Little Treasures

As I make my journey

goals ahead, pushing through,

I take the time to reflect,

I take the time to make some sense

of all that I have become.


What has brought me here

in time, where I’ve gotten myself?

Looking at the trail I’ve left,

I found little treasures all around

that have picked me up, and

carried me to this moment.


Sweet songs of love make me

lust for my desires,

long for emotional connections.

Songs of faith that have saved me

from myself. Kept me

above the ground and below

the everlasting skies.


From childhood stories that have

guided me through simple trials,

taught me black from white,

to adult literary works,

that seemed to make sense

of all that is, and was grey.


These poetic little treasures

that I have found on my path

continue to give me the will

to lead me to another day.

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Our world
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