The Sound of Vibrant Feelings


United States
28° 4' 39.5112" N, 81° 48' 2.0592" W
United States
28° 4' 39.5112" N, 81° 48' 2.0592" W

Music, the sound of vibrant feelings,

Makes me shout from rooftops and sky alike,

Fills me with rejoicing and promises that spike

The interest of new hope, of laughter, of fulfillment,

And all I want to do is fly,

Is fly.


Music, gives me life to look forward to, 

Makes me feel a part of something grander,

Flies off my tongue and deletes the blander

Things in life. That's all they really are,

All the hopeless things, the gossip, the hate fly away,

Are forgotten.


What are we really, but things we do?

Do we help others like we should?

Would you sing out loud if you could?

Before you fall into your grave and realize

That you were never truly the happiest you could have been,

That you were never a part of something grander.


The grandiose feeling of belonging, 

The bad things as they are fade away,

The good in the world is here to stay.

The song and sound that is the epitome of happiness,

Is indescribably irreplaceably independent of the world,

It is hope.


Music, the sound of vibrant feelings,

Leaves me with hope, yes I've always known

That we tend to forget, we gripe, we moan 

About the things that are meaningless, 

Now I remember, the sweet, the blessed




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