My Musical Muse

Fri, 10/03/2014 - 09:50 -- mgst16


Is the way my bow swings.


Is the ways my bow sings.

Across my cello she sails,

Surfing a whimsical, musical sea.

The confident captain of her ship,

My bow remains to be.

The notes bounce along the waves,

Careening through the air.

My bow searches for the safe harbor,

That rests somewhere beyond there.

Suddenly a sprightly light

Parades across the nighttime sky,

And a slew of shimmering ships

Are suddenly careening by.

We slice through the waves,

And follow our shining conductor.

Our adrenaline is pumping,

As endless bows pursue the instructor.

As the tempo crescendoes,

A glowing shoreline nears.

Our bows rise with a flourish,

The finale is here.


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