My Country Music Muse

There's just somethin

Bout the beat of a drum,

An acoustic guitar,

The way a man strums

That touches my heart

And moves my feet,

Always making me

Feel the beat


The cowboy boots

And gentle smile

Make me stop

And feel a while


So strong a remody

That makes me hear

The harmony

Of two voices blended by

One heart and helpless cry

Of a girl so longing

For that country smile

That she stops

And listens a while


Every time I hear that song

I can't help but sing along

His voice makes me

Feel the beat

The melody makes me

Feel the heat

Between a man

And his guitar

No one else can go that far


To make me sing

Such high a key,

That everything just

Seems so free


To create such a

Sweet sound like that

Would be a dream

I can only see



I love this poem it was nice :)


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