Music Is My Life

Silence falls before me,

Leaving me all alone.

Words forever trapped,

They will never be known.

I can't speak, for I don't know how,

By I can feel it all around.

The sound of the drum shakes the room,

The wail of the guitar freeing you,

A base to steady your beating heart,

Anticipating what is to come.


The hum of the stereo comes to life,

All the peices cut the silence like a knife,

Comming together, in seperate parts,

Filling my ears, my bones, my heart.

A genlte voice, or a scratchy scream,

Fills my head with words unseen.

All emotion raw and alive,

All music blissfuly divine.


I can't breath, when silence is there

Bringing my demons to stare.

But music tears it away,

It is music that saves the day.

From laughter, to tears, to fears

Music has seen me through,

Caught me when I fell,

When people drove me through hell.

It was there when I smiled,

When I cried, and fell into confusion.

This is my life: music.


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