A Feeling Good Blues

waking up late and getting ready for school I rushed on, wearing my nice shoes, walking carefully I somehow manage to step on a muddy spot on the ground triggering a cold stare of realization at the floor it was as if I just ran out of batteries. Reminding myself how dumb it was to not see that puddle I notice my not so subtle enthusiastic dog that has clearly been digging in the backyard land his big paws on the slacks that had just been carefully ironed. I cannot afford to go late to school I thought especially on a test day. The car is cold and full parent’s argument causes me to lean to the window over thinking, I wonder what kind of minimum wage jobs you can still get if you don't pass that test. School was a dreadful seven hours of test a test that was stared at with no center of focus, by the time I began getting into the flow of test taking I welcomed the last section of the exam with the sound of my colleagues putting up their belongings, getting to the last two pages of the test the bell rings. A heavy sigh appropriate for the sequence of the day is slowly released. Getting home I learn to label what you buy the hard way. With an empty stomach I begin noticing my curious scavenging brother had gotten to the ice cream I was craving all day long. All hope was lost, I was mentally done with the week, and it was barely a Monday. With a sluggish stroll I made my way into the garage nothing but a guitar and amp was there to take up space, I begin to feel every drop of stress slowly leaving me. Picking up the beautiful creature that is a guitar I strum my worries away, every tune makes me feel good the delicate sounds push my urge to flex a smile. The trance of music engulfing as it is, takes me to a land, a place, a reality where my day wasn't complete chaos. The tunes bathe me in blissful memories of when the sun was out with an overwhelming orange pink tint and a warming touch of light that smoothen even the most tense of men covered me. The atmosphere pleasantly fresh, wearing my favorite sweater was like receiving a warm hug of an old relative, the day seemed to be rewarding me for doing so well in school .The thoughts of drinking a warm tea came to me living through a peaceful harmony between me and my guitar. All worries and bad thoughts wither away as the sweet melodies take me into a relaxing state, Speaking through the songs I play I chant and roar expressing all, letting the guitars sound surround me keeping me in a blissful trance of joy. No matter how my days go I know playing the guitar will keep me feeling good.

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