of new hope, of laughter, of fulfillment, And all I want to do is fly,
The greatest thing, I have ever seen Is you staring back at me.  The sweetest music,
The other me is someone only seen by few, Someone not as corageous or as sure of what to do. Inside I'm scared of letting others down, Scared of rejection or the real me to be found.
Music is grand, Guitars are great, The sweet sound of strings being strummed at 8.  Rock n' Roll, Country, Rap, Jazz and Pop, singing to every song, I know I won't stop.
They say that music is kind of like magic. It can take you back to moments, no matter how happy or tragic. 
The men who taught mehope were barely any morethan a couple of kids with organ shoes that thumpedtogether in bags slung overtheir shoulders, always.
My backpack falls from my shoulder. I slide down to the floor with my back resting against my bed. The day's stressful thoughts clatter around in my head. I pull a long cord from my pocket, untangle it,
Dazzling orbs of light dance across this crowd. Vibrations of sound resonate on the surface of our skin. Chills reverberate down the bone of our spines. We, the people, become one being; One entity.
Reverb Echoing Pulsing  Changing My eyes are closed My breath is deep My chest is shaking I envision something a butterfly wings flapping in slowmotion like a cheesy scene in a movie
Let me step in someone else's shoes to be Alice for the time I'll have all kinds of new friends and shrink smaller than a dime
PAC rats fill the school and can't wait for the class of arts. They want their English class to end and their choir class to start. Music and theatre are what motivates them to come to school.
I may be the loneliest person in the world; Maybe I identify more with the dead than the living.
The silent notes float in the breeze from so far, for so long. They rustle through the ancient trees they are Forever's Song.   As I stare out at the setting sun, over the scarlet sea.
I prize my gift from the sun, the smooth ebony blanket that trails in my path. It bears the token of my progress, like a toll booth of past endowments, always full of unanswered prayer.  
All I ask for Is an ear.  
The wind kisses me on the cheek and sings of wondrous things,
And tonight I should be with you Humming harmonies To the sweet melody of your mind And listening to the chorus of your heart.   Before you I never knew such sweet music could exist
Scared and silent, I was often unheard Misjudged, overlooked, ignored    For years I struggled on,  burning with passion and expression, 
When I was 4, I wanted to be a princess.
  7 hours. 7 hours spent locked up in that prison of education Until that bell explodes into being Signaling the start of that freedom that comes with being young
This is a poem about how I accepted band,
The delicate trill echoes, Beyond the little music box and throughout the room.   The delicate trill echoes, But a deeper silence pervades the endless gloom.   The delicate trill echoes,
The delicate trill echoes, Beyond the little music box and throughout the room.   The delicate trill echoes, But a deeper silence pervades the endless gloom.   The delicate trill echoes,
Let the beat resonate,  let it ring through your head like it's the only sound you have ever known, because the higher you bump that bass the easier it is to drown your thoughts. 
love a first sight is like a light  from a dark cave your heart beats faster cause your loneliness is saved in your mind you want to call her babe you want to hold her hand underneath the shade but truth be told
Music is the way I start off my day Music compels me to achieve more Music helps my day from becoming grey
Hey, What is that sound, that seems so old, but yet still new? A musical note from a different hue. A tone that sharply cuts through, the blues inside your heart.  
you are My stress-reliever, my escape, my addiction.   sometimes yoU start real slow, like drip-drip from a faucet. you pull me in close, wrap your arms around me, whiSper in my ear,
I hope to live to see my riches not a loved one from the past what does it feel like to be appreciated right here and right now Workin for the money Showing home empty handed What am I supposed to do
About 12 o'clock, town square was packed, I was workin' up a hunger for a pickin' that day, had nothin' better goin' on anyway, so I open up my case and I seed the pot,
Sometimes the music isn't about the beat. Sometimes it's about them lyrics, the words it speaks. Each word drawn right out of the heart, hoping to find a person to understand.
Whispers in the WindWritten by Adam M. SnowEntrance me with your tune,that gentle voice of yours.
As flagrant ripples tore the lake Betwixt last night and morn,
The mallet strikes a key, One resounding note. The crowd grows silent, Holding their breath.       A forty-five degree angle, The mallets are still.
Something so preeminent,   Its grandeur is little, but far from unknown.   Its origin a mystery,   Its whereabouts are currently prone.     
What can I do to inspire your mind into a wave of constant thoughts, Crashing into an action on the shore of reality?   What can I do to make your mind react when a child is born,
Well girl its been a whileSince I've seen that beautiful smileand I just can't go on like thisspending another night without your kiss
To kiss you is to hear trumpets sound and feel the reverberation  propel throuhg my skin as my soul rejoices in meeting its other half
Verse 1: We taint the air with idle words Cause sticks and stones hurt the most What’s a jab to the bird? What’s a duel to a roast? Shoot….    
Going back in time,  rewind,
You are the music of my heart, Each beat mistaken for a murmur, By every tone-deaf stethoscope, But I hear the melody.   Your tuning harmonizes with mine, Making the very scales jealous,
Flowing melodies have encapsulated my heart since birth. 
Flowing melodies have encapsulated my heart since birth. 
To the young creature,  jumpy "you don't know nothing" on her street, sedated "can somebody please buy me something to eat?" in the subway, and her name repeated on a recursive loop at day
Everything they’ve said I’ve seen: Music is my life. Music is my heart, The rain, the pulse.   These words So far, Frustrate me. Music’s not these Muds and chains.  
A pen on paper the near silent foot-fall as you walk your heartbeat a car drivingdown he road  
Being understood, isn't always me I cannot always say what's deep inside, you see. But when I close my eyes, I hear the rhythms speak;
I have a thought on my mind and a hunger in my core, I need to fill up my heart before it’s over.   I need to see the pressure rise just as I escape demise--
I exist within a beat A moment of synchronized sound.  An instance, determined by an ongoing tempo.
If I put in my headphones I’ll start to dream Of things unknown, things unseen Don’t be worried, im perfectly fine Don’t try to stop me ,just give me my time.
The sound, it vibrates through the air You must be strong and have no care Be free and crush your fears with screams
One night, as I slept, I dreamt a dream of voices. In my dream,  I saw young choirs, In the choirs, I saw young children.   But no matter what,  I heard wonderful singers-
Music is the rhythm of life The beat of you heart The definition of your emotions The poetry of dance The making of feelings The escape of insecurities The inner thoughts of a whole different world
Let's have a little talk about the way you speak, 
Trapped in this endless circle of you're in then you're out, Silly little woman plotting ways to find out what true love is really about, She doubts herself while thinking she's the perfect woman for you,
Mic check.. Mic check 1,2,3
Music is the contagious flu, Spreading from one to another… No mercy, no holding back, no retreating. Music is like an oil spill, Spreading to every crevice. Crevices in the deepest, darkest of waters,
Education is the topic of my conversation Obtaining it and using it are my motivation
A room teeming with ideas, Where objects litter the floor, Along my miraculous haven. Where find is to lose, And lose is to find, That is the way of the things in My Room.
Oh, How the Music Surrounds Me  by: Jeremy Applegate The outside birds lets their sweet voices play
She sits there, beckoning for me to embrace her, Her glossy wooden frame shining in the bedroom light. I still haven’t learned how to pull at her strings, To make her mine officially, But every day I try.
Growing up- Broken- BeatenActing like nothings wrongCan't you see I'm crying- hurting?Acting out just to see your longface staring back at me.See that look in your eyesHow much you wish that
Dragged through the brink of extinction to a new introduction
    Soft spoken curly haired girl You've been quiet for so long That you always second guess your decision Labeling them as wrong It all started when you were a child
A beat A rhythm A hook A chorus
Verse 1 Only: Sleepin while we're walkin but now we ain't stoppin/ Culture be always changing but God stays solid/ People be croppin the picture they dissolvin/ Forget about absolute we want our own option/
Driving these six wheels, Strumming this six string. Sitting on a back road, Sipping that cold drink. - If you do it right, We're gonna have a good time. So crank up the music,
The first time you called me beautiful; It was as if that word spilled from your lips and danced around my head like Native Americans danced for rain. Your voice: was an orchestrated symphony of violins and cellos,
The color of the night time sky Deep and never ending The color of sun kissed skin The color of many people manifested and bound by pain Black the color of pupils which help connect You to a person's being
Open your ears, Lift your mind,
The mascot of Nintendo; And the greatest hero of all time. He loves jumping around; Grabbing Mushrooms and Fire Flowers; Stomping on Enemies; Exploring the Mushroom World;
The wind sings a beautiful melody, that calls for the rain to fall. 
Maybe I'm misunder
I am half of a half, and as I pass, fade into a haze of classy ebony and alabaster. Not circular, but elliptical, as an unbroken egg would be.
cling for dear life so you feel comfortable smile with desire steal with entice snake movement beg for invite  and disease you hide up your sleave with open door policy
Working diligently... Alone... (humming loudly to myself) POUNDING LOUDLY AT THE PIANO! I leave my solitude for a moment to get some water. (All the while, symphonies compose themselves in my head,
By the sea I heard crashing of waves And people... I hear them shouting my name. softly... THEN LOUDLY! SHOUTING LOUDLY, "OH MORTAL! HOW DARE YOU FIGHT US! YOU CAN'T ESCAPE US!
Fingers tingle over keys, Sounds resound across the house, Dead silence. Notes tinkle and drop in my ears like rain. Delicious ties and cresendos awaken longing and stirs adventure. Trance-like singing,
Fingers tingle over keys, Sounds resound across the house, Dead silence. Notes tinkle and drop in my ears like rain. Delicious ties and cresendos awaken longing and stirs adventure. Trance-like singing,
as one, the instruments are raised slowly, at first, the first demure notes intone the beginning of an elegy. the sonorous sighs of a deeply harmonic melody
Jazz has a voice, It speaks to me. As I sleep deep, Or as my feet take turns hitting the concrete street. In the Chi-town heat, when you’ve met all the folks you could meet; Jazz is the speaker.
Broccoli Peanut Butter Won't my mother  be quiet Be right back gotta go help her She actually said never mind as i walked over. Typical. Whenever a person gets mad at another
Hello, Dr. King, have you heard the news? Children are being stereotyped because they aren’t as intelligent  as child prodigies at age 3. What can we do to fix this? 
for my love is worth an eternety but the challenge is the hardest to overcome there is nothing that breaks through my barrier except for the magic of song   it lifts me up to walk annother mile
"Hello," you say, "Goodmorning. How've you been?" All I see is heaven Lights and glory all in one.   It's how you carry yourself, Carry yourself away from me
Music arise from within And radiate through my fingertips My blood warms and breath lengthens Eyes melt shut Sway, drift, shudder
Verse 1: Dear God, how you been? how you doing? Can you intervene? We need some help and some improvement Girls are getting pregnant by the age of thirteen  And boys will stick it anywhere, even if it ain't clean
They do not see what I feel inside But they see the smile that I can not hide Day after day I please their needs  But I am never questioned about what I need What did I do
Do Not Unplug Me By:Jasmine Johnson   Listening to the lyrics of Lil Wayne,liking what I hear but not what Ive learned
  I have to admit That sometimes I’m "not all there" I’m a great actor Playing the part And choosing what to share   I wake up and decide what character to present
My mind is no clockwork. It has no mechanistic rules of a clock, has no one destination, or a repetitive circle of lines on the edge of Time. My mind is constrained by the jail of clocks and schedules:
MUSIC I am dead inside without him I hate life without the very music he put in my heart
Looking thru you to  tomorrows i didn’t even know existed -
The melody sings Over everything else, Lilty, Free, And lithe; She leaps and bounds playfully Like a child in a meadow, A streaming, gleaming pool of notes Plinking just above the sky.
Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick Time spent wasted
This song. It makes my heart swell. It makes my heart soar. My heart is a dove. See it fly.   I want to listen forever. I want to sleep. This song will bless me with sweet dreams,
My favorite people told me Not to lose my fucking flames I'm not playing games My passion will not be tamed   Yeah I'll go to school Please my mother Ease the smothers
I miss the sound, the beautiful sound, I miss the face, the beautiful face, how compromised this world has become, no longer are the people one.     there was a time, a beautiful time, 
Your words flow sweetly Drip like honey From your half-closed lips A smile lures me in Your hand outstretched A twist, a turn, a spin Encircled by your arms I lose myself in the music
As the cymbals crash at the final note, the audience applauds and lose their minds.   We stood upon the platform posing... Our bodies exhausted but still filled with adrenaline.  
I fear she'll come in my life and make her mark
  When I feel sad or I feel confused; If I'm feeling blue or a little down, I find relief and escape from it all,
emotions dance so deep within my chestthey can't reach outside my fleshand you can't see these passion-soakedterrid dreams that my blood weeps.
C#m: With beauty was she blessed Emaj: Yet in stride left a curse—   (Simile)
The first
I lay in bed, caressed by my warm covers. Staring out of the window; that is littered, With translucent, tiny little bulbs of water. I hear it. I hear it against my window.
Music inspires seeds of intellectual concept to sprout from a fresh mind. Weeds find their way into a mix of ideals when the presence of spirit is in question.
so treacherous is thismusic and its blissso hopeful was II would never trysomething to shareis always theresomething to fearis always herewhy tell if we knowit's been a show
"I like big books and I cannot lie".. And poems that especially rhyme My escape as a child and in time, An escape from the "Me" I spent years trying to find.   Holding on to the words of the pages
You never had to be profane
The nostalgia sets in as I attempt to remember a time in my life without music:  
Ripples of sonic waves, stimulates creative water Flowing from the crevices of social interaction, the wind russtles uncertain thoughts
  We finally learn how to work out the rhyme, And we see to move on and not worry for time.
A music major I must be to achieve it Singing for my cash
Music is everything It is soul It is raw emotion It is joy and it is fear It is sight while it is sound
What is the sound your heart is making?
You feel me with joy,   not like some broken toy. But a new one, on Christmas Day. With you will I always want to play.   You've been through my ups and downs,
  Eternally dancing in one place, She wears elegant draping and lace.    Frozen on her tip toes    While twirling in one pose With a ceramic smile on her face.
The sound of the bass becoming one with my heart, The feeling of strings underneath my fingers,
When we're under the sheets I'm more than just dreaming I'm in a  better place, bigger than just my fairytale
To many poeple music is a great escape, 
Who am I? And what do I stand for? A million different things I can’t bear to name My life is such a silly fucking game My peers thirst for fame I’m not the same I see
Music, music, music Let it take control of me My minds the key My souls the beat Music take control of me Every word every rhyme Every clip every line  I dont write, it just speaks
Flowing in and out, a reflection of my surroundings, molded by my unique perspective.
There they go, frolicking across the branches leaping from leaf to leaf watch your step, some fall, others float.  
Many question my mind I find my self even spending time Tapping into that thick tick ticking machine
I play the guitar hoping to get far. Not just to get by , but enough defy. All who resent me , with a youthful burst of energy. They tell me I must become an engineer. The pay is good , and getting famous is rare.
Kendall Davis Scholarship April 30, 2014   Music To Me I hear instruments playing in the wind As the day starts to end
I can see me Kicking it in Nashville Strolling down Music Row Willing to shake some hands Make some deals and become part of the big show Working backstage at the concert of the season
there was once a time when i first discovered kpop and i felt strangely annoyed
Closing my eyes,  I dream. I dream of my future.
As my mind races with thoughts from school,
Music gives me a feeling that I can't discribe It's not just what it does, its the power that each lyric brings upon us. Making me realize that I Am not the only one going through some problem that I can't discribe.
Its about that time, Where all loose strings meet their demise. As I watch things in my mind; I separate the truth from the lies.   Sitting here trying to find someone to to rhyme,
There's no money in music, I know, that's a dead end career.  I can see you as a wonderful biomedical engineer, dear,  from every mother and teacher and father and neighbor.  Stop making all that noise, they say,
It’s been a year, a year since I’ve been to a concert.
Moving my spirit Enchanting beat; pulsing heart. Music gives me life.
A bridge to a new world.  
I am a first generation student going to college. All I want to do is further my knowledge. Everyone doubts me because of my race but they don't understand the struggles I face.
There was once a time for men like me,  Now I am sitting on a lonely oak bench,  outside a gothic cathedral,  
Music on everywhere I go, mostly hip hop and rock and roll Music on when I go to sleep, even when I wake up when I hit the streets From Eminem to ACDC, I listen to more music than the flat screen TV
I woke up to the rain. It sung stories of the old. Of when fall came, and left. Of when Winter, In his biting cold- In his bitter whiting wonder, Came. And left. The stories of the four
When I get plugged into music I feel... Magical. I'm in a dream.  Don't wake me up. I want this to last. The exotic feeling of music surges through me. I want to sing. I want to dance.
Am I a role model? / A question I ask myself/ A past life of blunts and bottles/ New life, new thoughts, new self/ Pondering what goals in life are mine/ Is this me or someone else/
I’m a human being I make mistakes; make risks to take I determine my life, prevent results, regulate my fate You can give advice But it’s my life. Don’t theorize a comprise
“What could we change if I offered to help?”Take note of this thought. Tape it to walls.Stick this to billboards and light postsand maybe the back of your head of you're bald!
"Do close your eyes and awaken from the pain Re-read the tears separated from rain Mi, only mi, will tell you when your sane," Father has told me, once and again.
Explain to me the difference between a house and a home, I've tried all alone but only to find it's not in my bones, I'm deep, Deeply lost,  Deeply sorry, Sorry for what I am, Sorry for what I do,
tap tap, tap tap, singing to the beat now rap rap, rap rap creating strong words to flow with the sound. tap tap, tap tap constant mini shows rap rap, rap rap
Music  you make me happy! 
Do  Is this what I really want? Re Can I even handle going to college? Me  How would I pay back the loans? Fa  What if I fail? So  What if I cant get a job? La
I really like your style girl but I hate the fact that you wild, play this game always ends the same is this how it all goes down?
The rap game is constantly changing Unfortunately, not for the better Instead of making songs about positivity, morals, and goals They're rapping about sex, cars, and  clothes
Rocking with the beat of a thousand breaths My eyes following the language of symbols Synchronized with a hundred other masters My fingers moving quick and nimble    
Chitter Chatter in the back ground; Ignore it, Focus.   Tonight’s the night. You go on stage, Lay it all on the line, Show everyone your soul Lay it out in the open.  
They stand up to applaud You’ve done it Standing ovation You got the solo; the duet The piece; You brought it to life.   The cheering You know it’s for you,
Music, The notes fall off the page You listen to the beat The melody that flows   Tap your foot That’s the groove that you love to listen to   Batcha The drums go
Life is full of opportunites And it's up to me to take my chances. To give back and not only change my life, But change everyone who advances. Because life isn't always easy.
  Going to college, my Momma is proud, “My son is successful,” She can say it out loud.   High school was hard, Not the smartest one But now I’m a man, My journey has begun.  
The array of faces gazing at me on stage
The array of faces gazing at me on stage
I am from music,  from white and black. I am from the performing arts. I am from the swelling lungs  of asthma.   I am from the 15 years of friendship,
Over and over we're told, "Pick something you'll enjoy" "You're gonna be stuck with it" "What is important to you?" But, where are the people asking how they can help us get there? I want to be that person.
When we perform for a crowd The dirctor takes the lead He moves his arms back an fourth And that's all that we need   We play our song and solo Wth all our groovy things
I search, but never find the key that unlocks my mind. The truth to a lie, a clue to crime. A heart that never dies, a soul that never cry's.
Music education improves the lives of everyone.   Better grades. Language development. Higher IQ. Improved SAT scores.   But all of that doesn't really
to witness the life. to cross harsh borders and hear the people sing. of pain at death, of joy at birth.   to hear scratchy voices. to breathe in the community  and the inborn harmony.
My dream job would be to own a philanthropic missionary comapny. I would love to be the CEO of a world wide company that builds houses, shares the gospel,  and feeds and clothes the poor.
The one thing that everyone loves, Are the strings of chords that create a buzz. Long gigs create late nights, But I'll keep going with all my might. Excelling each instrument may be hard,
My musical talent never was up to par All the other kids in the class could strum their guitar
Some sing a song Some dance to a tune Some pick up a flute Or bang on a drum But in that way, they all come together As musicians They can make a tune together And have a common bond  
It first starts as a 64th note of knowledge; a small interest. Then it grows in value to a 32nd note, 16th note, 8th note; I like this and I want more. It becomes a quarter note; more than a mere interest, now a compassion.
...I know tornadoes fly around by why are they in my room  this seems to be the only place that keeps my mind off of you
When I reach for the pen and paper, and begin to write/ Do I write about what’s right or mainstream it to tight/ One brings fame while the other brings respect/ I guess the only way to impress is to show intellect/
In this sea of people their is a desolate dankness in the air.  Among the cigarette smoke and liquor evaporating from these young bodies; Her hair, smelling of a new shampoo her friend Hannah suggested, 
How I love to sing It's how I use my voice The way I get my words out It brings me great joy   Music is my everything It's there when life just isn't enough When I have a bad day
The sweeping sounds cascade out of the stage Bouncing around the room, Mixing with the cushioned chairs And the old-people smell.   The brass blasts out a baleful melody
Once, I wanted to be in a rock band, Jammin’ on the piano. In my made-up band, “The Treelimbs”   For a while, that dream stood, And I was encouraged to dream, But that’s not what I want to do.
My voice is my music My thoughts come through 
Music is something I have always loved. Music and I, are like peanut butter, and jelly. Like two peas in a pod. Like ying, and yang. You get my rift we just mesh well together. Music is what inspires me.
Remembering the day I wanted to sing for my career feels like it was yesterday. It was all I really thought about. I really didn’t know if my voice was any good or if I even had the talent but I knew, this is what I wanted to do.
We all get up, on the days, the music plays in our earsWe have no, where to go, the music keeps us flowThere's a morning, ba ba; Where we live, ba ba
Studio Lights
Ever since I was younger, I was taught to wonder- "What do you want to be when you're older?"   I've changed my mind, what seems to be a million times, but now that I'm almost 17,
A song so moving I felt revived   the rhythm made my senses alive   A voice and instruments in a symphony    the connection to the lyrics gave out my sympathy 
I would love my job if were to become a professional musician and play with a professional Worship and Praise team. Currently  I am the leader of my church's Worship and Praise team in East Los Angeles.
What's wrong with the radio? It's playing lies. Everything is, "Sex and money!" Where is the truth?   Why can't it feature better bands, like Story of the Year?
Everyone is sun burnt and extremely tired, But we have to make sure the next act is on fire.   Yes, they are just performers on stage, Simply letting go of their built up rage.
A once in a lifetime dream, a one in a million chance
In 5,4,3,2,1  The words I will here when I sit in front of the camera at my dream job It will be more than a job it will be a career Getting the story, delievering the story, and the greatest part networking
It's my life, my passion, my one true love. My soul, my escape, it's me. I feel it in me, running through me, through my veins and in my blood. It's music. It's my cello.
Music Is My Life, Let The Lyrics Be My Spirit,  The Melody's My Emotion,  So I'm Hoping That You Hear It, Music Is My Passion, To That I'm Truly Dedicated, I've Been Chasing My Education, 
  Lonely, lonely, lonely, The silence holds no comfort. Lonely lonely lonely The silence screams my thoughts. I’d scream, I’d, shout, I’d laugh just to hear the sound
I hear the song in my head, I feel the rythem in my heart, I see the crowd of people in front of me. What do I do?  I play. Strum, sing, strum, sing. And when it's all over,
Eyes open. Chest out. Back straight. Shoulders back. Closed mouth, open mind. Now be ready for attack. All the words flow through my mind. So distracting, I’m so behind! Out of tune, out of time,
A job may change a kid or two,
Screaming lyrics till I’m hoarse, Till my throat bleeds, then I’ll have satisfaction, Music- I sway, dance, sing, I scream with it. Take each carefully planned note like a last sweet and sour breath.
To me it seems that life has a reoccuring theme a constant, nagging question "When you grow up what in the world are you going to be?" big smiles peer down on innocent, tiny faces
Music is my only aspiration
The is one limitless creation in the world. Music. The door to emotion, freedom of expression, and most importantly; connection. Music connects people together,
Later day,
I see Young eyes, entranced by the sights, the music,
They sung.Sung.Before.   They were not forced,In fact they yearned.for. it.I did not.  
Music might help with it's melodies, However it is still has no effect, Still there are no remedies. Just songs to select.   Some might say it is a cure. Some might say it is a place.
There's an eerie emptiness when listening to a dead man sing The music seems present His voice is very much real And the moment seems so current He is dead And gone His home now burried deep in the soil
A song is more than what you hearmore than what you see
The View Of Music in school systems is flawed bring back the music
Dotting across page to Page, 
Once as a child I looked into this woman's eyes,and all I saw was this empty gray.She smiled and it was almost believable,but the gray seemed to drain the colorof her face
I am not low, I am high, I am G but above C, but I live on a staff, what am I???             I am treble-clef.
The light flashes. Blinks, constantly, in the dark room.
Yes of course I'm quoting Yolo to my mirrored image Saying I woke up like this flawless and fearless This smiling will never end because I see my future          Do you see your future?
It started with sound A note, a chord with passion Then instruments came   First sounds of music  Simple yet high class with soul Then technology ...   Now original
When I see her, my heart sinks to my feet. Her sound is like a Heaven praise from 'bove. From her strength, Satan could never defeat, Her love, not like a weakish morning dove,  
Musical lyrics enhance his identity his life is written in songs and all along 
As I aged It faded fast Although I wished It would last One foot forward One foot back Now memories are Of the past Piano, Forte Fast, Slow What I did was stop Instead of go
Taunt fingers touch the stringsAll musings of pain forgottenWeightlessly they float over and againIn a delicate repetitious pattern 
Last night a DJ saved my life I was broken and nothing seemed to turn out right but he let the music play and all my pain started fading away   My troubles turned to the bass line
Listen to Eminem. Get angry.
Close my eyes, Breathe soft and deep. Feel the music  Wash over me.   Release my worries Step away from life Sway with the rhythm Dance in the light
All life is music: tapping feet, drumming fingers, raucous beating hearts.
Ok, So We know what hip-hop is, but we really get it? Its more than trying put on an act and performing a skit. You have rappers nowadays that make no sense, trying go on the attack without any defense.
The notes flow from my fingertips Echoing their beatiful sounds with each pluck of a string Each note a fragment of a glorious song I am free to create whatever sounds I want No restraints
Spying Death, He moves forward. Wating for his time, With welcoming arms.   He continues. With every step, A louder breath. Earth's details grow clearer,
One week is all we have To prove that we can play the piece All the while speeding off down the rickety tracks Where at the end they dangle broken and twisted The cliff edge looms ahead as we speed ever faster
I looked out into the crowd and saw nothing but the lights beaming down on me. My hands were clammy, and my heart was beating rapidly. I took a deep breath and assumed my position on the stage.
What ever happened to the music that mattered? Music that lived and breathed, made you feel and think Instead of the beat engineered to make you remember
one day I was walking somewhere new singing an unfamiliar tune in a voice that was not my own. the sand uncomfortable in my shoes and the wind skipping across my skin chilling me through
Music is my life The universal language Became my first love  
Music is my life it is my breath writing, creating a window into the soul it goes deeper than actions stronger than words and it heals    
The colors are never-ending You could see them if only you had ears You drown yourself in tones and murmurs You drink in the light of a single string
the music hums in my toes as the synchronous
Listen to the music Let yourself go Listen to the acoustic Just do not look below Do what you must Don't get lost in the dust Look through your own eyes And get rid of the lies  
Music runs through my vanes it guides me through all my pains it walks me down that one lane and without it,  it woukdnt be the same music is my sister my mother, my brother
When I play, Everything else goes away. The music fills my soul And I feel whole I become the woman I want to be— Confident, beautiful and completely me. I am an integral part of something grand
Fading, into the void Smile on my face as I slip in Purple haze surrounds me Eyes absorb my presence Wings spread, letting me glide I pass through open pages Ease.  
Pleasure of sound; Meaning to be found; Ever a new direction; Spiritual connection? Music.
Your sad voice echos in my head Your words grate on my ear My heart, my soul I sing with you and feel your pain
Music is to the soulAs meditation is to the mindA life without musicIs a life lived blind Music is to the soulas love is to the heartA life without musicIs a life torn apart
I dreamed of being a singer. And i sang. I sang songs of revelation and time, love and joy, heartbreak and sadness. I sang songs of trials and troubles, kind souls and mothers, pain and despair.
My home away from home, a place where I can be Uncovered, myself, the real me Sounds I can feel It's an experience unreal Can't wait till you come and see
An electric shock through your veins, steam seeping out your brains. Sound, musical bliss, nothing can compare to this soul mate.
     I’ve found there are questions and then there are questions.
I Press Play. Waves roll though my room, crashing down over me and spilling onto the floor.  The wave engulfs me, taking me to another world beneath the surface. 
Music is my soul,
The music has me going in circles,
We all have song in our hearts. Many are afraid to be heard. Some people do not sing. No, they do not sing a word.   Why would someone hold back,
all the best musicians are deadso wrap the cord about the neckof your guitar, and lay 'er dower for the night throw in that old CDlisten to the dead man's masterpiecelisten to him whisper, scream, cry
Your tone is the key And the notes are the choir Let yourself be heard Subtle pitch of d minor Sing it beautifully It's lyrics I admire Helped me through the times When I lost my father...
When you hear it, it moves you. So much so that a person forgets the things they've been through. 
Open up your troubled hand Let me take you off to neverland Open up those big ol' eyes I can see right through you, all up inside Heat blazes off me like a fire Melt the frost right off your freezing heart
Stacks, racks, cars, and hoes Half naked women in videos Unmeaningdul and unrelatable lyrics Yet fans buy and supports A lifestyle they could never afford They don't understand what they see, no
If there could ever be a moment where I believed the love songs  It would be now    Because you're walking down the sidewalk a sight as beautiful as heavens doors  
She drowned her thoughts  With a voice that wasn't her own  So that she could forget  Almost everything  And live the life she dreamed But only inside her head
Raw emotion pours from my soul. Like a winding road, it cannot be defined by a straight line. It turns, then rises. Veers, then dips.  
The endless sounds bring joy and tears: The Willow weeps, The blue jay sings, The sea voyage has crossed to land. The trek beyond at last arrives, The cries of joy of ones returned,
A bell is rung The sound so deep, It wakes the sleepers from Nightmare's Creek. The reason why A sound so low, So loud should ever be heard. A mystery upon the town's dread.
I take the stage And my palms are sweating The bass begins to beat The light illuminates my skin   As a young girl I ate bananas to calm my nerves Now I think it was all a trick  
We live for the reactions. The loud cheers fill our veins with energy.
being happy has to be the most essential piece to anyones life. if your not happy what is the point of life.
These songs are my words. of Sorrow. of Joy. of Pain. They keep the numbness from my brain. They tell me how the sun beats down, of its warmth and happiness. And even though it’s dark and grey
i can't think But i can hear music.   It penetrates my soul.   Symphonies rise, Beethoven listens to my jumbled shattered broken brain.   Sometimes
Without music I think I would lose it. Music runs through my blood. I can't live without it. How will young people know this love when they can't grasp it? The opportunity is gone now.
sit up, good posture, keep the focus, we’ve done this quite a thousand times. not to complain, we love the routine: sweetest melodies, notes that chime. take a deep breath, poise and position, 
Listening to music is a near death experience.
Music flows out and and it winds around me, tightly, tightly. I am in a world that only I find safe.  The words that surround the air are foreign to me.  I could not understand them even if I tried. 
Along with the Thespians and the Thieving Traveled the Thinker, boisterously singing Songs with the lot of them, stopping only To laugh at herself and at their lonely,
  You see it arranged perfectly on pieces of paper like poetry  
They told me to give up Loud voices in my head But I pick pens Not having a dirt bed   Growing stronger each day I won’t be a travesty  These voices won’t win Building my own dynasty
It starts with... One thing. We don't know why, We never really had a reason not to try.  We kept this inside, but now is our time. Now is our time to shine.   All we know...
He is the sole musician   his notes push her every movement. His rhythm sets her stepsHis melody sets her movementsHis grace matches her own.
The beat- steady, unchanging, like waves pounding on the shore.The rhythm- seemingly easy, but not quite, like the way birds fly in the airThe harmony- lilting and supportive, like shy plain flowers in a garden of roses
When I was in middle school I was such a fool Hanging around with my pals Acting so very “cool.” But I’m in high school now I’ll make it through somehow... Oh for heaven’s sake
Throughout my life I have learned about music. I know all of the theories. Yet when I consider it, I do not understand music at all.   Music is the expression of an artist's heart,
Youth. Innocent, playful, potential victim. Seeing the real world first hand, scared.
Don't know if it's a he or she But hey know what to say everytime They've been through and everyting And express it through words and rhymn throwed on top of a beat You feel everything they say
There is a certain lullaby that floats through the air in spring with its bright, vibrant colors and cool, gentle bliss the lullaby is the song that Mother Nature sings in her warm, breathy way
Hear those trumpets scream and shrill Hear that bass so cool and chill Listen to the trombones sliding Back and forth and forth and back Listen to the saxes how sultry they sound
My violin, my dearest friend, my sweet lover.
It’s the end of a long school day. I’m exhausted from having to take some sort of test for every class that I had. I walk quickly as I go down the street to my house, ignoring everyone that I pass.
Music has always been there in my life If music was a girl, I would make it my wife Some say, money makes the world go round but I highly disagree As a high school student who is college-bound,
Guitar riffs, bass lines Drum beats, vocal harmonies It fills you up And I keep listening in hopes my cup will never be full   When you feel music like I do And it keeps you alive
Everybody wants a reason to be.
Sweet symphonies caress the ear. Abundant vibrations fill the hole. Dreams.
One of eight, a boy grows up listening to Beatles music He sings along to every song  And hopes his voice is heard  He sings of love and "Let it Be"  His family sings along
Let music be the answer
A simple butterfly before you start The sweaty palms and warming up. All your worries and fears come flying in
Dear God,
House music house music  please do no mute it, house music house music drink a smoothie while groovin house music house music the great sensation of the speakers boomin house music house music 
Feel the bass Pulsing through your body Pounding itself into your ears Wanting to be let in   Heat so intense
Music is part of my everyday life, it's the one thing that makes me feel alive. No matter what could be, all music influences me. Music teaches me everything I do, after hearing the words, you know it suits you.
I hear that rythem, base, and beat
It hurts to see the table empty with no foodAnd my little brother walking around with some fucked up shoes
Often, my sister asks me a common question: Why do I listen to KPop if I can't understand them? I always tell her it's because I like how their music sounds.
there's a fire on the oceansprinkling ashes on the beachmaking music in the waterdripping notes of harmony passion's flowing through the noise
She sings. The strings, play like a charm. Tuned so warm, to touch my heart. This is the start.   My lady, My ukulele.
The variances of sound,The rythmatic punctuations, Each can bring about,Their own seperate sensation.The beat of the drums,The call of the horns,When each play together,
Mozart had made it so simple to write, Beethoven could construct with his eyes closed, And together their songs were never trite,
  So this is me Shoegazing Always An epiphany And your garage rock sound Does nothing to stir me I just sit back Watching the flow Smooth over my edges
No more music, we ain't got the funds, No more drama, we ain't got the ones, woodshop is cancelled, all the tools are broke, art will have to wait another year, the Super he has spoke,
It fills the air, Without a care. It sings a song, All day long. It dances around, It pulses the ground. It envelops ears, It's everything we hear. It breathes, It weaves.
The beat, it flows throughout my veins, Making me move along. The rhythm morphs into a tune, And I listen all June.
Cold like an icicle, melting stories from your brainYou don't know where to go, it's hard and you feel so much pain.
Every lyric is like a symphony.
The rhythem exotic The beat fast The voice, melodic Let the music last. My stress leaving me as the sound soothes the way it should be the way it makes my feet move.  My life without this
In its essence we are teased Failing to see that which our ears detect But even so, we are pleased The human mind holds no defect That with such synchrony And all harmony We can dimly see that
The buzz of the bass and the beat of the drum kept the crowd alive, Kids push and pull and scream and love and hate all at once, If I could be anywhere in the world,  I would choose here in a heartbeat.
lost amid all the chaos amid the destruction within the broken hills terrified of the withering sobs beneath the dead in the mountains of fear drowning the voices that call
  I can hear your sweet voice at HOME. You sing to me to make me feel free. but do you know how much you mean to me. For to my heart, you are the key.   I love your TOUCH on my skin.
  By the drum major's count, four in all, on the down beat of four is where I fall. Four beats, four measure phrases black seats and brown leather cases. Four whole years to figure it out,
Music is in everything, it is everywhere. From the gravitating pull of rocks avalanching down a mountain, to the sound of my fingers caressing my scaple through my hair.
I possess the ability to pick up a pen and pad, Then progress to prophisize any feelings I've had, In the form of a melody, exciting or sad However, no one will listen. Isn't that bad?  
When I'm lost inside myself, I turn to my friend Mrs. Lee. With her words of breaking free, Reaching beyond the darkness, And not being alone in this hell. She knows me all to well
Music sooths the pain/ We dance to it, in the rain/It becomes a couples special song/ It helps them stay real strong/Helps us make decisions when in time of need/Keeps us focused when we need to read/
I’d like to imagineI can still feel the sting of the day she let go;clipped my wings with a word and said, Fly. I’d like to imagineI can wax lyrical and triumphant one more night;
It came upon me like a shadow and the whispers that followed said,   "Delirium -- thank God." Thank God: it was only delirium. No;   it wasn't. It was the music –  
Number 165616 was so shy and calm. His eyes were like night A luscious sound rang around And filled the judges with delight When they stopped him They had not a doubt He was a yes.  
That song comes on the radio, once meaningful but now makes you want to cry,You see all the memories flood back into your mind's eye, You can't rip the cords out that you keep hearing in your mind,You wish that you could change it because you know
Vroom Vroom No not room room Vroom Vroom It's music to a grease monkeys ears vroom vroom The best part is that you make up the rest vroom vroom  that can be anything  vroom vroom
You tell me I need to know this stuff I know that was a lie I do not need to know the Transitive Property of Equality To be a doctor And I really do not care to begin with  
Music is what gets us high school students through the day. Pretty much everyone has earbuds in their ears and the music cranked up. Teachers think were anti-social, but that's not the case.
Roaring, raging, screaming begging for freedom. For light, air, people. Anything but this  prison of dark, stifled moving membranes.  I acquiesce and release the prisoner, as she
  Midnight colors swirl through my head And life slows down its beat. One, then two, then three and four Going on through eternity. A pause in time
Day by day revolvingLife moving forward by minutesOpportunity Leaves die but renewWhen the student finds their tunePast no longer troubles
Each stroke to the keys, Or the press of a finger, Brings sweet melody. With purpose his hands glide, Bringing misted gold to the air,
  All I want is for you to hush up, I just want to feel the beat, Turn down for what?! Twerk, Miley, Miley, Twerk, I can’t focus on this stupid work! I can’t focus on your voice,
Some think music aint' no good for learning in school, but it's good knowledge.
I'm told to know things To be a lawyer or a teacher So I can buy fancy rings And find someone that's a keeper   We skim the surface  But never go deeper The bland stares make me nervous
i live to be ill, for the thrill, keep it trill and if you walk into my house I'll be sending you a bill i dont need no money, but i get it tho i don't complain, it's insane, the way im stackin doe
fucked it all up tried to make it look right I do a lot of bad shit but I still stay polite Noone knows me around the corner down the street in the alley You was only chasin
I complete by marryin that girl dominique until i realized she ain't got the best physique  The was the second strike cause her heart wasn't right she was intercoursing just out of spite
So it's like this intoxicating rhythm, this passion beyond belief That encompasses every fiber of existence in this room. It feels  like a heartbeat or like some thrashing exotic beast
Music is like a cell phone You can speak through it and send a message It does not matter what tone As long as it can manage   Music should not be used to just entertain Or be a tool to receive money
      Competition in this generation marks the determination of H.I.P.H.O.P We will be those who carry insanity
Music is the voice of the Heart, Very few can master its art. Some say we're special, unique, Others say we're at the top of the peak. But when it's all said and done, We play music because it's fun.
Click A sound is heard Tick Another chimes Knock A common noise Tock A secret song Creak Alone just chaos Squeak Together form music Ching Annoyance to some DingHarmony to otherBong  Ignored by speed Dong Embraced by patience 
Being in the world-Innate Melodies I bare these hands into the world unknown To callous amongst the graves and groves we sew. These hands that give me my name and shape
People don’t have balls. They’ve got phones             that say you’re a Rock God They’ve got TVs             the size of stadiums They’ve got music             plugged in their ears 24/7
"Rap right now," they say, always either excited or judgemental, and I refuse.
Running Running FUNNING running Funneling grape soda and cranberry juice through a lemon squeezer Why not? It’s all pointless anyway. Birds fall out of the sky like
Music's my escape from people that are fake. it's a way to let go, let the music sink into your body and soul.
Its life. it can scream at the top of it lungs and say nothing at all. it can move an entire planet, spinning it like a record. It can harness the feelings of the most beautful moments, and invoke them in the same way.
Your home, the open road Pavement stretches for miles to go. From East coast to West coast Counting down each milepost.   Your heart is of metal like The music you make.  
That melody, that melody, that haunts my wretched brain,It fills my dreams by night it, it follows thought by day.That melody, that melody, its source I think of in vainIt is ever with me, whether I sit or stand or lay.