Music Saves Lives


The first note hits with you,

with mesmerizing power.


And once you hear the singer’s voice,

it consumes you.

Like nothing else matters.

All you want to do,

is live through the song.

You put it on repeat,

and never tire of its sound


The lyrics speak to you.

They understand you.

You can never forget that song,

which saved your life.

Which kept you going.

Or the musicians who never let you down.

It’s not just the music which keeps you strong,

it’s the people it touched.


Music allows you to relate not to just the lyrics,

but to the fans, as well.

You become a part of a band family.

A bandom, as you will.

You stick up for each other,

and help them get through the day.

Music saves lives.

And because of it,

I’m here.


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