His hands are sweaty, and he hasn't ate,

He is nervous as he enters the school gate.

But he knows it is to late to turn back.

"Hey chap, good luck with that!"

A boy laughs and gives him a slap.

"So you're using a dating app?"

No, they're here, they all pull his ear,

Boy-yo, get away from here.

The other boy kicks his bags,

Laugh at him until he sags.

They shove and push, 

And kick him on the toosh.

They do this everyday,

Just because he 'looks' gay.

At they end of the day, when he finishes school,

He wonders why he is so uncool.

When e reaches home, he starts to cry, 

wishing that he could die.

His parents would wonder why he would always mourn.

As they open the boy's door,

They see him lying on the floor,

He is no more.

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