You exist in memories that slip

out my mind. Help me find

a place for you to be present.

Given time in these rhymes

every line will descirbe

bluer skies, suns that rise,

happiness in lovely eyes.

O' lover. My lovely.

Could it be be it's meant to be?


Promise me that if it is

you'll never leave.

In the end be my friend.

Help me find your heart again.

In the end let's pretend

that our love has just began.


Hello? Have I seen you here before?

Pardon me for being forward,

but I need to let you know

Heaven told my heart to wait, 

and you're the one it's waiting for.

Please tell me if it's okay

to take the time to know you more.

As we walk,

it heals my heart to heart you talk.

Painting words inside my soul,

so only you can read my thoughts.

I find hope inside your smile,

and the fear I have is lost.

It's your love that's now my end,

so don't catch me while I fall.

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world
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