This is Happiness

Summer slips away and we students rush in to the facilities that torment us so.

We'll spend hours a day in chairs of stone, forced to learn things we don't wish to know.

Still, these events never worry me; I have my whole life to plan out.

I have specific goals to meet, and no time to waste lazing about.


I'm not too popular on the internet, and my band has made just one CD.

I've learned piano, harmonica, some bass, and you all should hear me sing!

I love writing lyrics but lack the tunes, so my band helps me make up my mind

In deciding the sounds and the speed of the songs, and they always turn out just right!


You might think by looking that I am quite smart, just by seeing the size of my bag. 

But the make up I lack and my tomboyish clothes make senior year seem like a drag!

I'm not so much the pretty girl, but in group projects I'll get you an A.

In time I'll still have all my brains, while your temporary beauty fades. 


Above all that, I rule my team, and keep them all in place.

I'm captain of the Swim and Dive team; I swim with stylish grace. 

While I'm not the best, I work quite hard to get the times that count.

And serve on Athletic student council to show everyone what sports are about!


There are many things that make me feel like high school isn't all so bad.

They help me endure and continue each day without ever getting too sad.

After all, musical talent, academics and sports are not my only strengths,

But also creativity. Go see the photographs that I take!


I love putting pictures into the fair whenever it comes to town.

I love to hang ribbons and plaques on my walls. Here, there, and all around!

Perhaps my ego is a little high, but I'm pretty bomb at puzzles too. 

They're not too expensive and everywhere; there are so many puzzles to do!


But I'm not the one that makes me laugh and want to live on every day.

It's the family and friends surrounding me, that make my life so great.

I wouldn't be the person I am today if none of them stood at my side.

My family, my friends, and the things that I've done have made high school fantastic and fine.


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