Divine Inspiration

Music inspires seeds of intellectual concept to sprout from a fresh mind.

Weeds find their way into a mix of ideals when the presence of spirit is in question.

When weeds infest the carefully planted flowerbed of positive action, the soul feels distant from the center of its consciousness.

Seagulls fly over the bay and guide sunshine into our lives as it hits the water and reminds us that these weeds can be uprooted.

If we water the mind before we pull them, all is lost.

We must harvest the bad and water the good.

Stay in touch with the flowering buds of opportunity and divine inspiration.

Our physical lives are mere masks for the journey of our souls.

Material is of no importance when considering the Health of ones soul.

Seeing the world as a working force, a machine if you will, is the easiest way to conceive the idea that we are not separate from one another in the infinite consciousness of love.

The energy of this life we live in and the ones that came before runs through not just our own veins but of those who walk among us.

 What is color to a blind man?

 For the one that can see the world with their heart, they will know true love and acceptance for their self and every walk of life.


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