Musically Inclined

Thu, 10/12/2017 - 21:05 -- jxxh

I've stared at  your fingertips on the strings of your favorite gutair, 

I've observed your lips move in the void of the night,

making a melody I wish I could harmonize to,


Your body melts into mine when there's nothing to hide our bare flesh,

You play me like your favorite song, over and over again,

and you make me sing out loud like no one else can hear,


I see the way your green eyes roll over my body like I'm a pretty little Gibson,

I feel the way your lips cascade over my body gently like your breathing into a microphone,

and I hear the noises you make when I try to play you in turn like you're the only instrument I know how to play,


My love, do you feel the beat of my heart pounding hard,

just like you on your favorite set of drums,

You make my skull pound ver and over again with thoughts of you,


I wonder what it's like to be musically inclined,

To be able to love with such force,

with such passion,


I want to know what it's like to love you. 


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