Musical Conversions

Often we find within us

that we can't explain what our troubles are

Such a bizarre confusion,

It makes the complaining of others our envy;

Tell me,


What mental abilities do they have that I lack

Such that they know what upsets them and I don't?

Often we will find our emotions don't exist in the form of words

Because they don't.


Emotions are like music;

Like the pitches on the staff, they go from dark to bright

Comprised of mental sensations (like notes) scattered in an arranged way...

And these different sensations are felt in a dynamic range of intensity

Some reach a forte you can't ignore, and the spectrum continues to the point they're barely there,

soft apparitions affecting you with their presence...

Even through the art of poetry, words can't always do emotions justice


Music is how I am able to communicate without words.

I can express all the negative emotions that can't be labeled,

The negatives feelings can be expressed with clashing chords, seconds and sevenths

The positive feelings allowing the music to resolve, starting and stopping with brighter content...

I could go on forever, describing all sorts of compositions in poetic phrases,

But the healing part of music isn't it's aid in expression;

It can be used to convert emotions.

Step one is to appease the feeling, listen to music that compliments it

Angry and fast brings the will to fight and survive

Finally, transition smoothly into positive music,

A song a Youtuber wrote by making random comments rhyme,

That goofy sing about broken glass, or even an Undertale AMV to “Planetary GO!” featuring the fabulous Mettaton

You can even sing along.


When I'm feeling down, I turn to my intuitive friend,


It always makes everything okay


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